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-Estimated trophy difficulty:
-Offline: 36 (1 , 5 , 10 , 20 )
-Online: No online
-Approximate amount of time to platinum: 15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable trophies: Rockin’ the Boat, Getting My Ass Kicked, Splash, Hitman, Hitman 2, Kratos’ Marble Collection, Stick It In Your Cap!, Seeing Red, Key to Success, You Got the Touch!
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect trophies? Yes, you have to start on Medium or higher.


1.21 Gigawatts Bronze Trophy Acquire Poseidon’s Rage
You’ll get this during the first level in the Aegean Sea. After sliding down the rope from one ship to another, you’ll enter a room where you’ll see a glowing blue flame. Enter it, and after the cutscene you’ll have Poseidon’s Rage.

Rocking Out Bronze Trophy Acquire Medusa’s Gaze
You’ll get this during the Gates of Athens level. After the platforming section outside, you’ll enter a building and see another flame you can walk into. After a cutscene, you will have to fight Medusa.

Either use Poseidon’s Rage or just use your blades, and when you see a glowing red light come out of her eyes, start rolling with the Right Analog until she stops. When you’ve done enough damage, you’ll see the button appear over her head. After a few quick-time events, you’ll kill her, and receive Medusa’s Gaze.

Bolt Action Bronze Trophy Acquire Zeus’s Fury
You’ll get this in the Rooftops of Athens level. After completing the puzzle with the ballista (giant crossbow), enter the door you’ve just broken open and approach the flame. After a cutscene, you’ll receive Zeus’s Fury.

Sword Man Bronze Trophy Acquire Blade of Artemis
You’ll get this in the Rings of Pandora level, soon after entering Pandora’s Temple. After making it past the spiked walls, you’ll come to a room with a bunch of archers. Kill them, take the lever, and head back into the circular hallway. Use the lever to move the room until you see the flame. Approach it, and after the cutscene you’ll receive the Blade of Artemis.

Soul Search Bronze Trophy Acquire Army of Hades
You’ll get this in the Challenge of Hades level. After defeating the giant Minotaur boss, leave the room through the hole in the door and climb the stairs until you see the flame. Approach it, and after the cutscene, you’ll receive the Blade of Artemis.

Matador Bronze Trophy Win the first Minotaur fight
You’ll face the first Minotaur in the Gates of Athens level. Attack it with your blades while remembering to block or dodge its attacks, and then when you see the button appear over it’s head, hit the button and then mash until you kill it.

Scape Goat Bronze Trophy Win the first Satyr fight
You’ll face the first Satyr in the Cliffs of Madness level. Attack it with your blades, and when you see its weapon glowing blue, get ready to block, and then counter-attack. Also remember that when you knock it down, It will leap to its feet, which can damage you, so block as it gets ready to jump up.

Roll Over…and Die Bronze Trophy Win the first Cerberus fight
You’ll face the first Cerberus at the beginning of the Challenge of Poseidon. I absolutely hated these things when I first played the game, and for good reason. They shoot fire, lunge at you, spawn smaller cerberuses, and they have quite a bit of health. On top of that, after a period of time, the smaller cerberuses will grow into a full grown Cerberus.

Focus on the adult Cerberus, attacking with your blades, and if you have magic, Poseidon’s Rage, but make sure you don’t ignore the little Cerberuses for too long. When you’ve done enough damage, the button will appear over the adult Cerberus’ head, but you won’t be able to kill it yet. After the second button prompt, it will finally die.

Don’t They Ever Shut Up! Bronze Trophy Defeat the Desert Sirens
The Desert Sirens are in the Desert of Lost Souls level. Once you enter the desert, walk Northwest until you hear singing. Head towards the singing, and you should find a Siren outside of the temple.

The Sirens move very quickly and have a powerful lightning attack, so wait for her to dodge, block her lightning and attack with your blades. After you kill her, you will need to find the other two Sirens in the desert. Head back towards the entrance to the desert, and again, listen for the singing.

For the second and third Siren, you’ll need to defeat two Minotaurs as well. Focus on the Siren first, because she’ll just stand back and throw lightning. Once you’ve found and killed all three, the temple will open.

Beat a Dead Horse Bronze Trophy Complete the Centaur sacrifice to Hades
During the Challenge of Hades, you will be instructed to sacrifice Centaurs to Hades. There are two glowing rings on the floor on opposite sides of the room, and you will need to kill four Centaurs within each ring to continue. The Centaurs can be a pain, but at this point in the game, your blades should be pretty powerful, so just focus on them one at a time, and if you get stuck, use magic or Rage of the Gods, but you have to make sure that the Centaurs die inside the rings. You’ll see the outside of the rings light up as you successfully sacrifice them.

Kickboxer Bronze Trophy Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle
This puzzle is in the Cliffs of Madness level. This is the room where you will find one of the two necklaces you need to continue. You will enter a room with a bunch of holes in the floor, and on the far right side, a gate with a lever. Pull the lever, and the gate will open, and the timer will start. Drag the box out of the hole where the gate was, and when you can, get on the other side of it and kick it as hard as you can with . Run to the box, and now kick it away from the camera into that passageway. You’ll hear the timer speed up around this point. Now you need to move the box as close as you can to the wall on the right, and then jump onto the box and then jump up and grab the ledge. The timer will go off and spikes will shoot out of the floor. From there, jump across to the vines on the wall, pull yourself up, take the necklace and receive your trophy.

Rockin’ the Boat Bronze Trophy Complete the Sex Mini-Game
You can do this after the Aegean Sea level, after the cutscene that shows you arriving in Athens. Jump onto the bed where the two girls are, and press . Follow the quick time events, and then sit back and learn about the birds and the bees.

Don’t Leave Her Hanging Bronze Trophy Rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds to spare
This is at the end of the Temple of the Oracle level. The timer won’t start until after you’ve moved the pillars and jumped to the vines. You have 70 seconds to do this, and you should be able to get to her in plenty of time, but if it looks like you aren’t going to make it, let the time run out or fall and just start over.

Get the Ball Rolling Bronze Trophy Complete the Challenge of Atlas
You’ll get this after you pull the lever which causes the statue of Atlas to throw the giant ball through the wall.

Totally Baked Bronze Trophy Complete the Human Sacrifice
The human sacrifice takes place in the Challenge of Poseidon. Once the cage containing the soldier has been lowered down, kick the cage onto the slope and start pushing it up the hill. Enemies will spawn pretty frequently during this, so the important thing to remember is to line the cage up so the pieces of broken tile are directly behind you. That way, if you are attacked and you let go of the cage, it will only slide down to the nearest piece of tile, rather than all the way to the bottom. You will get a bit of a break in between the first few waves of enemies, but towards the top of the slope they will come at you constantly, making it harder. Once you get to the top, move the cage onto the button, pull the lever and get out the marshmallows.

Splash Bronze Trophy Kiss the Nyad
The Nyad can be found in the Challenge of Poseidon, shortly after recieving Poseidon’s Trident. Once you get to the underwater ruins, you’ll see what looks like a glowing blue ghost underwater. Swim up to it and press to kiss it.

Get Me a Beer Kid Bronze Trophy Free yourself from the depths of Hades
You’ll receive this trophy after climbing the rope to escape Hades.

Zero Health Bronze Trophy Open a Health Chest when your health meter is already full
This will probably be the first trophy you get in the game. As long as your health is full, open a green chest, and you’re done.

Getting My Ass Kicked Bronze Trophy Die enough to get offered Easy Mode
If you suck like me, you’ll be offered this a few times during the course of a game. Otherwise, just throw yourself off a cliff a half dozen times, and you’ll get the offer.

Hitman Bronze Trophy Get a 100 Hits Combo
See “Hitman 2″

Kratos’ Marble Collection Silver Trophy Collect all the Gorgon Eyes
For this trophy, you will need to collect 18 Gorgon Eyes. There are many more opportunities to collect them, but once you’ve collected 18, all of the chests that would’ve contained an eye will contain blue orbs. Here is a guide for finding all the eyes, credit to Chris A. from gamefaqs:

Stick it in Your Cap! Silver Trophy Collect all the Phoenix Feathers
For this trophy, you will need to collect 18 Phoenix Feathers. There are many more opportunities to collect them, but once you’ve collected 18, all of the chests that would’ve contained a feather will contain blue orbs. Here is a guide for finding all the feathers, credit to Chris A. from gamefaqs:

It’s the HUGE One Silver Trophy Retrieve the Captain’s Key
You will receive this trophy after defeating the Hydra boss. Once you’ve killed it, you will be able to enter its mouth. Do so, and after a cutscene you’ll have the key.

Take the Bull by the Horns Silver Trophy Defeat Pandora’s Guardian
Pandora’s Guardian is a giant Minotaur, covered in armor. To start the battle, walk towards the giant door, and then after the cutscene, run up onto the platform where the lever is. Wait for the Guardian to charge at the platform, and jump before it hits the platform to avoid being hit by the lava underneath. While it’s standing there, attack it with your blades. My attack of choice was to jump, and then hold and hit as fast as possible. By doing this, you’ll avoid two of his three main attacks. Each time you do enough damage, you’ll activate one of the rockets on its armor. Once all four on its chest light up, jump down and follow it to the back of the room, and hit to start a quick time event. Once that’s done, run back to the platform and pull the lever.

You will need to repeat that whole thing two more times. After the second time, its armor will start to come off, and you’ll finally see the health bar. Don’t do anything fancy, just avoid being eaten.

God Killer Silver Trophy Kill Ares
Ares is the final boss of the game. This battle has three different parts to it: First, you’ll battle him like you would any enemy. Make sure to block whenever he’s about to attack, and then counter-attack. You can also use Army of Hades or Poseidon’s Rage here, to do additional damage. Once you’ve done enough damage, hit , and then mash as fast as you can until you’re prompted to hit a different button. Finish this quick time event and it’s time for part 2.

In this part, you will need to defend your family from clones of yourself. A few things to remember here; use Poseidon’s Rage whenever you’re surrounded by a lot of enemies. Blocking and counter-attacking is pretty difficult during this section, so just focus on attacking as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on your family’s health, and if they get too low, run over to them and hold to refill their health. Once you get to the part where the Kratos clones have the Blade of Artemis, activate Rage of the Gods, use Poseidon’s Rage and then run over and heal your family. Normally, refilling your family’s health would drain yours, but in Rage of the Gods, your health won’t decrease. Once they are healed, keep using Poseidon’s Rage. Keep an eye on the Kratos clones on the moving platform as well, and use Zeus’s Fury to knock them off. After this, it won’t be long until you move on.

Finally, we reach the third part of this battle. You will be given a crappy weapon, and yours and Ares’ health bars are connected, making the battle a tug-of-war. For the most part, focus on blocking his attacks, and then when he stops to laugh, attack with either or . When he teleports away and summons the pillars, roll out of the way and then dash with to escape. Keep this up and you’ll eventually kill the God of War.

Head Hunter Silver Trophy Obtain the head of the Architect’s wife
The Architect’s wife is located inside the Architect’s Tomb. Once you’ve managed to lower the three gates to get inside, walk into the room and watch the cutscene, and then go and rip her head off.

The Power to Kill a God Silver Trophy Retrieve Pandora’s Box
Pandora’s Box is at the end of the Architect’s Tomb. You will come to a room with a moving walkway, stone rollers on each side of the room and a ton of harpies and archers. Kill everyone to enter the room where Pandora’s Box waits.

Hitman 2 Silver Trophy Get a 200 Hits Combo
There are a few different places to do this, but the place I found to be the easiest was right after you find the shield of Hades in the Challenge of Atlas level. After picking up the shield, dozens of basic enemies will come out of nowhere. Using a combination of your blades and Poseidon’s Rage, you should get this without too much trouble, but if you just miss it and don’t have the opportunity to get it again, let the wall crush you before killing everyone and just try it again.

Legend of the Twins Silver Trophy Watch the ‘Birth of the Beast’ Treasure
The Birth of the Beast is a video that you unlock after completing the game. In the main menu, select Treasures, and then go down to Birth of the Beast, and watch the video.

Seeing Red Silver Trophy Max out all Weapons and Magic
You will need to collect enough red orbs to unlock the following:

  • Blades of Chaos Level 5
  • Medusa’s Gaze Level 3
  • Army of Hades Level 3
  • Blade of Artemis Level 3
  • Poseidon’s Rage Level 3
  • Zeus’s Fury Level 3

You can do this by collecting them throughout the game, by killing enemies and opening chests, or you can try the one of two infinite orb glitches. Here is the video for one

There is another that you can do at the end of the game if you don’t already have this trophy. During the first part of your fight with Ares, when you get his health all the way down, you’ll need to do a quicktime event to finish him off. When appears over his head, run up to him and push that button, followed by repeatedly. Now for the important part, push the next button that appears on screen and not the one after. Ares will throw you off, but you’ll get about 3-4 bars worth of red orbs. Repeat as necessary to get what you need.

If you didn’t get it on your first playthrough, but have already completed The Challenge of the Gods, then start a new game and use the Tyconnius costume. You’ll get more orbs every time you kill an enemy, smash a crate, or find a chest.

Prepare to be a God Gold Trophy Beat the Game on any Difficulty
After defeating Ares, you’ll watch a cutscene, and shortly after you’ll get this trophy while the credits roll.

You Got the Touch! Gold Trophy Climbed the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage
This isn’t as horrible as everyone assumed it would be. In The Path of Hades, after defeating a bunch of Minotaurs, you will come to a rotating column with blades sticking out of it. You need to get to the top without hitting any of the blades. Luckily, if you do hit one of them, you can just throw yourself off a cliff and try again. You only need to get to the top of the first column to get this trophy. That way, you can tear your hair out on the next column without having to worry about the trophy.

I’ll Take the Physical Challange Gold Trophy Complete the Challenge of the Gods
To get this trophy, you will need to complete all 10 stages in the Challenge of the Gods. You’ll find the Challenge under Treasures on the main menu. Get to know certain attacks, because you’ll be using them quite a lot in different rooms.

Speed of Jason McDonald Gold Trophy Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty
This is definitely the hardest trophy in the game, but with the right strategy, you can do it with time to spare. Play on easy, skip all the cutscenes, and skip any chests or enemies that aren’t absolutely necessary. I’ll try to get some time checkpoints so you know if you’re on the right track.

Thanks to SinRG for the following tips:
– Cutscenes cannot be skipped, but they do not add to the time
– Pausing the game will pause the timer, going into the upgrade screen, however, will not
– If you mess up, restart from the last checkpoint and the time will reset back to where it was before
– Avoid all unnecessary fights, only fight when you have to
– The fastest way to move in the game is do roll with the RIGHT STICK then immediately press R1 (Hermes Rush). This requires one upgrade into your blades first.

As for checkpoints, these are all I can remember:

– Defeated the Hydra by 13:xx
– Reached Pandora’s Bridge by 1:03:xx
– Completed all 3 challanges by 2:10:xx
– Completed Hades by 2:20:xx
– Beat the game by 2:46:xx

Key to Success Gold Trophy Collect all of the Muse Keys
There are five opportunities to collect a Muse Key in Pandora’s Temple, but you only need to collect 2. The first key can be found during the Challenge of Poseidon, when you go outside by the huge chains that are running upwards. Climb the cliffs and open the chest for the first key. The second key is found after the underwater section of The Challenge of Poseidon, where you found the Nyad. Once you’ve opened the underwater door, head through and up to the surface. You’ll have to fight a bunch of enemies, and then break open the wall at the end to find a ton of vases and a chest with the key.

Trophy of Zeus Platinum Trophy Unlock all God of War Trophies


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