• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal estimate)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (9, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-10 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: Yes, Trap Game Strong 
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No


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“Faster, Baby!” is the first DLC pack with trophies for Mafia III. It brings Lincoln to an area called Sinclair Parish, and tasks him with bringing down a racist sheriff. The DLC is really fun and has lots of action & car chases, as well as an interesting side mission where you grow marijuana for lots of profit! In order to access the DLC missions, you need to get past your first Sit-down with your 3 underbosses (Story related, after assigning each underboss a district). Once you have had your first meeting with them, you can find the DLC mission start point by a Blue mission icon in the bottom left of the map.





Step 0: Play the main game story until you can access the DLC.

If you started a new game or are getting into the game for the first time, you will need to get past the first Sit-down with your 3 bosses in order to start the DLC missions. If you’ve gotten past that point, you can skip this step.

Step 1: Complete the story.

Self-explanatory. Simply complete the story and the extra mission afterwards. If you want, try to get a few miscellaneous trophies as well.

Trophies Unlocked:

 Another Brother Falls
 Kickin’ Up Dust
 Ain’t Nowhere Safer
 Concerned Citizens

Step 2: Cleanup the miscellaneous trophies while working on the weed missions.

Now that you’ve completed the story, you have access to the Weed missions. You will work on obtaining every weed related trophy and work on the miscellaneous ones during that time as well. This step involves a lot of waiting around so use that time to work on the misc trophies.

Trophies Unlocked:

 Mr. Green Thumb
 That Good Connect
 Campaign Strategy
 Danger Close
 Trap Game Strong


 Another Brother Falls 
You survived the drive into Sinclair Parish

Story related, cannot be missed. This is obtained by completing the first mission of the DLC.

You will be tasked with driving into the city but on the way you will be ambushed by a lot of corrupt cops. You will need to evade them all using Vehicle Traps (see Trap Game Strong for details) or any other means. Once you have gotten away from the cops, simply drive to the farm marker and the mission is complete.

 Kickin’ Up Dust 
You helped MJ and Roxy get the Witnesses free

Story related, cannot be missed. This is obtained by completing the third mission of the DLC.

This is one of the best missions in the game! You will need to break into the police vehicle impound lot and steal a car. Next you will escape the area, then cause lots of mayhem in the city by driving over ramps onto buildings and crashing into other destructible objects. After doing enough damage in the city, you will move onto 2 other locations outside the city and repeat the destruction again. Finally, you will follow MJ and his Weed van for a bit to see a final cutscene and then the trophy.

 Ain’t Nowhere Safer 
You captured Slim Beaumont

Story related, cannot be missed. This is obtained by completing the fourth mission in the DLC.

You will start out the mission captured and then saved by a friend. From here you will need to escape the farm by killing everyone in your way. After exiting the farm, you will need to chase Slim in a fairly lengthy car chase before finally getting him. Finally, you will have lots of cops following you and you just need to escape the city and make it back to where the Voice is (the original start point for the first DLC mission). Once you’ve arrived, you will watch a cutscene and the trophy will pop shortly after.

 Concerned Citizens 
You helped Irma, Jeremiah, and Christian

Story related, cannot be missed. This is obtained by completing the series of short missions after the main story is done.

There are 3 missions that you have to complete (in any order), then return to the Voice:

  • The Proverbial Canary – The lawyer’s wife was kidnapped so to save her, you have to head to the Scrapyard and kill every enemy there. Once she has been saved, talk to the lawyer to complete this easy mission.
  • An Instrument of Justice – The preacher wants you to cause mayhem around different areas infested with the Southern Union Clan. Very similar to the third story mission from this DLC, so just kill people and run over things to complete this mission.
  • A Good Man – The widow wants revenge for her husband’s death. First you interrogate an enemy at a bar, then you simply head to the Burn Site to steal a truck. Once you deliver the truck to the objective location, you’re done!

Once all 3 are done, head back to The Voice and the trophy will pop after a final cutscene.

Reached the Max Herbalism level

After completing the story, you will unlock the Grow House and can cultivate Weed for profit. You need to sell batches of Weed to make money and for every tier of money reached, you increase a level. Every level you gain will also unlock a short side mission where you will collect a new strain of weed to use for your operation. Talk to MJ to access these missions. Without doing those missions, your rank will not increase, even if you have enough profit made to reach the max rank.

Here are the amounts you need to level up:

  1. Starting level.
  2. $1,000
  3. $10,000
  4. $25,000
  5. $50,000, this is the max rank.

Once you have reached the max rank, the trophy will pop after speaking with MJ. See That Good Connect for tips to increase the money you make.

 Mr. Green Thumb 
Fully upgraded the Grow House

You will need to spend a lot of money to be able to buy all the upgrades for the Grow House. Also note that almost all of the upgrades are locked until you reach a specific Herbalism level so you will have to do some side missions to be able to unlock all the upgrades. Also, Fertilizer will not show up at all until you have reached level 2.

Here are all the upgrades and how much they cost:

  • Planters:
    1. $4,000
    2. $7,000
    3. $11,000
    4. $15,000
    5. $20,000
  • Lighting:
    1. $5,000
    2. $10,000
  • Water:
    1. $4,000
    2. $7,000
  • Air Conditioning:
    1. $2,500
    2. $4,500
  • Fertilizer:
    1. Basic $5,000
    2. $10,000

Once you have purchased the final upgrade (which is usually the final Planter), the trophy will pop.

 That Good Connect 
Sold a single batch of weed for $10,000 or more

As the description says, you need to sell a single batch of weed for $10,000 or more. At first, $10,000 might seem like a lot of money but the final strain you unlock will guarantee you make a minimum of $10,000 for every batch sold.

The trick is to constantly use the Lab feature (unlocked at level 2) to add Hybrid seeds to your strains to make them better. At first, you will only have a few choices to make (as other seeds are locked until later levels) but the goal is to Hybridize a plant with any seed to increase its stats. Once you’ve planted that Hybrid plant, as soon as it’s ready to be harvested you can Hybridize that same plant again to add even better stats to it!

It’s hard to explain on paper but once you get the hang of it in-game, it makes sense! Here’s what I used as an example to help you understand:

  1. I recommend using the second strain, Ruderalis, which is unlocked when you reach level 2.
  2. Before planting anything, go to the Lab section and choose to Hybridize the basic strain of Ruderalis.
  3. I combined it with the second seed, Viride (increases Growth Rate so I wouldn’t have to wait too long to plant more), to make a new strain (Let’s call it “Rude1”).
  4. Plant Rude1 and wait until it’s ready to harvest (which might take approx 1 hour).
  5. Harvest Rude1 and sell it to whatever area gives you the most money (ignore the positive/negative %s, just look at the total profit at the top).
  6. Now go back to the Lab, and choose to Hybridize Custom Strains (press  on screen). Choose Rude1 instead of the original strain.
  7. Add another seed to Rude1 (I did Viride again to make it grow really fast), now the new strain we will call “Rude2”.
  8. Plant Rude2 and wait until you can harvest it, then sell to the highest area.
  9. Repeat the previous steps with Rude2 to create a new strain “Rude3” and repeat until you sell a batch for over $10,000.

To sum it up, you should be constantly using a newer version of that original strain each time to keep adding new stats to it until the stats are maxed out. Once the stats are maxed, you should have no trouble selling a batch for over $10,000.

Also the fourth strain Sativa will also get you over $10,000 the first time you plant it but it takes forever to grow. By the time you have it unlocked, you will have your Ruderalis strain almost maxed out though so it’s much faster to keep using that.

One final note is fertilizer. It’s incredibly useful to speed up the growth of your plants! With the first upgrade, you can harvest the plant when it reaches 80% completion instead of waiting until 100% but with the second upgrade you only need to wait until the plant hits 50% before you cab to harvest it. If you have a plant that has the best growth time (which is 18 in-game hours/36 real minutes) and you have the final Fertilizer upgrade, you can harvest it in 18 real minutes!

 Campaign Strategy 
Destroyed 10 of Slim’s re-election billboards

There are billboards everywhere in the DLC and the majority of them will have Sheriff Slim’s face on them. What you need to do is drive your car through 10 of them to break them. In order to do so, each one has a ramp/dirt pile somewhere near it and you have to launch yourself off these and into the billboard to break it.

The game will launch into an action cam where you fly through the air so it’s easy to tell if you have done it right. The game also automatically makes you hit the billboards once you find the right ramp. Even if you are going too slow, the game will automatically speed your car up while in the action cam to make you hit the billboard. The toughest part of this trophy is more about finding the billboards than it is to actually hit them.

You will get a few of these just by playing through the story (Mission 3 is where you’ll probably get your first one without trying) but most of them will have to be found by looking around the map. I drove around the map and found all 10 of them myself but some people have reported that the trophy unlocks by driving through the same billboard 10 times. To take advantage of this exploit, just drive a short distance away from the Destroy Billboard so that it repairs itself. Now drive through it again – rinse and repeat until the trophy pops!

 Danger Close 
Killed 30 enemies using Proximity Mines

Unlike the rest of the DLC trophies, you can actually start working on this one from the very beginning of the main game! Once you have access to the Arms Dealer (getting your first district assigned to Cassandra), you can buy these from him for $450 each. Now you just need to get 30 kills on enemies to get this trophy and refill the ammo as needed. To use them, you equip them by holding  and using  to cycle until you highlight them. You throw them with  and when an enemy (or you) step near it, it detonates.

Note that the game does not seem to register people as “enemies” unless they are/were in combat with you so you will need to agitate them first, before getting them killed by the mines. I find a good way to do this is to plant a mine in a doorway near your location, then aim your gun at them to make them hostile. Run away and they will follow you straight into the mine. Once you have gotten your 30th kill, the trophy will pop!

 Trap Game Strong 
Successfully triggered 10 Vehicle Traps


Vehicle traps are only located in Sinclair Parish so you will have to work on this while exploring that area.

During the first story mission, your companion Roxy will shoot a trap to show you what happens, then it’s up to you to use the traps to incapacitate vehicles with 10 other traps. You can do this during story missions or any time after them, all it requires is having the cops after you. Traps look like blue and black triangles when looking at your minimap. To use one, you need to have cop cars following you, otherwise you won’t be able to use them if the cops are on foot.

When you drive by a trap, you will see a green target on it so press  to shoot it. After you pass the object, the trap will activate and block any cars chasing you. You can actually reuse the same trap over and over by driving a short distance away then returning to the trap but once the cops are all on foot, you will need to kill them all and get a new set of cops after you. When you have successfully used a vehicle trap 10 times, you will get the trophy. Also note that it’s 10 traps used, not 10 cops stopped so even if you stop more than one car it will only count as 1 use.