• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: none, all are online
  • Online trophies: 51 (34, 15, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 100+ hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: n/a
  • Number of missable trophies: none
  • Glitched trophies: potentially many, though latest patch seems to have cleared it all up
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: no difficulty options
  • Do trophies stack?: n/a
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: n/a
  • Additional peripherals required?: none




Clique no link abaixo para que vc possa traduzir o texto de sua escolha, o guia esta em Inglês para manter a originalidade das informações.

Clique Aqui – Tradutor


Fallout 76 is the highly anticipated, poorly executed, horrendously reviewed online Fallout game we all were waiting for. It is ripe with the same old Fallout glitches and issues that Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 have brought us. The only real difference is this time around it’s all online, you can do your crazy Fallout discovering with friends and you can make enemies in PvP. In all honesty, if you love Fallout games, you’ll love this one. It really is what you make of it.

The steps in the guide are simply a way to keep you on track for platinum. The way the game is structured you could do any (or most) of the trophy objectives in any order you want to. I do recommend starting with the story and when you hit a point where you aren’t high leveled enough, try other things like events, side missions, or simple grinding.


Step 1: Learning the Game + Main Story Missions

The first step to this guide is to simply jump into the main story and get comfortable with the game. Many of the beginning missions are utilized to teach the game and how to access all of the various functions of the game. There are many trophies tied to Main story missions and many missions in between that need to be completed to get to others.

The following are all of the main story missions:

  • Reclamation Day 
  • First Contact 
  • Thirst Things First
  • Second Helpings 
  • Final Departure 
  • An Ounce of Prevention
  • Into the Fire 
  • The Missing Link
  • Signal Strength
  • Flavors of Mayhem
  • Key To the Past 
  • Early Warnings
  • Defiance Has Fallen
  • Back to Basic
  • Recruitment Blues 
  • Belly of the Beast
  • Uncle Sam
  • Reassembly Required
  • Coming to Fruition 
  • Bunker Buster 
  • One of Us 
  • Officer on Deck 
  • I Am Become Death 

Step 2: Side Missions

There are four side quests to complete during your time in Appalachia. They are:

  • Heart of the Enemy 
  • Mistress of Mystery 
  • Personal Matters 
  • Queen of the Hunt 

Personal Matters will activate fairly early on as you seek out the Overseer. Mistress of Mystery is a completely stand-alone quest that has a special requirement to activate it. Heart of the Enemy is a drop quest that will occur right at the end of Recruitment Blues and Queen of the Hunt is a daily quest that needs activating.

Step 3: Events

Events in Fallout 76 are daily and weekly quests that pop up dependent on location and random factors that get them started. For the most part, being in an area close to them will activate them. There are three event trophies and how to activate each (and complete each) are under those respective trophy descriptions.

  • Monster Mash 
  • Scorched Earth 
  • Breach and Clear 

Step 4: Grind

Your final step is stay on the grind to Level 100 and mopping up anything miscellaneous in relation to collectibles, crafting and your C.A.M.P.


 Platinum Trophy 
Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

 Reclamation Day! 
Leave Vault 76

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 1

The quest will begin once you grab your pipboy. This is a very simple quest. Make sure to pick up everything you can from Vault 76 before you leave. Once you exit you aren’t able to return and there are tons of items to help you with the beginning of your journey. You’ll get plenty of quest markers to help you along the way

 First Contact 
Complete “First Contact”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 1

First Contact will begin immediately once you exit Vault 76. You’ll need to find the Overseer’s Camp and then head to Flatwoods.

 Final Departure 
Complete “Final Departure”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 5-10

  • You first need to head to Morgantown Airport.
  • Tune radio to Responders Emergency Signal.
  • Enter the interior of the Morgantown Airport Terminal and on the upper floor find the Overseer’s log and cache.

 Second Helpings 
Complete “Second Helpings”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 10+
Prerequisite Quest: Thirst Things First

  • Locate Delbert Winters on the southside of Flatwoods. He’s in a bluish rundown trailer.
  • Go inside trailer and find Reverend Winters to receive the quest.
  • Kill a brahmin and craft a steak!

 Into the Fire 
Complete “Into the Fire”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 20+
Prerequisite Quest: An Ounce of Prevention

  • Head to Charleston Fire Department.
  • Research for Fire Breather Exam. (skip this step and use next spoiler for exam answers)
  • Take Fire Breather Exam.
  • Head to Charleston Herald Building to take physical exam.
  • Take final exam at Belching Betty.

Answers to Exam questions:

  • Question 1: Evacuate as quickly as possible
  • Question 2: A water-soaked rag
  • Question 3: Gently bind the burn with clean bandages
  • Question 4: Retreat immediately
  • Question 5: 1 pt. Purified Water, 2 Ash Rose, 2 Blight, 2 Soot Flower
  • Question 6: Fall back and engage from a distance with firearms
  • Question 7: End his life as mercifully as possible

 Recruitment Blues 
Complete “Recruitment Blues”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 25+
Prerequisite Quest: Defiance Has Fallen and Back to Basic

  • Register New Personal on third floor of Fort Defiance at terminal across from red lasers. It will be denied because you need an ID.
  • Head to Charleston DMV and begin process of getting ID.
  • Once ID is obtained head back once again to Fort Defiance and become a member of The Brotherhood of Steel.

 Heart of the Enemy 
Complete “Heart of the Enemy”

Type: Drop Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 50+
Prerequisite Quest: Recruitment Blues

Drop quests are a bit different. Basically you need to complete this in one sitting or start over. See spoiler for basic steps on what needs to be done.

  • On the fourth floor of Fort Defiance find the note “Mission 099-01 Orders” next to a terminal.
  • Head to Vault-tec University.
  • Kill a Scorchbeast and extract its DNA.
  • Return sample.

 Key to the Past 
Complete “Key to the Past”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 30+
Prerequisite Quest: Signal Strength & Flavors of Mayhem

This quest has you dealing with a raider named Rose. It’s a long series of events that you’ll go through to complete Signal Strength, Flavors of Mayhem and finally, Key to the Past. See the videos below if you’d like help on each of these missions. In the spoiler you’ll get the location/start for Signal Strength.

Tune in to Top of the World Radio when you get close to the location of Top of the World in the Savage Divide

 Coming to Fruition 
Complete “Coming to Fruition”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 40+
Prerequisite Quest: Reassembly Required

You’ll receive this quest at Abbie’s bunker directly after completing Reassembly Required.
You’ll be asked to take the master holotape and upload it to a few places.
Quest will complete when you reboot the system

 Bunker Buster 
Complete “Bunker Buster”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 40+
Prerequisite Quest: Uncle Sam

Head to the Abandoned Waste Dump in the southern area of The Mire.
Gain access inside and an “investigate the bunker” misc quest will trigger.

 One of Us 
Complete “One Of Us”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 40+
Prerequisite Quest: Uncle Sam

Listen to holotape titled “Welcome to Whitesprings” received at end of Bunker Buster quest.
Use congressional bunker access card to enter the Whitesprings Bunker.

 Officer on Deck 
Complete “Officer on Deck”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: Level 40+
Prerequisite Quest: Uncle Sam

  • Access the military wing through the Whitesprings Bunker.
  • MODUS will begin speaking about nuclear system.
  • Access terminal in back of room to activate “automated promotion system”

 Happy C.A.M.P.er 
Build a C.A.M.P.

Building a C.A.M.P. is one of the first tasks you’ll want to do upon getting comfortable with the game. You access your C.A.M.P. build by going into your pipboy and press  to place it. The area will show green if its an allowable place to setup camp. If it shows red it means it is not allowable.

As you progress in the game you’ll want to be strategic about where you place your C.A.M.P.

Because it costs caps to travel anywhere besides your C.A.M.P. and Vault 76 it’s best to keep them far apart and make more of the map accessible cheaper.

This trophy will pop the minute you setup your C.A.M.P. for the first time.

 We Must Rebuild 
Build 20 C.A.M.P. Items

See Appalachian HOA

 Appalachian HOA 
Build 100 C.A.M.P. Items

This is another trophy that you can pop early depending on your play style and how much you do in your C.A.M.P. Once you’ve built a house or structure, defenses and crafting stations you’ll be well on your way to 100 items.

You can even just place a wooden wall over and over again til hit the 100 requirement and move on. Wood is readily available all over Appalachia so it’s an easy thing to build and scrap.

 Mistress of Mystery 
Complete “Mistress of Mystery”

Type: Sidequest
Recommended Character level: 25-30 for the later part of the quest.

Mistress of Mystery is the last quest in the Order of Mysteries quest line. This is a new faction to the Fallout series though the lore is old. Remember the comics from Fallout 4?

To gain access to this final quest you first need to complete the following quests:

  • Into The Mystery
  • Initiate of Mysteries
  • Novice of Mysteries
  • Seeker of Mysteries

To kick off the Into the Mystery quest you need to do the following:

Loot a woman’s body in one of twenty locations. Two of those twenty locations are as follows: Behind the AVR Medical Center in Charleston or on the train bridge at Camden Park. On the body you’ll find an item called the “worn veil.” You’ll need to wear this item and then head to the Riverside Manor to continue with the quest line.

 Personal Matters 
Complete “Personal Matters”

Type: Sidequest
Recommended Character level: 5-10

Personal Matters takes you on a personal journey for the Overseer. Aside from the holotapes she’s leaving behind for the main quest line she also leaves behind 6 personal logs. Finding the first log will kick off this relatively easy quest.

Location of all 6 logs:

  • Vault-Tec Agricultural Center
  • Sutton
  • Morgantown High School
  • Vault-Tec University
  • Welch
  • Mount Blair

 Queen of the Hunt 
Complete “Queen of the Hunt”

Type: Misc Daily Quest (can be repeated)
Recommended Character level: 30

This quest kicks off by finding the Hunter’s Shack in the Northern part of the Mire. Access the terminal you find in the shack and select “upload” data to start the quest.

You’ll then be tasked with searching three separate areas. Each area will contain a giant creature (Deathclaw, Mirelurk Queen etc) so be prepared.

 Monster Mash 
Win the “Monster Mash” Event

Type: Misc Daily Event (can be repeated)
Recommended Character level: 20 to participate, 30+ to win

The Monster Mash event takes place inside of Watoga High School. It’s a PvP event with up to 6 people. This sounds like a pain but no worries because simply participating in the event will net you this trophy. You DO NOT have to win it. Most of the time when you head to Watoga High you’ll be completely by yourself playing this event.

Watoga High is located in the Cranberry Bog in the town of Watoga. There are high level bots that roam this entire area so be careful.

 Scorched Earth 
Win the “Scorched Earth” Event

Type: Misc Event (repeatable)
Recommended Character level: 50+

The Scorched Earth event is going to the hardest event you encounter in Fallout 76. There are many ways to go about this but I’ll offer two options. The first is to activate the quest on your own and hope that you either have a team that you play regularly with or that randoms come to help. The other is to simply wait til someone else has triggered the event and jump in, hoping they brought enough man power to finish it.

This quest will bring about the largest boss in the game as well as have you deal with many smaller bosses and enemies. It is not going to be possible to do solo.

See spoiler for details on starting event on your own:

You’ll need to launch a Nuke into the Cranberry Bog, specifically at Fissure Site Prime. See I am Become Death for how to launch a Nuke.

Once you’ve done this head to the area highly prepared because this Nuke will awaken the Scorch Beast Queen and this is who you need to kill within the time limit. This is impossible solo. You will need a team of others who are also level 50+ or hope that enough randoms come along and help you out.

See spoiler for details on how to jump into someone else’s event:

Another option is to wait until you see that someone else has nuked Fissure Site Prime and head there. There’s a high probability that a team is already there taking this on and you can simply jump into the action. This is how I earned my trophy and I was only level 23. I headed into the chaos and just got a few shots into the queen and did my best to stay alive. Once the team killed her the trophy popped. Just make sure if you die that you head directly back there so they don’t kill her while you aren’t in the location.

 Breach and Clear 
Win the “Breach and Clear” Event

Type: Randomized Event
Recommended Character level: 10

This is your typical smash and grab event. This event will pop up in The Ash Heap area. It is randomized when it will spawn but its location is almost always between any of the Hornwright Testing Sites. I’ve provided a map below of where those are located in the Ash Heap. Whenever you log in to play just keep a regular eye on this area and if you see events popping up (yellow hexagon symbols on map) check to see if it’s Breach and Clear or be more pro-active and travel between the Hornwright Testing Sites to get it to trigger.

Once triggered clear out the area of enemies and take the loot.

 Never Go it Alone! 
Join 20 Teams

For this trophy you need to team up with another player or players 20 times. If you have a steady friend you’re playing with simply joining up with them a total of 20 times will net you this trophy.

If you do not have a friend or team you can try out just randomly selecting folks on the map and inviting them to join you. Once they do, if you aren’t truly in the mood for their company you can leave the team. Most lower level players are more willing to join up so focus on them.

It’s been reported that just inviting folks to join unlocks the trophy for them but I did not have the luck.

 Second Skin 
Craft 5 Pieces of Armor

First you’ll need access to an Armor Workbench. You can find these in the world or you can craft one to keep at your C.A.M.P. In order to craft items you have to have access to their plans or have learned how to make the item.

From the beginning you have the option to craft Light Armor and the easiest thing to do is a craft a full set of Light Leather armor.

You’ll need the following materials to do so:

  • Leather Chest Piece: 5 leather, 5 steel, 5 cloth
  • Leather Right Leg: 3 leather, 3 steel, 2 cloth
  • Leather Left Leg: 3 leather, 3 steel, 2 cloth
  • Leather Right Arm: 2 leather, 2 steel, 2 cloth
  • Leather Left Arm: 2 leather, 2 steel, 2 cloth

Total of: 15 leather, 15 steel, 13 cloth

Leather can be obtained from the hides of animals and some stuff toys.
Steel and cloth are both very common items found in junk.

 A Fighting Chance 
Craft a Weapon

To craft a weapon you need access to a Weapons Workbench either out in the world or at you C.A.M.P. You’ll also need the plans for the weapon you want to craft and materials.

Like with crafting armor simply go to the workbench and decide what weapon you’d like to create and that you have the needed materials.

You’ll do so much crafting in this game that this will just be a trophy that you will naturally get.

 Fallout Forever 
Reach Level 100

Reaching Level 100 will most likely be the last trophy you unlock, depending on your play style and depending on when you started the game. If you’re starting new the grind will be longer than for players who started from the beginning because many of the XP exploits that were originally found have been nerfed.

Read 20 Magazines

Magazines (as well as bobbleheads) appear repeatedly throughout the world and will randomly respawn in locations. If you go to find a magazine in a known location and it isn’t there then try loading into another world. It could be that it isn’t spawning right now in that location or it could be that someone beat you to it recently.

The following magazines are available in the game:

  1. Astonishingly Awesome Tales
  2. Backwoodsman
  3. Grognak the Barbarian
  4. Guns and Bullets
  5. Live and Love
  6. Scout’s Life
  7. Tales from the West Virginia Hills
  8. Tesla Science
  9. Tumblers Today
  10. The Unstoppables
  11. U.S. Covert Operations Manual

An easy help to finding magazines is by activating the Pannapictagraphist Perk Card. It is available as a Perception Perk at Level 12 and will give you an audio cue whenever you’re near a magazine:

 Ground Zero 
Be at Ground Zero of a Nuclear Blast

Whenever someone launches a nuclear blast a warning will come on and let you know this is happening so that you can vacate the area if need be. It’s approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds before the bomb drops.

To achieve this trophy you need to head into the area and wait in the very middle of the map so that bomb damn nearly lands on you.

To know where to go open up your map and you’ll see the area that’s been targeted will have a red circle around it. Head into this area and at get to the middle most part of that circle and wait.

Alternatively you can launch your own nuke and fast travel into it to suicide by nuclear explosion!

 Perked Up 
Fully Rank Up one Perk

Perks cards are new to the leveling system in Fallout 76 and are similar to choosing Perks from previous Fallout games. Each time you level up you choose to upgrade one of the seven known Fallout Attributes:

  • Strength
  • Perception
  • Endurance
  • Charisma
  • Intelligence
  • Agility
  • Luck

Each attribute has a specific list of Perk cards available depending on your level that you can choose from.

Some perk cards have multiple tiers and can therefore be upgraded or ranked up. As an example you can have Thru-Hiker 1 equipped and the next time you level up you gain another Thru-Hiker 1. You can choose from the menu at the bottom to rank that up to Thru-Hiker 2 and then respectively, Thru-Hiker 3 and stack the perks as below:

Thru-Hiker 1: Food and drink weights are reduced by 30%.
Thru-Hiker 2: Food and drink weights are reduced by 60%.
Thru-Hiker 3: Food and drink weights are reduced by 90%.

Once you’ve fully ranked up one Perk card this trophy will pop.

 Gimme Gimme! 
Pick 50 Locks

Locking picking in Fallout 76 is exactly the same as previous Fallout games. The only difference is the perk card system that gives you access to picking higher level locks.

There are level 0, 1, 2 and 3 locks. Level 0 locks can be picked by anyone. If you want to pick level 1 locks you’ll need the Picklock perk card that is available at player level 5. Level 2 locks require the Expert Picklock perk card available at player level 19 and the level 3 locks require the Master Picklock perk card available at player level 40.

You can go to challenges and under the “world” tab choose to track the challenges that are associated with lock picking to keep track of how many you’ve done.

Unique to Fallout 76 is that locked doors won’t remain unlocked. You can farm these by going to the same lock every day or jumping worlds.

 Code Cruncher 
Hack 50 Terminals

Hacking Terminals in Fallout 76 is exactly the same as previous Fallout games. The only difference is the perk card system that gives you access to hacking higher level terminals.

There are level 0, 1, 2 and 3 terminals. Level 0 terminals can be picked by anyone. If you want to pick level 1 terminals you’ll need the Hacker perk card that is available at player level 4. Level 2 terminals require the Expert Hacker perk card available at player level 22 and the level 3 terminals require the Master Hacker perk card available at player level 38.

You can go to challenges and under the “world” tab choose to track the challenges that are associated with terminal hacking to keep track of how many you’ve done.

Unique to Fallout 76 is that hacked terminals won’t remain unlocked. You can farm these by going to the same terminal every day or jumping worlds.

 Monet of Murder 
Mod 50 Weapons

In order to mod weapons you have to have acquired the mod plans from looting in the world, quest rewards or buying them from vendors. Once you’ve unlocked modifications for the weapons you own you can go into your Weapon Workbench and apply those modifications so long as you have the required loot and required perk card (if applicable.)

A lot of the nicer modifications on the higher level weapons will require certain perk cards to be activated.

 Tested Mettle 
Complete 5 Challenges

See A Real Challenger

 A Real Challenger 
Complete 20 Challenges

Challenges range from killing types of enemies, to finding locations, to hacking terminals etc. Many of them are tied to trophies and I’d recommend using the “tracking” system in-game to help you see how far off you are on certain things.

To access challenges go into the start menu and choose “challenges.” From here you’ll find a huge list of them organized by type that you can go for. You’ll very easily complete 20 early on.

You receive atoms for completing challenges and can use these atoms in the online store for weapon and armor skins, C.A.M.P. items and etc.

 Field Medic 
Revive 20 Fallen Players

To revive a fallen player you need to have stimpacks. You simply run up to the player and press  to use the stimpack and revive them with a small amount of health. Alternative you could use the perk card “Quack Surgeon” and revive players with alcohol.

Possess 10,000 Caps

This trophy is a bit misleading. You don’t need to possess 10,000 caps at one time you simply need to obtain a total of 10,000. You can do this buy looting cap stashes and also by selling items to the vendors around Appalachia.

Note that Vendors only have 200 caps to sell per day. There are many vendor locations but the 200 caps cap is set per faction. There are seven factions so you could sell a total of 1400 caps worth of loot daily.

The locations of each vendor and their faction are below on the map. Thank you dulfy.net for compiling this map.

 Retro Now 
Play a Holotape Game

You can get this trophy out of the way as soon as the game kicks up. You’ll wake up in your Vault room and need to head over the Terminal to proceed. Inside the terminal choose to play the holotape and the game “Nuka Tapper” will kick up, unlocking this trophy.

 Giant Slayer 
Kill 5 Giant Creatures

You simply need to kill 5 of the following creatures (can all be the same one) to unlock this trophy. In your quest to hit Level 100 you’ll more than kill 5.

Giant Creatures in Fallout 76:

  • Deathclaws
  • Behemoth Super Mutants
  • Mirelurk Queens
  • Mega Sloths
  • Scorchbeasts
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Flatwoods Monsters
  • Grafton Monsters
  • Mothmans
  • Yao Guais
  • Vertibirds

 Pioneer Scout 
Discover 100 Locations

This will come naturally as you progress through the game. There are well over 100 locations.

See the Resources section of this guide for maps of each area of Appalachia.

 Bounty Hunter 
Kill a Wanted Player

A player becomes wanted by either killing another player that doesn’t engage with them or destroying items at another player’s C.A.M.P.

PvP in Fallout 76 is done masterfully (in my opinion of course) and it keeps griefing to a minimum. In order to truly retain damage from another player you have to engage in combat with them otherwise the damage they do to you is greatly reduced. A high level player though can still very much kill you even if you don’t engage but it would take a while.

Easiest way to get this trophy would be to boost it. Otherwise you’ll be looking on the map to find a player that’s wanted (they’ll be red and it will state they are wanted) and hope they’re lower leveled than you.

To boost it just join up with a friend (or boost partner) and have them damage easily replaceable items in your C.A.M.P. When they become wanted, kill them quickly (before randoms show up to do it for you.)

This same boosting method can be used to get your 20 player kills except you won’t need them to be wanted except the one time. Just killing them normally will net you the 20 kills. Also note that it’s much easier to kill them if once you shoot them they return a bit of fire. Once you’re both “engaged” the damage reduction goes away.

 Kill or Be Killed 
Kill Another Player

See Bounty Hunter

 Good Grief! 
Kill 20 Players

See Bounty Hunter

 Pest Control 
Kill 300 Creatures

This trophy won’t take long at all to obtain. I managed to kill 300 right around the time I hit level 10. This is obviously dependent on play style but just be aware you’ll kill WELL over 300 by the time you hit player level 100.

A non-comprehensive list of creatures is in the spoiler:

  • Flatwoods monster
  • Grafton monster
  • Mothman
  • Sheepsquatch
  • Snallygaster
  • Wendigo
  • Ant
  • Bee swarm
  • Bloatfly
  • Bloodbug
  • Cave cricket
  • Firefly
  • Fly
  • Fog crawler
  • Hermit crab
  • Honey beast
  • Mirelurk
  • Mirelurk king
  • Mirelurk queen
  • Radroach
  • Stingwing
  • Tick
  • Radscorpion
  • Gulper
  • Radtoad
  • Frog
  • Angler
  • Deathclaw
  • Chicken
  • Attack dog
  • Beaver
  • Brahmin
  • Cat
  • Fox
  • Mega sloth
  • Mongrel
  • Mole rat
  • Mutant hound
  • Opossum
  • Rabbit
  • Rad-rat
  • Radstag
  • Scorchbeast
  • Scorchbeast queen
  • Squirrel
  • Wolf
  • Yao guai
  • Super Mutant
  • Scorched

 Junker Funk 
Gather 200 Pieces of Junk

Pretty much anything that you can pick up in the game is considered junk, short of weapons and armor. This will honestly be one of the first trophies you pop. You’ll gather well over 200 pieces of junk as you play through the game crafting items for your camp, for you weapons and for your armor.

 Photo Bomber 
Take 20 Photos

Photo mode is activated in two ways either by going into your pipboy with  and choosing photomode form the bottom menu or by pressing  and from the map then pressing .

Then simply take 20 photos. You can literally just spam 20 photos immediately to pop this one.

 Ain’t He the Cutest? 
Collect a Bobblehead

See Shwag

Collect 10 Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads (as well as magazines) appears repeatedly throughout the world and will randomly respawn in locations. If you go to find a bobblehead in a known location and it isn’t there then try loading into another world. It could be that it isn’t spawning right now in that location or it could be that someone beat you to it recently.

The following bobbleheads are available in the game:

  • Agility Bobblehead – gives: +2 Agility.
  • Big Guns Bobblehead – gives: Heavy gun damage increased by 20%.
  • Caps Bobblehead – gives: Cap stashes likely to hold twice as many caps.
  • Charisma Bobblehead – gives: +2 Charisma.
  • Endurance Bobblehead – gives: +2 Endurance.
  • Energy Weapons Bobblehead- gives: Energy gun damage increased by 20%.
  • Explosive Bobblehead – gives: Explosive damage increased by 20%.
  • Intelligence Bobblehead – gives: +2 Intelligence.
  • Leader Bobblehead – gives: Earn 5% more experience.
  • Lock Picking Bobblehead – gives: Sweet spot is 30% bigger.
  • Luck Bobblehead – gives: +2 Luck.
  • Medicine Bobblehead – gives: Stimpaks heal 30% more.
  • Melee Bobblehead – gives: Melee weapons deal 20% more damage.
  • Perception Bobblehead – gives: +2 Perception.
  • Repair Bobblehead – gives: Fusion cores last 30% longer.
  • Science Bobblehead – gives: An extra guess when hacking.
  • Small Guns Bobblehead – gives: Ballistic gun damage icnreased by 20%.
  • Sneak Bobblehead – gives: Sneaking makes you 30% harder to detect.
  • Strength Bobblehead – gives: +2 Strength.
  • Unarmed Bobblehead – gives: Unarmed attacks deal 25% more damage.

An easy help to finding bobbleheads is by activating the Percipti-Bobble Perk Card. It is available as a Perception Perk at Level 16 and will give you an audio cue whenever you’re near a bobblehead:

If you’re grinding out the terminal hacks for Code Cruncher using the video listed under that trophy be aware that there is a bobblehead that spawns RIGHT NEXT to that terminal making for an easy way to get both of these trophies out of the way.

 Wild West Virginian 
Reach Level 10

See Fallout Forever

 Appalachian Trailblazer 
Reach Level 25

See Fallout Forever

 American Hero 
Reach Level 50

See Fallout Forever

 I Am Become Death 
Complete “I Am Become Death”

Type: Main Quest
Recommended Character level: 50+
Prerequisites: Complete quest “Officer on Deck”

This is the final main quest of the game and where you learn how to fire off a Nuke! You’ll need to head back to the Whitesprings Bunker and enter the Military Wing. From there you’ll take a right and go through the laser grid that has the “Command” label above its door. You’ll head upstairs and need to use the four terminals to learn how to nuke.

  1. Step 1: Obtain a Nuclear Keycard. You get these from shooting down a vertibird
  2. Step 2: Obtain the Launch Codes. You can do this manually or visit: Nuke Codes for the codes of that week. Codes are only good for one week!


  1. Step 3: Fighting at the Silos to launch the nuke. These silos are still very active and all contain level 50 enemies. You’ll need a group or need to be highly powerful to go it solo.
  2. Step 4: Launch!