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– Estimated achievement difficulty:3/10
– Offline: 72 [1460]
– Online: 3[40]
– Approximate amount of time to 1500: 30 – 40 hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (3+ recommended) + 100 skirmish/multiplayer matches
– Missable achievements: 0
– Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, several require Heroic or Legendary
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements: 0


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Welcome to the definitive edition of Halo Wars, with a upgrade in visuals, performance and all DLC included along with a few new achievements from the 360 version. If you’ve played the 360 version then you should have no trouble jumping in and knocking everything out especially considering the time consuming MP achievements have been replaced with achievements that can be done solo in skirmish matches.

If you are new to the series then welcome to the wonderful mashup that is strategy game meets the Halo universe. Even if you are new to strategy games in general you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Halo Wars as it’s quite accessible and sits on the easier side of strategy games.





Playthrough 1 – Easy/Normal

While it is possible to do all the side and optional achievements on legendary, doing so can be incredibly frustrating, hence why it is recommended to do a run through on easy or normal first. The focus of this playthrough will be to work on beating each mission’s optional objective achievement, locating the mission’s blackbox and meeting the requirements and collecting the skull. Although it’s not necessary, you should also try to aim for gold medals on this playthrough to minimise replaying missions at the end. Unlike other Halo games, Halo Wars doesn’t penalise you for playing on easier difficulties so all gold medals can be obtained on easy.

Playthrough 2 – Legendary

The sole purpose of this playthrough is to beat each mission on legendary. Ideally you will have collected all the skulls so using the five positive skulls can be a huge help here. On Legendary the AI will have more health and play more aggressively. The main focus of each mission is to build up your defences, field a suitable army and drive them back. While there are a few tough missions, most aren’t too bad and with the added save function, your Legendary playthrough shouldn’t prove too difficult overall.

Playthrough 3 – Heroic speed run

By this stage the only campaign achievements will be to beat each mission on Heroic under par time. Unlike the 360 version this doesn’t seem to stack with Legendary. Having already beaten the game on Legendary, this shouldn’t prove too difficult and again you can use the positive skulls to your advantage. The par times are fairly generous so this playthrough shouldn’t cause too much trouble.


The rest of the achievements are related to Skirmish matches which can be done solo or with a friend. While there are a few tricky achievements that may require a few attempts most are straight forward and can be done on easy. Winning 100 matches may seem like a grind but there is a simple method that allows you to beat a game in under two minutes.


At this stage you should have all the achievements unlocked, otherwise it should be a matter of replaying any campaign mission you need and finishing at least one mission in co-op.


Overall Halo Wars is not a difficult game but will require a little time invested in it. The biggest challenge will be beating the game on Legendary but with the ample amount of guides available you should be able to find a strategy that works for you.


Adjudicate the Arbiter 30
Complete the Campaign on Heroic Difficulty.

Refer to Detour the Great Journey

Detour the Great Journey 50
Complete the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty.

This will likely prove to be the toughest achievement but is certainly not overly difficult by any means. On Legendary the AI will have more health, deal more damage and play more aggressively. The key to beating Legendary is to have a strong early game in the form of a good defence. If you have collected the skulls then using the five positive one will make this achievement significantly easier which is highly recommended.

Although some strategies are better than others, there’s no one way of doing each mission so there is quite a bit of flexibility in how you approach each mission. So if a stagey worked well on your easy/normal playthrough than it will usually work on Legendary as well. Also make use of the save function if you feel you are in a good position to avoid having to replay the entire mission if things go wrong.

Missions 4, 5 and 6 will likely prove to be the toughest with 4 in particular causing some frustration as it seems to be quite random in how it plays out. So even following guides will not necessarily result in victory first time round.

Momma’s Boy 5
Get a Gold Medal on any mission.

Refer to Wall of Recognition

Crushed Colors 10
Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission.

Best done after completing the campaign once. Reload any mission and aim for a better score. Score is based on completing objectives, minimising unit loss and completing the mission under par time. This will likely come naturally as you work towards Wall of Recognition

Mr. Punctual 15
Finish all missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty.

Several people have reported this to be glitched and not tracking properly so it’s a good idea to check your achievement progress after each mission as you may need to replay some missions to have the time count. On the 360 version it stacked with your Legendary playthrough but on the One it seems you need to play through the campaign on Heroic difficulty.

If you leave this for your last playthrough you should have a good idea on how to complete each mission quickly. Turning on the positive skulls will also help. The par times are quite generous so you don’t need to have a perfect run.

It’s also worth noting that despite the description saying ‘under’ par time you only have to beat the max time, for instance on mission one if you complete it in 10 minutes, this still counts as being under par time.

The par times needed are as follows:
Mission 01: 5 – 12
Mission 02: 15 – 30
Mission 03: 8 – 18
Mission 04: 21 – 35
Mission 05: 21 – 35
Mission 06: 15 – 30
Mission 07: 12 – 24
Mission 08: 18 – 30
Mission 09: 18 – 30
Mission 10: 20 – 32
Mission 11: 20 – 30
Mission 12: 8 – 18
Mission 13: 20 – 60
Mission 14: 15 – 30
Mission 15: 20 – 33

Own Worst Enemy 20
Get a Gold Medal with all Debuff Skulls Active.

To attempt this you will need to unlock the following skulls:
-Rebel Sympathizer
-Rebel Supporter
-Rebel Leader

Once you have them unlocked, start up mission 1 on easy and turn the five skulls on. The skulls won’t make the level that much more difficult so play through as you normally would and once the mission ends the achievement will unlock.

Wall of Recognition 30
Get a Gold Medal on every Campaign Mission.

At the end of each mission you will be given a medal based on your performance. The score is determined on how well you managed your units (the key being to lose as few as possible), the time taken to complete the mission (the faster the better) and the optional objectives completed. So the key is to beat each mission under par time, losing as few units as possible and completing all objectives.

Unlike other Halo titles difficulty doesn’t factor so you can obtain gold medals on easy without penalty. You can also play on different difficulties and still unlock the achievement i.e. you can earn gold on half the missions playing on easy and the rest playing on normal or heroic.

Most of these will likely come naturally as you play through on easy/normal, if however you are struggling on any particular mission, activating the negative skulls will give you an added bonus and can be done so on easy difficulty without adding too much of a challenge.

The score for gold medals are as follows:
Mission 01: 27,000
Mission 02: 70,000
Mission 03: 45,000
Mission 04: 50,000
Mission 05: 40,000
Mission 06: 45,000
Mission 07: 32,000
Mission 08: 30,000
Mission 09: 35,000
Mission 10: 55,000
Mission 11: 30,000
Mission 12: 32,000
Mission 13: 40,000
Mission 14: 30,000
Mission 15: 30,000

Epic Grinder 40
Obtain a lifetime campaign Score over 1,000,000.

This may sound like a lot but you will unlock this naturally as you work on other achievements.

Everything’s Better with Bacon 5
Mission 1: Ram 50 Grunts with Warthogs.

This can be tricky as the AI tends to take out grunts before you can move in close enough to ram them. Playing on Heroic with the Catch, Sugar Cookies and Rebel Sympathizer skulls will make this a little easier. Once you rescue the first Warthog, switch to that Warthog as it doesn’t have the Gauss cannon. Just keep repeating the process of ramming and retreating and hopefully by the end you will have killed 50 grunts.

Endless Fun 5
Mission 2: Destroy every Methane Tank.

Scattered around the map are small purple tanks that need to be destroyed. Once you have built up your army (preferably with tanks) move around the map making sure to target each tank. The majority of them are on the left side of the map but there are a couple scattered around the right side too. The achievement will unlock as soon as you destroy the final tank so if it hasn’t unlocked, you need to keep looking.

Covenant “Hot Drop” 5
Mission 3: Kill at least 5 Covenant Units with the Bridge.

After Anders hacks the bridge and you gain control of it. Move your troops over it and keep a group of marines close to the controls on the other side. There should be a large group on enemies which try to follow you over, so long as there are five units on the bridge, select the control and deactivate the bridge and the achievement will unlock.

The Real Winner 5
Mission 4: Save Adam.

Right near where you start off the mission, if you move a little to the north you will hear someone calling out for Adam and see a flashing panel you can interact with. However before doing so you will want to clear out the area around the control panel and the path to the north leading to the second evac ship. Once the area is clear go back to the panel and eject Adam from the building.

You will see a small boy appear with the name ‘Adam’ above his head. You need to escort him to the northern evac ship. Use you Hornets to protect him and take out any enemies that move close as it only takes a few hits to kill him. Once he arrives at the evac ship, the achievement will unlock. It’s strongly recommended you try this on easy.

He’s Got the Jack 5
Mission 5: Jack 6 Covenant Vehicles.

When controlling a Spartan, use ‘Y’ to hijack any Covenant vehicle. You cans tart this shortly after the mission begins as a few Banshees will start chasing you. Although you only have three Spartans at the beginning, you will likely have their hijacked vehicles destroyed throughout the mission freeing you up to hijack more. Or you can wait until the 20 minute mark when you will receive an additional six Spartans.

Rhino Hugger 5
Mission 6: Successfully protect every Rhino.

As the mission progresses you will need to call in a total of five Rhinos. Once each rhino is set up you need to defend it from enemy attacks. The main two that will come under attack are the first two as they are in the flight path of Banshees. Either use tanks or upgraded Warthogs to defend them and make use of the heal ability if they’re health gets too low.

The other tricky part is when you are tasked with deploying Rhinos four and five as by this stage the enemy attacks will be more frequent and they start dropping in heavier units like Hunters. Again, make use of tanks or Warthogs to protect them and once all five are in place and the missions ends, the achievement will unlock. Playing on easy will help considerably.

It is also worth noting that if you make a save file, lose a Rhino and then reload it will still void the achievement and you will need to restart the mission.

Micro Manager 5
Mission 7: Do not destroy any Power Node.

Play on Easy and make use of the Mac gun and the Emperor skull. It will take some time waiting for the Mac gun to recharge and you can send up some upgraded warthogs to help but you should be able to take it out before it burns through the barriers near your base.

Ramblin’ Man 5
Mission 8: Use Elephants to train 100 infantry.

The easiest way to do this is once you have acquired the second Elephant and been given a base, build supply pads and use both Elephants to keep training marines. You can then send them into the flood surrounding the third Elephant so they are killed freeing up your population to build more. Once the 100th unit has been built the achievement will unlock.

Sweet Naptime 5
Mission 9: Put every Colony in Hibernation Mode at the same time.

The easiest way to do this is to play on easy and field a full squad of Hornets. Also use your armory to upgrade your population and also research Wingman from your Airpad. There are five colonies on the map and they look like giant flood bases with tentacles sprouting out of them. Once you destroy the first one, the other four will be revealed on the map as a dull red dot. Just focus your attacks on each one before moving on to the next. You will have plenty of time to take out all five before the first one regens.

The Procrastinator 5
Mission 10: Distrupt all Tractor Beams.

There are four tractor beams on the map and each time you uncover one, a Gremlin will be delivered to your base. It is highly recommend to try this on easy as playing on higher difficulties can cause a lot of frustration in the later stage of the mission. The four are located as follows:

#1 – Located just to the right of your base

#2 – Located just to the right of Alpha group, make sure to clear out the first flood colony otherwise the Gremlin is likely to be destroyed.

#3 – Located beyond the first tractor beam in the far right corner of the map. Again you will need to clear the way to avoid the Gremlin taking too much damage.

#4 – Located just beyond Charlie group. For this one I recommend building a Gremlin from your base and taking it with you as you clear the way there. Reason being, one you locate Charlie Team the Flood spawns a lot of enemies and trying to take one form your base you likely result in it being destroyed.

Battened Down the Hatches 5
Mission 11: Save all the Airlocks.

There are six airlocks; four infantry and two airpads. Play on Easy to make this as simple as possible. The easiest way to save them all is to build up your turrets and use Hornets to move between each. Also make use of the heal function should any of them start to take too much damage. The hardest part of this will be the beginning as the flood will be out in force. Once you start clearing their colonies it will become easier. So long as all six survive until the end the achievement will unlock.

Handy with Tools 5
Mission 12: Repair the Power Core in less than 4 minutes.

Play on Easy and spam Cyclops. Select your rally point at the front of the core and use both airlocks closest to the core to produce Cyclops so they automatically heal the core when they arrive. Position the rest of your troops near the core to take care of any enemies that get close and use your Hawks and turrets to defend the upper platform as most enemies will drop on the opposite side and make their way across.

So long as you focus on building Cyclops and protecting the core you should be finished in under four minutes.

Beaming with Pride 5
Mission 13: Destroy 25 units with the Scarab.

To the right of your first base is a Scarab which can be jacked with a Spartan once you clear the flood units. Once you gain control of it, make sure to keep it alive using the heal ability if its health drops too low and you should easily destroy over 25 units with it. Playing on Easy will make this achievement much simpler.

Didn’t Get to Second Base 5
Mission 14: Don’t claim an extra base.

Playing on easy is the way to go here. Play through the mission as you normally would, building up your base and army and progressing through the level. Just make sure that when it comes time to move the reactor up you check on any bases you have previously taken out as the Covenant will often rebuild if you don’t claim their base. So long as you never build a second base, the achievement will unlock.

Thinkin’ about My Doorbell 5
Mission 15: Open the Doors in order.

The order is hinted at by the symbols on each section of the portal. The symbols will sort of represent a clock face with the main hand being at either 12 o’clock, two o’clock and four o’clock. The door right near your base is where you need to start and then open the opposite door (the northern most door). Assuming you are still at the northern most door, head west near the covenant base and open that door next. Once that’s done proceed to the opposite door (the door to the right of your base) and open that one. Next you will have the door to the north-east and the door to the left of your base left. Open these two last and the achievement will unlock.

Graverobber 30
Collect all Skulls.

Skulls are unlocked by meeting a certain side objective that involves killing a certain number of a certain enemy unit. The count can easily be tracked in the objectives menu and once you meet the requirements the location will be briefly shown on your mini map. From there you need to send a unit to collect the skull.

One and Done 30
Score the winning point in a game of Keepaway against Legendary AI’s.

Select the map Chasms, play as the Arbiter and select Cutter as your enemy. Build a temple, two warehouses and a summit. Once the temple is complete move the Arbiter to the middle of the map. Once your summit is complete queue a few Banshees. At this point you will want to build two turrets and maybe another warehouse, depending on your supplies.

If the flag appears before you have your Banshees, move the Arbiter to collect it, otherwise select one of your Banshees to grab it. Reason being, sometimes the sentinel ‘flag’ will move over a chasm and you won’t be able to grab it with a ground unit. Once you Banshee has the flag, move all your Banshees behind your base. By this stage you should have produced a few more Banshees, (ideally you want about six or seven). Once the countdown has completed, move your Banshees back to the centre of the map and wait until the next spawn.

There is a little luck involved in this as sometimes Cutter will send out a large group to attack you, other times he will spend most of his time building up his base. Either way, using the Banshees to move around the map quickly is the key to winning this. By the time the 3rd flag spawns you should have a sizable fleet of Banshees and be able to defend yourself.

Playin’ the Field 15
Win a Skirmish Game with every Leader.

There are six leaders and you will need to win a skirmish game with each leader. It can be any game mode or difficulty, so long as you are on the winning side.

Gallivant around the Galaxy 25
Win a game on every Skirmish Map.

The easiest way to do this is to play through each map in order. Again, it can be any game mode or difficulty and as long as you are on the winning side, it will count.

Empire Builder 5
Win a game in every Skirmish Game Mode.

There are five modes you need to play through. Standard and Deathmatch are straight forward in that you need to wipe out the enemy’s base and units.

Keep Away is a capture the flag variant in which you need to collect and hold the flag three times to win.

Tug Of War is similar to a standard match in that you need to build up your army and destroy enemy units but with the added element on not losing too many units and losing the ‘Tug Of War’. To win this mode you need to play aggressively and build up units early.

Reinforcements is a little more complicated as there is a countdown timer that when it reaches zero takes whatever supplies you have to supply you with units. The more resources you have when the timer reaches zero, the stronger your reinforcements will be. The trick to beating this mode is to focus on building supply pads/warehouses.

The easiest way to win in all modes is to play on Easy.

Titan 15
Get 20,000 points in any Skirmish Game.

This is easiest done with a friend but is also doable on solo. Play on Release with a friend or as Forge on Easy vs Cutter. Build up you base as normal and start building tanks/Grizzlys and a few marines or Spartans. Take over all bases to stop Cutter from gathering too big an army. You’ll notice two pads than can be captured by foot soldiers. Each of these will release flood units on to the map about halfway between the pad and the adjacent base. What you need to do is place your tanks, and ideally a few Cyclops with the heal ability, in these areas and spawn flood units for them to destroy.

Each pad has a cool down time so unfortunately this will take some time. If your units take too much damage be sure to heal the as losing too many will effect your overall score. Once you reach 4000 points, activate the five negative skulls and clear out Cutter’s base/units and you should have an overall score of 20,000+.

Halo Undergraduate 5
Unlock a Timeline Event.

Refer to Halo Historian

My Virtual Friends Love Me 10
Win a 3v3 Skirmish game with 2 AI Allies.

Select a 3v3 match on any 3v3 map and any mode. You can play on any difficulty but Easy is the obvious choice, then simply win the match and the achievement will unlock. It’s worth noting that you allies don’t need to survive as long as you win the match overall.

Walk-off Winner 30
Use one of the 6 Major Leader Powers to destroy an enemy’s last unit.

The easiest way to do this is to start a 1v1 match on Chasms as one of the Covenant leaders against a UNSC leader. Build a warehouse and when it is complete, move your leader to the enemy base and use their power on the warthog which should be sitting outside their base.

2 Bugs are Better Than 1 10
Win a Skirmish Game with Dual Scarabs.

Play a standard game on any map as a Covenant leader. Focus on building warehouses and a temple. It is a good idea to build a few smaller units and turrets in case the enemy attacks as getting Scarabs can take a while. Once you have a few smaller units, go after a second base and start building more warehouses and upgrading them.

Once you have enough supplies, focus on advancing your tech level through the temple and also researching Followers. Once you have your total capacity at 50 and at least 40 population spare you need to build two scarabs. Once both Scarabs are on the battlefield, use them to destroy your enemy/s and once you have won, the achievement will unlock.

Penny Pincher 10
Get a winning High Score with 10 or less Squads against the Heroic AI.

Refer to Big Al’s Scooter

Halo Academic 15
Unlock 20 Timeline Events.

Refer to Halo Historian

Halo Historian 40
Unlock All Timeline Events.

Time line events are unlocked by finding all 15 black boxes in the campaign missions, winning a skirmish game on every skirmish map and winning a skirmish match as each leader. The later two are tied to other achievements so you will know when you have completed those.

The mission black boxes are located as follows: (credit to WhineyRabbit) for the list in the original 360 guide) Once you uncover it, move any unit to capture it.

Mission 1: There’s a ramp leading under the bridge near the final group of marines, it’s under there.
Mission 2: Through the north west Covenant shield near the methane tanks.
Mission 3: At the start turn around and head down the ramp to the west, follow the path with your Grizzlys.
Mission 4: North of the west base location, next to the sky bridge.
Mission 5: Near the center capturable reactor, go down steps to reach it.
Mission 6: The island you have to place the third Rhino tank, underground entrance south west of the site, the box is in the entrance.
Mission 7: Go as far to the north east as possible, it’s near some supply crates.
Mission 8: Eastern edge of map near the first group of brutes.
Mission 9: In the corner near the bordering mountains to the west.
Mission 10: Near the middle set of units that you evacuate.
Mission 11: South west section of ship where it starts to get wider, on one side of the flood base, not accessible by ground units.
Mission 12: On the very west side of the ship near the gun turrets, not accessible by ground units.
Mission 13: Top of a cliff to the north east.
Mission 14: Near the first covenant base to the south west, can be accessed from the first elevation.
Mission 15: North edge of the central circle shield.

Ready for the Sequel 75
100% Completion.

To earn 100% completion you need to play through all 15 campaign missions, collect all skulls and black boxes, earn a gold medal on each mission and unlock the following achievements:

– Titan
– Halo Historian
– Epic Grinder
– Playin’ The Field
– Gallivant Around The Galaxy
– Empire Builder
– All 15 Mission Specific 5 Point Achievement

24 Hours of Quality 20
Play Halo Wars for at least 24 Total hours.

This will most likely come naturally as you work through the campaign and win 100 skirmish matches.

Basically Naïve 10
Win 10 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Officer on Deck 30
Win 20 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Running the Show 50
Win 30 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Don’t Stop Me Now 70
Win 40 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Maximum Effort 90
Win 50 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Pull Hard, Pull Deep 20
Win and never trail in a Tug of War game.

This achievement can be tricky but play a 1v1 match on Easy with Forge and select the enemy as Cutter. Straight away build supply pads and a reactor. Build a few Cyclops and warthogs, also upgrading them to chain gun. Once you have a few units on the ground, and if there are any bases or reactors on the map, use your units to take these out while also focusing on producing more units from either a barracks or vehicle depot.

If there are no bandits/sentinels on the map, focus on attacking Cutter’s base/units making sure not to lose too many of your own. By this stage you should be very close to winning if not having already won.

The hardest part of this achievement is to not trail (i.e. not having the slider in the top corner move back towards your enemy) but so long as you play aggressively, producing units and play on Easy, this achievement shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Hardly Tardy 10
Finish five missions under Par Time on Heroic difficulty.

Refer to Mr. Punctual

Weapon of Zeus 130
Win 100 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

There are two ways to get through a skirmish match in as little time as possible. The first is if playing solo to follow the guide for Big Al’s Scooter as each game can be completed in under two minutes.

The other way is if playing with a friend to start a match and have your friend quit out giving you the win. This is much quicker than the solo method but obviously requires a second person.

The third option is to play skirmish matches as normal. Either way, as long as you win 100 matches, the achievement is yours.

Lovely Bunch of Coconuts 15
Collect 8 Skulls.

Refer to Graverobber

Soldier of Ares 110
Win 75 Skirmish or Multiplayer Matches.

Refer to Weapon of Zeus

Racing the Clock 5
Finish one mission under Par Time on Heroic difficulty.

Refer to Mr. Punctual

Living Loving Bug 30
Get a Scarab during a Reinforcement game.

Play on Easy as the Prophet of Regret and choose Cutter as your enemy. Build up you warehouses and take over any other bases you can building warehouses on them. Also build a Temple and upgrade your tech level to three. Having turrets on all bases will help if the enemy launches an attack. Also upgrade the Prophet’s beam power tech. In order to receive a Scarab you will need at least 4000 supplies and a population under 20, (not just 20 spare).

The trick here is to use the Prophet’s cleansing beam to kill your own units to free up space. Keep in mind however that the enemy will still attack from time to time so don’t leave yourself completely defenceless. This can take a while as even if you have the required resources and population, you are not guaranteed a Scarab as the game will often supply you with Wraiths or Hunters. Hence why the Prophet’s cleansing beam is handy.

Freak on a Streak 20
Gain at Least 15 population from a single wave in a Reinforcement game.

Refer to Living Loving Bug

Never Leave a Man Behind 15
Finish with 5000 net resources tributed to your teammates on Memorial Basin except in Deathmatch.

Start a 2v2 standard match on Memorial basin as any leader. Play through the game normally building up your base and army. If possible, take over any vacant bases and build supply pads/warehouses on them. If you select a supply pad/warehouse you will have the option of sending 200 supplies to your ally for a cost of 300 supplies, meaning you will need a total of 7500 supplies. Playing on Easy will help.

Alas, Poor Andrew Thomas 5
Collect your first Skull.

Refer to Graverobber

Tour Coming Through 30
Hot drop 50 squads to your Covenant Leader in a single game on Barrens.

Play on Barrens as any of the Covenant leaders. Build a Temple to acquire your leader and move them away from your base so a beam of energy appears on the pad at the front of your base. Build other units of any kind and once deployed move them to the beam. They will be transported to your leader. Continue the process until 50 units have moved through the beam. You can either use one unit 50 times or keep building units and send a larger group through.

Drain Cleaner 30
Kill 20 enemy squads with a continuous Covenant Leader Power on Memorial Basin.

Play 1v1 on easy as the Arbiter with Cutter as your enemy. Build a Temple and Warehouses. Move the Arbiter towards the enemy base and wait until they have a small army deployed. Enter the Arbiter’s rage mode and keep moving from unit to unit. Ideally Cutter will continue to deploy units and you will hit 20 during this time, however sometimes he focuses on building up his base so you can either wait until he fields another army or restart.

It can be a little tricky as there is an element of luck involved but as long as you have enough supplies coming in to maintain rage mode you should be able to take out 20 units in one go and I found playing as the Arbiter to be slightly easier than the Brute Chieftain or the Prophet of Regret.

KillJoy 20
Disrupt 5 active Leader Powers in a single game on Blood River.

Play a Deathmatch on Normal as Forge against the Arbiter. Produce Grizzlys and take over the other two bases. At some point the Arbiter will attack one of your bases and will enter rage mode. Select your disruptor and deploy it near the Arbiter. The ability will last long enough to cancel out the Arbiter’s rage mode five times. If for some reason it doesn’t, take out the Arbiter and any units he has brought with him and wait until he attacks again.

Big Al’s Scooter 10
Win a Heroic Skirmish Game against the AI in under 10 minutes.

Play a Deathmatch on Chasms as Forge and select Cutter as your enemy. As soon as the match starts select your warthog and move it to the rear of the enemy’s base. Straight away start producing another five or six warthogs and move your global rally point to the same location of your first warthog. Also build up two turrets just in case the enemy decides to attack your base.
The warthogs will start firing on the main base but keep an eye on that area as he will usually start to build either a barracks or vehicle depot and sometimes your warthogs will ignore it.

So long as you don’t allow any buildings to be made, the warthogs will take out the main base and then all you need to do is take out his warthog which will either camp out the front of his base or be somewhere on the map gathering supplies.

This method will take less than two minutes and is a good strategy for grinding out the 100 wins achievement.

Backscratcher 10
Complete any Campaign Mission in Co-op Mode.

This has to be done online and will likely need to be boosted with another person as the match making almost never seems to find a match. The easiest way to do this is to play the first mission on easy as it will take you less than five minutes.

N00b n0 M0r3 10
Win a Public game.

Select a multiplayer game and choose an AI to fill the enemy spot. Once you win you will unlock the achievement along with So Lonely At the Top

So Lonely At the Top 20
Win and have the highest score in a Public Game.

Refer to N00b n0 M0r3

Meet Sergeant Forge 10
Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Build for Success 10
Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Smash and Grab 10
Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

High Class Escort 10
Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Patience IS a Virtue 10
Complete Mission 5 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Great Form! 10
Complete Mission 6 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Dancing with the Beam Queen 10
Complete Mission 7 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Saving the Parade 10
Complete Mission 8 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Staving Off the Infection 10
Complete Mission 9 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Evacuation of the Fittest 10
Complete Mission 10 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Most Valuable Deck Hand 10
Complete Mission 11 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

She’s my Fixer Upper 10
Complete Mission 12 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

A Means to an End 10
Complete Mission 13 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered 10
Complete Mission 14 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Forging a Way to History 10
Complete Mission 15 on any difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed.