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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 51 (38, 10, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25 – 30 hours (Personal Estimate)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Additional peripherals required?: No




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Welcome to Marvel’s Spider-Man! In this game, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been doing the superhero gig for 8 years. He’s well established and has a few tricks and gadgets up his webshooters. If you’re familiar with the Batman Arkham games from Rocksteady, you’ll feel at home with this. Insomniac Games have done right by Spider-Man and makes his combat as well as swinging through the city feel right at home.


Step 1: Play the Story

You can just enjoy the game and go about completing the districts and side missions at your own pace. Anything you don’t finish can be completed after you finish the story. I do suggest doing some of the side stuff as you go through the story, as you will earn tokens to upgrade your gadgets, gain new suits, and unlock suit mods. Plus, some of it can be a drag if you try and grind it all out later on, so it’s best to hit them up as you go through the story.

I wouldn’t suggest wasting a bunch of tokens on gadget upgrades, unless you want to try and get the highest rank in the challenges, which could prove difficult for some. Upgrade enough of them to get the trophy and then use the rest towards unlocking the suits.

Step 2: Post Game Cleanup

Anything you didn’t finish before you beat the main story, now is the time to do so. Go around to each district and gain 100% in them to finish up or if you need to, go back to some of the challenges around the city to earn more challenge tokens to unlock any suits you still might need.

Patch 1.07 Addition

Ultimate New Game+

Once you have beat the game, start your New Game+ run and choose the Ultimate difficulty. I suggest you have done everything else previous to this run to make things easier. If you are fully upgraded (pending some gadgets), this should not prove too difficult. Just focus on the story to make things quicker.

This would also be a good time to earn more challenge tokens if you accidentally spent too many of them and are having a hard time obtaining a higher rank in the challenges, because all your upgrades carry over so you can finish up any upgrades you have remaining.


 Be Greater 
Collect all Trophies

Congratulations! You’ve earned all the trophies and become the Amazing Spider-Man.

 Superior Spider-Man 
Unlock all Skills

There is a total of 34 skills between 3 different skill trees which you must learn. You will gain skill points via leveling up by defeating enemies and completing missions. You will have unlocked all the skills when you hit the max level of 50. You don’t need to grind this at all, by the time you finish the game and get the districts to 100%, you will have reached the max level.

 I Heart Manhattan 
100% complete all districts

There is a total of 9 districts. Each one has a list of things on the map to show you what you need to complete to reach 100% each district. You’ll uncover the objectives as you complete the story. Each objective will be displayed on the map for you to easily find.

Collect all Backpacks

There is a total of 55 backpacks to collect. During the mission “Keeping the Peace”, you’ll find one of your backpacks. Afterwards, all the locations of your backpacks will be displayed throughout the city. Go to each location and collect them. This will earn you backpack tokens to help you unlock suits and other items.

 Cat Prints 
Track down Black Cat

Progress far enough into the main story and you’ll unlock Black Cat Stakeouts. You can see the locations of them on your map. There are 11 total stakeouts which you need to complete, which will then unlock the side mission “Cat’s Cradle”. Go to the starting point and you’ll be tasked with looking through a camera to spot a stuffed cat somewhere a roof. Complete all 11 around the city and then complete the side mission.

You will be able to tell the location by the controller starting to vibrate when you’re close and you’ll also see a shimmering light in the distance. That is where you will want to zoom in with the camera and then take a picture of the stuffed cat.

 Neighbourhood Watch 
Complete all Faction Crimes in a district

There are 4 different types of crimes to complete in each district: Thug, Demon, Prisoner, and Sable. You will unlock the different factions as you progress through the story. When you’re traveling around the city, you will be notified of crimes being committed near you by overhearing radio traffic and seeing a red exclamation mark on your screen.

I suggest doing them whenever they pop up, so you don’t have to try and get them to trigger when you need to complete them later on.

 A Suit For All Seasons 
Purchase all Suits

There is a total of 20 suits to purchase. The other suits that unlock by story progression don’t count. If you go into the menu under suits, you will be able see the requirements to unlock each suit. You will need to be at a certain level to have the ability to purchase each suit. The level you need to be, is displayed for each slot when you select it.

You will need to earn tokens to unlock the suits. To earn them you will need to stop crimes, beat the bases, do challenges, and complete the research stations.

 Amazing Coverage 
All Surveillance Towers activated

You will find surveillance towers around the city. Activating them will uncover a section of the map and allow you to be notified of any criminal activity going around, plus this will also display other objectives as you unlock them.

Complete all Research Stations

To unlock the Research Stations, you must progress far enough into the story. Once you do, the stations will show up on your map. There is a total of 17 to complete. Go to them and complete the quests associated to each one. This will also earn you research tokens.

This will have you doing various tasks, like saving fish from toxins, fixing water pressure around the city, or cleansing the air of poisonous smog.

 Science FTW! 
Craft 15 Upgrades

After you progress far enough into the story, you’ll be able to craft upgrades. You’ll get parts for upgrade by doing activities around the city to earn tokens. There are 8 different gadgets you can unlock and upgrade. Each one can be upgraded various times.

To upgrade a gadget, go to the main menu and to the “Gadgets” tab. Select the gadget you wish to upgrade and it will display the amount and kind of tokens needed. I suggest using only enough tokens to get this trophy and then save the rest for unlocking the suits, as earning more of the tokens through the challenges could prove difficult if you have to go for the max rank.

 King of Swing 
Complete a level 1 Traversal Benchmark

You can look at the different benchmarks in your menu and going under the tab “Benchmarks”. Here you can look at the traversal benchmarks, which are the blue ones. This will come naturally as you play the game and websling through the city.

 And Stay Down! 
Complete a level 1 Combat Benchmark

You can look at the different benchmarks in your menu and going under the tab “Benchmarks”. Here you can look at the combat benchmarks, which are the green ones. This will come naturally as you play the game and engage in fights.

 Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man 
Complete all Side Missions

There is a total of 16 side missions you must complete. As you progress through the story side missions will start to appear. If you view your map, you will notice blue markers, these indicate a side mission is available. Go to them and complete them. Whatever ones you don’t get to during the main story can always be completed after.

Here is a list of all the side missions:

  • The Network is Down
  • Storming the Castle
  • Spider-Man P.I.
  • Spider-Men
  • Helping Howard
  • Internet Famous
  • Tombstone: On the Move
  • Tombstone: What’s He Building in There…
  • Tombstone: Let’s Get Ready to…
  • College Buddies
  • Tick Tock
  • Over His Head
  • A Matter of Debate
  • Home Team Advantage
  • Snipe Hunt
  • Error: File Not Found

 The Scientific Method 
Craft your first Upgrade

See Science FTW!.

Perfect Dodge 10 attacks

This is a skill you must unlock in the Defender tree. It is the first one available to you. In order to perform a perfect dodge, when your spider sense turns blue, press  to counter the enemy with a web to the face. Do this 10 times.

Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns

You’ll get this by responding to certain crimes around the city. Sometimes you will be tasked with stopping criminals in getaway vehicles. These will count towards your vehicle takedowns. You will obtain this without issues while working towards completing all the crime alerts around the city.

 Hero for Higher 
Perch atop Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower is located in the Upper East Side district just south of the Police Station. It will be marked as one of the landmarks on your map to photograph. When you find it, climb up to the very top and perch on top of the light for a few seconds.

Photograph all Landmarks on the Map

During the main quest, you’ll gain the ability to use the camera and take photos of landmarks throughout the city. Each landmark that you need to photograph will be marked on your map. Press  when you want to use your camera and take a photo by pressing  and then  to snap the picture of the landmark. You don’t need to land the picture perfect shot, you can just as easily swing on by and snap the photo and continue swinging.

 Born to Ride 
Ride the Subway 5 times

Once you get far enough in the main story, you’ll unlock fast travel. All you have to do is use fast travel 5 times, as it has you riding the subway to your destination.

 Sticky and Tricky 
Chain 4 unique tricks before landing

To do a trick, first you must unlock the ability to do it in the Webslinger skill tree. While in the air after you let go of your web, press and hold  and  along with pressing the directional button any direction to perform an air trick. Each different direction you press your left thumb stick will perform a different move. Get high enough in the air to perform 4 different air tricks before you hit the ground.

Perform 75 Stealth Takedowns

You can perform stealth takedowns by sneaking up on enemies and performing takedowns. You can do this by sneaking up on them from behind, underneath them when they are near a ledge, or above them. They must not know you’re there for you to perform them.

If you press , it will scan the area and it will have a display above their heads whether it is “safe” to perform a stealth attack where nobody will notice, or it will display “danger” where you will be noticed if you do so.

 Lost and Found 
Collect 5 Backpacks

See Backpacker.

 Spider-Man About Town 
Greet 10 citizens

When on the streets, you can walk near a citizen and press  and you’ll greet them. You will also sometimes see a prompt above a citizen’s head. This will allow you to interact with them. Walk up to them and press  and you’ll shake hands, or maybe even take a selfie! You’ll even gain 5 experience points every time you do.

 Cat’s Out of the Bag 
Collect a Black Cat collectible

See Cat Prints.

 Ace the Base 
Complete all objectives in a base

Bases will become available after you complete the quest “Fisk Hideout”. Yuri Watanabe will have you investigate a base of Fisk’s. You’ll be tasked with defeating waves of enemies, which will give you bonus objectives. Complete all the bonus objectives at any base to earn the trophy. If you fail you have the ability to retry each hideout to complete the objectives.

More of the bases will unlock as you progress the story.

 Master of Masters 
Defeat Taskmaster

You must complete all of Taskmaster’s challenges around the city. There is 16 total. You only have to complete them; it doesn’t matter what rank you finish them at.

After completing a few of the challenges, the Taskmaster will capture you and then you will fight him. You cannot attack him head on, you must either throw something at him to open him up or dodge his attacks perfectly where you will then webshot him in the face to be able to attack him.

There is not much to the fight, just keep dodging his attacks, trying to get the perfect dodge to open him up, or hit him with objects lying around or the grenades that he throws. After you beat him the first time, he will then go away and then you’ll have to finish the challenges. Once you are done with all the challenges, he’ll capture you again and then you will fight him for the final time. The second fight uses the same tactics as the first one.

 Inner Sanctuary 
Take down each Demon Warehouse

You’ll unlock Demon Warehouses during the main mission “Dual Purposes”.

There are a total of 5 Demon Warehouses to complete.

This is the same as doing a Fisk Hideout, except that they are stronger versions. You’ll have to take out a few goons on a roof before you are able to enter and start the warehouse. Take down each warehouse to earn Base Tokens and add to the completion of the district. You do not have to do the bonus objectives to complete the warehouse.

 All the King’s Men 
Take down each Fisk Hideout

There are a total of 6 Fisk Hideouts to complete.

After progressing in the story, you’ll unlock Fisk Hideouts on your map. Go to each district and complete them. They will have you defeating various waves of enemies to earn Base Tokens. You do not have to do the bonus objectives to complete the hideout.

 Mercenary Tactics 
Take down each Sable Outpost

Sable Outposts will unlock after completing the main quest “Out of the Frying Pan…”. There are only 4 to take down.

Like the other ones, you will be fighting waves of enemies. These are the hardest ones out of the four. Each Outpost you complete will earn you Base Tokens. Take your time and pay attention to the enemies around you. Focus on taking down the jetpack enemies and the ones with rocket launchers as they tend to give you the most issues. Also, be sure to remove any guns from the top of the trucks if they are around. You do not have to do the bonus objectives to complete the outpost.

At the end of these, you’ll end up freeing some locked up citizens from a cage.

 Back in the Slammer 
Take down each Prisoner Camp

Prisoner Camps will unlock after completing the main quest “Out of the Frying Pan…”. There is only 4 to take down.

These are the second hardest ones to complete. Once again you’ll be facing off against waves of enemies. Beat the Camps to earn Base Tokens. Get any of the rocket launcher guys out of the way and also if they have any of the guys with the whips, or the snipers. You do not have to do the bonus objectives to complete the camp.

Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions

This will have you going around a few places and beating up corrupt college students. These missions will unlock after you complete the main mission “Spider-Hack”. You will be given a picture that is displayed in the lower screen, which you must find to track the students. Spider-Man will mention what district the picture is located.

Here is a list of the quests you must complete:

  • College Buddies
  • Tick Tock
  • Over His Head
  • A Matter of Debate
  • Home Team Advantage

 Short Fuse 
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Bomb Challenge

Bomb challenges will appear after you complete the main mission “What’s in the Box.” They will be marked around the city map. Luckily, you only have to get a spectacular rating in one of the bomb challenges, which is only the second rank out of three.

I suggest doing the bomb challenge in the Greenwich district, as I found that to be one of the easier ones. It’ll have you swinging around the city disposing of bombs before the time runs out. Your score will depend on how fast you complete it. You can always retry any of the challenges to obtain a better score if you don’t succeed or need more tokens.

 Fists of Fury 
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Combat Challenge

After you complete a few of the drone and bomb challenges, the combat challenges will unlock. You’ll get scored by how much health you have left, combo bonus, and time.

You can always retry the any of the challenges to obtain a better score if you don’t succeed or need more tokens.

Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Stealth Challenge

After you complete a few of the drone and bomb challenges, the stealth challenges will unlock. You’ll get scored by time, total combat, and taking down enemies. You get judged more by the “combat” in keeping up your multiplier by chaining takedowns together. So you have to be quick, so your multiplier does not reset.

One of the easier ones I found is the one on the Upper East Side. You can always retry any of the challenges to obtain a better score if you don’t succeed or need more tokens.

 Spy Hunter 
Get Spectacular or better in a Taskmaster Drone Challenge

Drone challenges will appear after you complete the main mission “What’s in the Box”. They will be marked around the city map. This will have you following a drone around the city until it reaches its destination. To gain a better score, you must go through the big blue orbs it drops and collect the “data”.

I suggest the drone challenge in the Greenwich district, as that was one of the easier ones. You can always retry any of the challenges to obtain a better score if you don’t succeed or need more tokens.

 Challenge Finder 
Complete every Taskmaster Challenge in the city once

See Master of Masters.

 Demons Emerge 
Complete Act 1

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock upon the completion of “And the Award Goes To”.

 The Six Assemble 
Complete Act 2

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock upon the completion of “Out of the Frying Pan…”.

 End Game 
Complete Act 3

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “Pax in Bello”.

For the final boss battle, he’ll slam the ground in front of him and lash out trying to hit you, as well as try and jump on top of you. He’ll also toss rubble at you from time to time, which you can catch and throw back at him. To open him up for damage, you must use your gadgets. Using your webshooters works best. Keep firing until he can’t move and the  prompt above his head appears for you to attack.

After so much damage, he’ll climb up and make the floor consumed with fire, where you’ll have to constantly keep swinging around while he throws rubble at you. Throw it back at him and the prompt should appear for you to attack. You’ll then be back on the ground and keep repeating the process from earlier.

The second phase is much easier, as he will just have a basic attack for you to dodge and then he will be open for an attack. So just dodge and attack. Repeat this until he is defeated.

 Knocking Down Kingpin 
Defeat Fisk

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “The Main Event”.

Nothing tricky about this fight. Keep dodging turret fire until they stop to reload, and then blast one of them with webbing until you can dislodge it by pressing  and ., then repeat the process for the other. Fisk will toss rubble at you. You can either dodge it, or throw it back at him by timing  and  at the right time. Shoot your web at him to trap him and then attack. Keep up this process until he is defeated.

 Staying Positive 
Defeat Li

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “The Heart of the Matter”.

He will try and attack you with his sword and also throw negative energy blasts towards you. Dodge the blasts and his sword strikes. When he tried to attack you with his sword, after you dodge him he’ll be vulnerable to attacks. Hit him and get away from him and repeat the process. After so many negative energy attacks, he’ll be in a weakened state, which will show the  prompt above his head to notify you to pound him. Keep repeating the process and eventually you’ll move into phase 2.

In this phase, he will release some enemies that are easy to deal with. Take them down while avoiding Li’s attacks. The same premise goes for attacking him as in the first phase, but this time, you will also have his inner demon to deal with. He will summon it every so often and the demon will summon more enemies to deal with along with do a sweep across the ground which you will want to jump and use a web zipline to avoid, or he’ll smash the ground in front of him. After he summons the demon, he’ll be in the weakened state, which you’ll want to take advantage of by attacking him. Keep attacking him when there is an opening and eventually you’ll wear him down.

Defeat Electro and Vulture

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “Picking up the Trail”.

You’ll start out by facing off with Electro. Swing around in the air and dodge his electric attacks. When you have a moment, shoot your webshots at him until he is covered enough where the  is displayed above his head. Press it and then start your attack. Repeat the process and eventually Vulture will enter the mix.

Both will be throwing attacks at you, make sure to dodge. I would focus on Electro first. Whenever he is drawing power from the big electric boxes, destroy them by shooting them with your webshots and then continue to shoot them at Electro until you can attack him. Repeat the process until he is down.

Vulture will be shooting his wing blades at you. Dodge them or throw them back at him, and then shoot him up with your webshots until the  is displayed above his head for you to attack him. If you dodge his dive attack, then the prompt will display for you to attack him as well. Keep repeating the process until he is defeated.

 Sting and Smash 
Defeat Scorpion and Rhino

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “Heavy Hitter”.

Rhino will be first up. There will be big pipes hanging around the construction site, along with containers that you can pull down on top of him when he is charging you to knock him down and open him up for you to attack. Dodge his charges and his objects that he throws at you and just keep knocking him senseless with the objects around you.

Scorpion will show up shortly after you start the fight. I suggest focusing on Scorpion first, as he is the more annoying one and easier to handle. Avoid Rhino’s attacks while also dodging the acid that Scorpion is shooting at you as well has leaping at you and trying to strike you with his tail. Shoot your webshooters at him until he is stuck and the  prompt appears above him to attack. Repeat the process until he is defeated and then put your focus on Rhino until you take him down.

 Tombstone Takedown 
Defeat Tombstone

This is a three part side mission. The missions are: “Tombstone: On the Move”, “Tombstone: What’s He Building in There…”, and “Tombstone: Let’s Get Ready to…”. The first one will unlock after you complete the main mission “Up the Water Spout”.

Dodge his attacks and afterwards he’ll be vulnerable to attacks. Once his lackeys show up, take them down and continue to dodge his attacks and then come back with your own and use your finishers whenever they are available on him to speed up the process. Eventually, you’ll wear him down and take him out.

 Shock and Awe 
Defeat Shocker

Story related, cannot be missed.

This will unlock at the completion of “Financial Shock”.

This is your second encounter with the Shocker. Dodge his attacks and when there is a opening, toss a pile of rubble his way and then attack him. Repeat this process until you start the second phase, where you will still dodge his attacks until there is an opening and then start to bring down the big object hanging from the ceiling.

 Wing It 
Traverse across the city rooftops

You’ll get by just playing the game. Websling through the city enough, over buildings and this will eventually unlock.

 Pigeon Hunter 
Catch all of Howard’s Pigeons

There’s a side mission called “Helping Howard” that will unlock after progressing in the main story. There is a total of 12 pigeons you need to capture. Start the side mission, and it will unveil pigeon locations throughout the city. Go to each one and catch them to complete the side mission. To catch them, you have to get close enough to them for the prompt to display and then hold down  and .

 Hug It Out 
Knock together 10 pairs of enemies with Trip Mines

This gadget will be locked until Act 2 during mission “Dual Purpose”.

Once unlocked, when there is a group of two or more enemies near each other, shoot the trip mine at the enemy, which will then cause it to latch out to another and stick them together if they trip the blue sensor line, otherwise they will stick to an object if they’re close enough. Repeat this 10 times.

 With Great Power… 
Pay respects at Ben Parker’s grave

The grave is located at the north point in the Harlem district. Walk up to the grave and press  to pay respects.

 Snappy Dresser 
Wear 5 new Spider-Suits

See A Suit For All Seasons.

 A Bit of a Fixer-Upper 
Complete all optional projects in the lab

After you first visit the lab, you’ll be able to do optional spectrograph projects and circuit projects. There’s a total of 20 in all. They’ll unlock as you progress the story. This will have you doing two different mini-games.

You can also use the auto complete feature by going to your main menu under “accessibility” and selecting it.

Here’s a video of all the solutions to the puzzles if you wish to use it:

 One More Time 
Complete a New Game+ playthrough

Once you beat the game, you can go to your save file on the main menu and you will see the prompt at the bottom of the screen to press  to create a new save file for New Game+.

You will need to beat the game again from beginning to end, which you can just focus purely on the story missions this time around. Everything you’ve unlocked and upgraded will carry over, along with your level.

 Power and Responsibility 
Complete a playthrough on Ultimate difficulty

When starting a new game, choose the Ultimate difficulty setting. I would highly suggest doing this on your New Game+ run, because it makes it a lot more manageable since you will start with all your upgrades, unlocks and gadgets.

You tend to take a lot more damage in this mode but aside from that, nothing is different. I suggest taking the mods for your suit that reduce incoming damage and then the suit power for replenishing your focus, as I believe this will help you the most through this playthrough. Use the “Battle Focus” when you’re starting to get low on health, to generate focus quickly to use to heal yourself in a pinch.

All the same boss strategies work the same as they did in the easier difficulties. Just take your time and you should not have too much trouble beating the game on the hardest difficulty.

Suit Power:

  • Battle Focus – Quickly generates focus.

Suit Mods:

  • Gel Padding – Reduces incoming melee damage.
  • Ballistic Inserts – Reduces incoming bullet damage.
  • Blast Plates – Reduces incoming blast and rocket damage.