– Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 if using Ranger Hardcore glitch, 6/10 otherwise
– Offline: 52 [1100]
– Online: 0
– Approximate amount of time to 110025-30 hours if using Ranger Hardcore glitch, 50+ hours otherwise
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 plus partial for Hardcore glitch [1 for initial playthrough, 1 for dlc New Game+, plus glitch for second ending] OR 2 if your first playthrough is on Ranger Hardcore
– Missable achievements: “Full Strength“. Level specific achievements can be earned through level select
– Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [glitch for Ranger Hardcore can circumvent this]
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
– Extra equipment needed: None




Clique no link abaixo para que vc possa traduzir o texto de sua escolha, o guia esta em Inglês para manter a originalidade das informações.

Clique Aqui – Tradutor


Welcome back to post-nuclear war Russia! In Metro: Exodus you will be on a voyage to find out what is happening on the surface in a world you though destroyed by nuclear war. The game is a fantastic entry into the series, although it’s open world levels don’t seem to offer the same sense of atmosphere as it’s predecessors, its still a very competent and enjoyable game.


Step 1a: Initial playthrough, “Full Strength” & ‘Good’ ending
Your first step is to play the game through. I’d recommend an easier difficulty as the combat can be a little finicky and feels very slow, though ultimately it’s up to you. If you’re a veteran of the series you can even play on Ranger Hardcore straight away and avoid the glitch detailed in the description for “Hardcore” however you will still need to do either the glitch or a full second playthrough to get both endings.

During your first playthrough you should be going for the ‘Good’ ending as it is the most involved and will also unlock more involved achievements that otherwise will require another full playthrough. You will be attempting the “Full Strength” achievement on this initial run that will also unlock “Duke“, “Damir” and “Alyosha“, so see their descriptions below for details on how to unlock them. Note that “Duke“, “Damir” and “Alyosha” can all be unlocked via chapter replay, but “Full Strength” has to be done within a single campaign so is missable.

Completing the initial run while going for the good ending will unlock the following;

  • Exodus
  • Aurora
  • Regatta
  • Railwayman
  • Long Distance Passenger
  • Lower the Bridge
  • Spoiled Dinner
  • Complete Road Map
  • New Order
  • Gor’ko!
  • Sword of Damocles
  • Putrification
  • Duke
  • Damir
  • Alyosha
  • Full Strength
  • Your Destination

Then the level specific achievements that you should attempt as you get to them;

  • Friend of the Crew
  • Fisherman
  • Driver
  • Roller Coaster
  • Master of the Forest
  • 5 o’clock
  • Forest Child
  • Guide
  • Decommunization
  • Brakeman
  • Righteous Vengeance

It’s important to note that before moving on to step 2 and playing in ‘Iron Mode’ for the DLC achievements that you should grind out any miscellaneous achievements via chapter select. If you start again you will lose your chapter select progress until you have a completed game save again and a completed game save played in ‘Iron Mode’ will remember the setting and not allow you to quick save, so grinding miscellaneous achievements becomes very difficult and long-winded if you don’t do them before playing ‘Iron Mode’.

Step 1b: Mop-Up
This step is only necessary if you have any cumulative achievements left, such as killing 300 humans/mutants or using 500 chemical resources to clean your weapons, et al. You can load up whichever chapter you like, or the ones detailed in any specific achievement descriptions below and grind out whatever you have left.

As per the note above, do this BEFORE starting ‘Iron Mode in New Game +.

Step 2: Second full playthrough on Iron Mode in New Game +.
After your first playthrough and mopping up of miscellaneous achievements you can now play the game in New Game + with the ‘Iron Mode’ modifier turned on. For this playthrough you will simply want to speed-run through the game since you can’t manually save it. tried to take it a level at a time and be aware that the game is known to crash, so getting to the end of a level only for it to crash is all too common, hence why a speed-running tactic is preferrable to keep your time on each level as short as possible.

Completing the game on New Game + with the ‘Iron Mode’ modifier on will unlock 2 of the 3 DLC achievements; “Mutation” and “Iron Mode“. The third achievement in the DLC is unlocked for finding 3 items that can only be interacted with in New Game + so see the description for “Toy Seller” for their locations and be sure to collect them while completing this playthrough.

Step 3: Second full playthrough & ‘Bad’ ending OR ‘Ranger Hardcore’ glitch and ‘Bad’ ending
After you have done all of the previous steps you are now faced with a choice.

Option 1 is you can start a new game on ‘Ranger Hardcore’ difficulty and then proceed to play it, while making sure to be as morally reprehensible as possible, killing everyone you come across and doing the antithesis of what is required for the ‘Good’ ending to be sure that you get the ‘Bad’ ending.

Option 2 is to utilize the glitch that will allow you to unlock both “Hardcore” and “Eternal Voyage” within maybe an hour or so. If option 2 is to your liking, then see the description for “Hardcore” to see how to do the glitch.

DLC: Ranger Title Update

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This DLC’s achievement are all obtained by playing the base campaign, though on New Game + so you can’t get them on your first run and will instead need to do a full second playthrough. They are 2 full campaign achievements and a collectible achievement, see thier descriptions for full details.

All together not too bad of a list, nice variety and a nice glitch to avoid the only difficult achievement should you want to use it.


 Exodus 15
Complete the MOSCOW level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked after completing the Moscow level.

 Aurora 15
Name the locomotive.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the level ‘Winter’.

 Regatta 15
Get into a boat.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the level ‘The Volga’.

 Railwayman 15
Get into the Trolley.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the level ‘The Volga’

 Friend of the Crew 15
Find the guitar and teddy bear on the VOLGA level.

You can find the guitar and teddy bear after progressing far enough into the Volga level that you have recruited Krest and rescued Anna, then returned to the Aurora. As you’re given the objective to commandeer a new rail car, Idiot at the front of the Aurora will tell you about a guitar being played by a bandit and a marker will be put on your map. Then subsequently as you’re heading in it’s direction, Stepan will speak to you via the radio and ask you to find Nastya’s teddy bear. You can now go and find both of these at your leisure, though getting them straight away is suggested since you will have to play the chapter again if you miss them.

Note that there is a Demon guarding the teddy bear and if you sneak up to it you can use it to unlock the “Firebird” achievement. See it’s description for more details.

Their locations on a map;


Teddy bear

 Long distance passenger 15
Find the passenger train car.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the level ‘The Volga’.

 Fisherman 15
Kill the Catfish.

This achievement can be unlocked towards the end of the Volga level when you have to acquire a rail car from a factory at the eastern part of the map. While in this factory you will be navigating walkways above and around water that will occasionally reveal a giant Catfish but it cannot yet be killed. You must get to the end of the level where the rail car is and in a small room there will be the set up required to kill the Catfish.

As you look out into the water there will be on your right a bell that can be rung to attract the Catfish. Then when it appears you need to cut the 3 ropes in the middle that each hold a body or ‘bait’ for the Catfish into the water, then when it is feasting, cut the final rope on the left had side to drop the twisted steel girders and debris into the water to deal the killing blow. You may need to approach the edge of the altar in front to trigger the death animation if you happen to be stood too far back.

 Lower the Bridge 15
Complete the VOLGA level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked for completing the Volga level.

 Spoiled dinner 15
Complete the YAMANTAU level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked for completing the Yamantau level.

 Driver 15
Drive the Bukhanka.

The Bukhanka can be found during the Caspian level. The first objective you receive is to find out about the bandits that are driving around in this vehicle when you first arrive in the area and you will acquire the key for it there. This vehicle can be destroyed and you only get the 1 and only on this level. This achievement is difficult to miss but it is technically possible to avoid driving the Bukhanka so be sure to get in it when the opportunity presents itself.

 Roller coaster 15
Use the bucket lift on the CASPIAN level to reach the Oasis.

This achievement is unlocked during the Caspian level when you are helping Damir to infiltrate the bandit camp to steal a tank of water. After following Damir through the early stages of the level, you will be given free reign to proceed how you want. You will be able to see the bucket lift in the first area with human enemies, it is prominent in the level. You simply need to approach it and press  to ride it to the top.

Note that completing this level without hurting any slaves is necessary to unlock “Damir” and using this lift will help you to circumvent a good deal of enemies and help you to avoid hurting any slaves in combat. See it’s description for more details.

 Complete road map 15
Find maps in the laboratory.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the level ‘The Caspain Sea’.

 New order 15
Complete the CASPIAN level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked for completing the Caspian level.

 Gor’ko! 15
Attend the wedding on the SUMMER level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the ‘Summer’ level.

 Master of the Forest 15
Stand your ground against the Bear at the first encounter.

This achievement can be unlocked during the Taiga level. After making your way through the earlier stages of the level you will eventually get to a gate in front of a church that you need to enter to progress. In this area you will encounter and be able to fight the Bear for the first time. It is possible to miss this as you can simply climb the rope ladder to reach the roof and avoid this fight, however doing so will of course void this achievement.

Fight off the Bear until it flees and the achievement will unlock.

 5 o’clock 15
Take part in the Admiral’s tea party on the TAIGA level.

Towards the end of the Taiga level you will need to power a lift inside a small factory. Once you have done this and used the lift, you will enter the humble abode of a character called ‘The Admiral’. For this achievement you need to wait and listen to his dialogue and when he offers, take a seat at his table and join in the tea party. The achievement will unlock after the entire party has played out.

 Forest child 15
Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or getting noticed.

The entire Taiga level can be beaten without ever fighting any of the human enemies, outside of cutscenes. To do this you must simply complete the level in full stealth. You will get a crossbow at the beginning of the level but you MUST NOT use it against any human enemies or you will void this achievement. If you’re playing on any difficulty other than Ranger Hardcore and not playing in Iron Mode you can quick save the game via the pause menu, so make sure to utilise this to your advantage and quick save as often as you must, then reload anytime you are spotted by an enemy.

Note that you must not harm any of the human enemies in this level if you wish to unlock “Alyosha” so you should attempt these achievements in conjunction with each other. See it’s description for more details.

 Sword of Damocles 15
Complete the TAIGA level.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked for completing the Taiga level.

 Putrification 15
Pass the putrid tunnel.

Story related, cannot be missed.

Unlocked during the ‘Dead City’ level.

 Guide 40
Pass the Research Facility without killing a Blind One on the DEAD CITY level.

After exiting the underground area of the Dead City you will be on the surface and need to navigate your way through some ruined buildings. Within these buildings there will be giant animals that resemble Apes that will attack you if you make too much noise. These can be snuck past simply enough as they, as per their names, cannot see. You must not harm any of them in any way while playing this section of the level. There are around 5-6 throughout the level and mostly can be avoided with ease, however the final 3 you find are all within the same small room that you must find your way out of by activating an electrical panel.

If you’re playing on easy you can simply sprint through the level and just tank through any damage dealt to you, you can be spotted as much as you want, you just can’t hurt or kill any of the Blind Ones.

The first Blind One that you find will drag you off a ladder via a cinematic, you must either run past this when you gain control or try to sneak away. DO NOT attempt to fight it or you will void this achievement.

 Hardcore 60
Complete the game in Ranger Hardcore mode.

This achievement can be unlocked in 1 of 2 ways. The first way is to play it legitimately on Ranger Hardcore difficulty. The mode will as you would expect, make you weaker, make enemies stronger, remove HUD elements and remove the manual save feature. You can play a large portion of the game in stealth so doing so will undoubtedly help you to complete this difficulty as even on the easier difficulties, the combat can be a little finicky. Some points to remember if you play on this difficulty;

  • Scavenge everything. The main focus of the gameplay is to craft useful items and ammo, though the majority of ammo can only be crafted at a workbench, you can still craft steel balls and then later on crossbow bolts from your backpack, as well as medkits and filters for the gasmask.
  • Keep your stocks full. At every opportunity craft ammo and medkits, as said above medkits can be crafted anywhere so try to keep your quantity of 5 at 5, whenever you use 1 or 2, be sure to craft more as soon as you’re able. Whenever you come across a workbench, use it to refill your ammo and clean your weapons.
  • Find suit upgrades. See the description for “Old world pictures” for a video that includes the suit upgrade locations, or rather a link to a more comprehensive guide that breaks the collectibles down so that you can just find the suit upgrades, as they’re the only important collectibles for this difficulty. Many of the upgrades have uses that will make the game much more manageable, from giving you more armour, to a higher ammo count, to a radar that shows enemy locations, perfect for stealth actions. It’s well worth finding some of these upgrades.
  • Play in New Game + if possible. If you play in New Game +, you can utilize certain modifiers such as the ‘my weapons’ modifier that will allow you access to your previous weapons from the last full game you completed. This of course makes the combat significantly easier.

The second way to unlock this achievement involves a glitch that includes deleting the game and a subsequent patch, then reinstalling and playing the game offline without the patch. This can take an hour or 2, but is of course much quicker than a full playthrough and the difficulty is trivial. Note that this glitch can ONLY be done with a PHYSICAL copy of the game and will not work with a digital copy.

Credit for the glitch information and subsequent spreading goes to ‘IloveTEST400‘, ‘Powerpyx‘ and ‘danielwang008‘. Follow the steps below exactly and the achievement should unlock with no issues;

  1. Complete the game on any difficulty with the ‘Good’ ending.
  2. Uninstall the game.
  3. Change your network settings to ‘Offline’ – Press ‘Home’ button, scroll across to ‘Settings’, down to ‘Network’, Network Settings’, ‘Go Offline’.
  4. Reinstall the game while remaining offline.
  5. When the game is ready, start a new campaign on ‘Ranger Hardcore’ difficulty and progress only until you go through the first door you can after gaining control of your character. (Credit to ‘Its Dan‘ for this tip) to force an auto-save.
  6. Quit to main menu after getting to this point then load up the Finale mission.
  7. Let the cutscene play out until the credits start to roll.
  8. When you’re back to the main menu, quit the game fully, then go back online via the same pathway to go offline in step 3, then let the patch install.
  9. Load up the Finale mission again and let it play out until the credits and the achievement should unlock as they begin to roll, along with “Eternal Voyage” for getting the ‘Bad’ ending, should you still not have it.

 Professional 15
Make at least one kill with every ranged weapon.

You must simply kill an enemy with each of the firearm weapons available to Artyom. These are;

  • Shambler – Shotgun. You start with one in the very first level.
  • Kalash – Assault Rifle. You are given one during the Moscow level. Can be picked up off most human enemies throughout the game.
  • Revolver – Revolver. You are given one during the Moscow level by Yermak.
  • Bastard – Sub-Machine Gun. This can be picked up off most human enemies throughout the game. 1 can be found in a house on the water in front of you when you first comandeer the boat to at the beginning of the Volga level.
  • Ashot – Shotgun. Can be picked up off most human enemies throughout the game.
  • Tikhar – Air Rifle. Given to you by Tokarev during the Volga level.
  • Valve – Sniper Rifle. Can be found during the Caspian level from some enemies. Guaranteed drop from a sniper enemy on a crane that Anna gives you a mission to eliminate.
  • Bulldog – Assault Rifle. Can be found during the Caspian level dropped from certain enemies when helping Giul in the lighthouse.
  • Helsing – Crossbow. Picked up at the beginning of the Taiga level from a statue in front of where you start.
  • Gatling – Gatling Gun. Rare gun, dropped from the heavily armoured enemies. 1 during the Yamantau level just before rescuing Anna, 2 during the Caspian level, 1 when you’re attacked at the Aurora by the Barons men, the other when defending against the attackers at the top of the oil rig.

Simply get a kill with each for the achievement.

 Gunsmith 20
Install a modification of each category on a single weapon.

For this achievement you must fully modify a single weapon with a non-standard attachment in each category. The attachement categories are;

  • Stock
  • Barrel
  • Sight
  • Magazine
  • Gadget

You will find attachments for all weapons as you progress through the game, when ever you kill an enemy that drops a gun, you can hold  to scavenge any attachments on it that you don’t currently have in your inventory. You will have no issues in acquiring at least 1 attachment for each category after having played through the game.

Note that the Gatling cannot be upgraded in any way, but it’s very likely you will have this achievement well before ever finding a Gatling anyway.

A location for at least 1 modification of each type for the Kalash;


Barrel & Sight


Red Dot

 Tidyman 15
Spend 500 chemical resources on cleaning weapons.

In Metro: Exodus, weapons degrade as they are used by becoming dirty and this affects their performance. You can typically see the cleanliness of your weapons as the visual of them changes, if it’s full of mud, it needs to be cleaned. To clean a weapon you need to get to a workbench, these can be found everywhere throughout each level, and go to your weapons, then the top option above the attachments is a bar that shows your cleanliness and you can the hold  to spend chemical resources to clean it. If a weapon’s cleanliness meter is empty, it will cost 10 resources to clean. Bearing this in mind, you can imagine that 500 is a lot to have to spend on cleaning them.

It’s highly unlikely you will have unlocked this after a playthrough so the best method is to grind it out. To do this you will first need to acquire at least 30 chemical resources, find a workbench and then use your weapons until they are all dirty. Once they are all dirty, head to the workbench and make a quick save via the pause menu. Then open the workbench and clean your weapons. The dirtier they are, the more resources you can spend at a time. Once you have done this, reload your quick save and repeat cleaning them. Do this as many times as you need for the achievement. The achievement will track progress to this even after you reload your save.

 Handyman 15
Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting.

For this achievement you must craft items and consumable and enough to have cost yourself 500 resources. You can do this either at a workbench or in the field using your backpack workbench. The items you can craft to work towards this achievement includes Gasmask Filters, Medkits, throwable weapons such as knives and Molotovs and ammo for the Tikhar and Helsing. You have to craft most of these things to survive the game and many will cost 10’s of resources each to craft. Just be sure to collect resources as often as possible when playing and spend them on keeping your stocks of equipment full. It’s likely you will have unlocked this achievement by the time you’re playing the Caspian level, but certainly well before the end of the game.

 Dressed for Success 20
Find all upgrades for Artyom’s suit.

There are 13 suit upgrades and they are all found on the Volga and Caspian levels. See “Old World Pictures” for a video guide.

 Martian 5
Patch the Gasmask.

While wearing the Gasmask, when taking damage the Gasmask itself will also take damage and a visual of this will be on screen with a crack in the mask/screen. When this appears, if you’re not playing on Ranger Hardcore, a message will appear on screen telling you to press  to repair your mask as you will now be exposed to radioactive elements, so do this to put some sticky tape over the hole, unlocking the achievement.

 Last Breath 10
After running out of filters in a hazard zone, craft a new one while suffocating.

For this achievement you will need to be in a hazard zone, simply anywhere that you must wear your Gasmask to survive. You do not need your timer for your filters to have emptied you simply need to wait until you start to suffocate and a message appears on screen telling you to change your filter. Once this happens, instead of changing it, open your backpack workbench and craft more Gasmask filters and the achievement will unlock.

 Antibiotic 15
Kill 300 mutants.

Mutants will be present throughout the game and will typically attack you in groups. These are the first enemies you encounter during the opening level, Moscow and come in various shapes and sizes depending on which level you are on. It’s highly likely you will unlock this achievement through natural play but if you need to grind it out you can load any level, find a group of mutants, make a quick save, kill them, then reload your save. Repeat as necessary.

 Stand back 15
Kill 50 enemies at long distance.

The distance required for kills to count for this achievement is unknown, however the range doesn’t seem to be too far. The combat in Metro: Exodus is typically either stealth or close quarters so it’s likely you will need to grind this achievement.

The best weapon for this is the Valve Sniper Rifle, which can be found in various places, but most notably during the Caspian level. After helping Giul at her lighthouse and fighting through all of the Spiders in the archives you will be told to go and meet Anna. She will give you 3 side missions to complete, 1 of which is to kill a sniper in a crane that you’re shown via the binoculars. If you kill this sniper you can pick up his Valve and it is set up with a long range scope.

Once you have this you can then go and find a group of enemies to grind out kills on. There is a small encampment of enemies to the East of where you find this sniper rifle, on a kill above the ship that is also a side mission. Be as far away from these enemies as you can while still being able to see and shoot them, then make a quick save. Kill them all, making sure to check the achievement tracker so that you know you’re far enough away for the kills to count, then reload the save and repeat as necessary.

 Silent marksman 15
Kill 30 enemies with Tikhar.

You will be given the Tikhar by Tokarev during the Volga level after completing the initial objective to investigate the church and before you’re told to go and rescue Krest. The Tikhar is an air rifle and must be pumped by holding  then pressing  to give it as much power as possible. It is a weak gun in combat, however when fully pumped up and in stealth it will kill most enemies in 1 shot.

 Robin Hood 15
Kill 30 enemies with Crossbow.

You will pick up the Helsing Crossbow at the start of the Taiga level as you approach a statue after being rescued from the water. The Crossbow is a silent weapon and is perfect for stealth activities.

Note that the achievement “Alyosha” and “Forest child” require that you do not kill the humans during the Taiga level, so to be sure you don’t miss them, either make a save at the start of the level and then go and kill 30 enemies and then reload your save, or complete it in stealth and reload the chapter after having completed the game. You can still use the Crossbow after this level, but the enemies become fewer and less suited to be killed with a Crossbow than your other more powerful weapons.

 Headhunter 15
Kill 300 human enemies.

Human enemies will be preset throughout the entire game and there will be plenty opportunity to kill them. However, bear in mind that NOT killing humans is a requirement for “Duke“, “Damir“, “Alyosha” and subsequently “Full Strength” so if you’re attempting to unlock these during a playthrough, you likely won’t kill many humans.

If you plan to do 2 full playthroughs then feel free to go ‘loud’ and kill everyone you can during 1 of them. If you plan on using the Ranger Hardcore glitch to circumvent a second playthrough you still may need to grind out kills, though probably not many.

 Saboteur 15
Melee-kill or stun 50 enemies.

To melee kill an enemy you need to press  during combat. This attack is quite weak though and not something you will likely use very often. So stun you need to be in stealth, and then press  behind an unaware enemy to knock them out. If you’re playing the game stealthily and especially if you’re attempting “Full Strength” and it’s related achievements you will be forced to play the game stealthily so will almost certainly knock 50 enemies out without consciously attempting it.

 Kaleidoscope 15
Kill 3 enemies using sniper scope while wearing the Gas mask and using the Night Vision goggles.

This achievement can be unlocked during the Volga level. A sniper scope is a scope that has at least a 4x magnification so you must first find one of these. They may be found on guns dropped by defeated enemies, however you can find a scope in a safe house towards the south of the map. The gas mask you will have from the start of the game so now you need to acquire the Night Vision goggles. You can find these at the end of the mission to commandeer a rail car, in the room where you can fight the giant catfish there is a door on the opposite side to where you entered, go through here and straight ahead there is a shrine with the goggles on it.

Once you have all 3, put on your gas mask by holding , press  to turn night vision on and go and find a group of bandits. You will need to steal a passenger railcar during the mission where you can acquire the Night Vision goggles and there are around 10 or so enemies here that can be killed while not having any effect on the “Duke” achievement. Be sure to aim through the scope when killing the enemies. See the description for “Gunsmith” for a location to find a scope for the Kalash assault rifle.

 Firebird 15
Kill a demon with fire.

You can find an easy to kill demon while you are looking for the teddy bear. See the description for “Friend of the Crew” for a location. Before running in however, note that this demon is on the top of a structure and is resting in it’s nest. You can approach silently and when you reach the top, assuming you haven’t been detected, you can throw a molotov at it to kill it before it can react to you. Make a quick save at the bottom of the structure before attempting this on the off chance you get spotted as trying to kill a flying demon with a molotov will be almost impossible.

There are also incendiary rounds you can use in the Tikhar however they aren’t immediately available and you will need good aim to bring down a flying or otherwise aggrivated demon so the area detailed above is by far the easiest place to unlock this achievement.

 Librarian 40
Find all 70 hidden Diary pages.

The diary pages will be spread out throughout the entire game and will be very difficult to find without a guide. See “Old World Pictures” for a video guide.

 Old world pictures 20
Find all 21 post cards.

The post cards are very well hidden and will mostly be found in safe house locations. See the video guide below for locations. Note that the video shown has all of the collectibles in an easy to follow guide

 Join us on air 5
Find a tune on the radio.

You can unlock this achievement during the train based missions that take place between each main mission, ‘Winter’, ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Autumn’.

On the Winter level you are told to find a signal as your objective and the signal for this is around half way through the tuner, however you can allegedly find a song at this point before finding the signal. I personally couldn’t find one but it has been reported that you can. Otherwise, load up the Spring level and as soon as you gain control, turn around to see the radio on the desk behind you. Sit at the desk and tune it in until you hear music start to play and the achievement will unlock.

 Decommunization 5
Destroy the biggest statue in front of the children’s camp on the TAIGA level.

This achievement can be unlocked very early on during the Taiga level. From the beginning go through the gate in front of you after getting the Crossbow and turn right. Go across the bridge and turn right again at the end and head down the side of the building towards the statue that you can see in front of you. When you get to it, simply melee attack it with  until it breaks and the achievement will unlock.

 Brakeman 15
Detach all train cars on the MOSCOW level.

This achievement can be unlocked towards the end of the Moscow level when you are tasked with destroying the train that is pursuing you. As you transition between the train cars, before entering the door that takes you to the next car, you can activate a switch that will release the car you came from. There are only 2 that you need to release and they must be done before entering the door to the next car as you can’t go backwards. Look down and to the left of the door to see a prompt to release the car. The achievement will unlock after releasing the second car.

 Duke 40
Duke survives.

To unlock this achievement you need to ensure that Duke survives during the final encounter of the Volga level. A list of what needs to be done to ensure this;

  • During the opening mission to infiltrate the chruch, DO NOT kill any of the cultists. You are free to knock them out via stealth, but you cannot kill a single one of them.
  • During the mission to commandeer the merchants barge, you again cannot kill any of the enemies as these are also cultists and killing them will give you negative karma.
  • Finally, the mission that ends the level where you infiltrate the bridge to lower it and allow the Aurora passage, again do not kill anyone throughout the mission.
  • Don’t kill any surrendering enemies throughout the entire level, though you shouldn’t be fighting any if you want to maintain high karma.
  • Use stealth to knock enemies out or avoid them, if you’re playing on easy you can just sprint to the objective to force the next section/complete the mission as you will not take enough damage to kill you in almost all circumstances.

You will know you have achieved this during the final confrontation with the preacher at the top of the bridge when he tells his men to lower their weapons and allow you to pass unharmed.

This can be done via level select, however for it to count towards “Full Strength” it needs to be done during the same full campaign as “Damir” and “Alyosha“.

 Righteous vengeance 15
Kill 90 cannibals.

This achievement can be unlocked during the Yamantau level. After getting free of the cannibals, you will be tasked with finding and rescuing Anna and killing dozens of cannibals in the process. You will kill the majority of the 90 cannibals while rescuing Anna but after you rescue her and are in the Comm. room with the rest of the team, make a quick save just to be safe, then as you get back on the trolley to exit the level, a massive mob of cannibals will be chasing after you. Here is where you will need to get the final kills you need to get to 90, so have grenades and molotov on hand and as you’re leaving on the trolley, throw all that you have into the chasing mob. If you don’t get the achievement here, reload your save and try again, or else you will need to start the entire level again.

Don’t skip any enemies on your way to Anna either, you have as much time as you want to complete the level so be methodical and kill everyone you see.

 Carmaheddon 15
Make 50 kills with the Bukhanka.

You will get the Bukhanka during the Caspian level, it’s location detailed above in the “Driver” description.

To get a kill with this vehicle you will need to run enemies over. This achievement will almost certainly need to be grinded out, since the chances of find 50 enemies in the open where you can run them over are very slim. The best way to grind this is to find a group of enemies, prefferably the chameleon enemies that blend into the roads/landscape and then make a quick save. Then run over as many of the enemies as you can, then reload your quick save and repeat as necessary. The achievement tracker will keep going up, despite loading an earlier save.

 Damir 40
Damir stays with crew.

To unlock this achievement you need to ensure that Damir remains with the crew at the end of the Caspian level. A list of what needs to be done to ensure this;

  • You cannot kill any slaves throughout the entire level, this includes any that are attacking you such as the slaves that are attacking the light house when you arrive. You can knock them out if you wish, but cannot kill any of them.
  • You cannot kill any slaves during the mission with Damir to secure the water tank and later on the fuel tank.
  • You need to rescue the slaves in the mission with Damir to secure the water tank, after riding the bucket lift up, see “Roller Coaster” for a location, turn behind you and follow the edge of the cliff, around the lorry and on your left will be a cage with a guard dog asleep in front. Kill the dog, then break the padlock on the cage and release the slaves.
  • You need to rescue more slaves during a side mission given to you by Anna. The side mission is to infiltrate a container ship to the North of the map and you will be given the side mission after exiting the Archives and meeting Anna in her lookout post. Make your way through the ship killing everyone, the enemies here aren’t slaves so can be killed, then at the top of the area there is a switch to open all of the cages, just in front of a zipline that will take you back towards the beginning of the ship.
  • Same as always, don’t kill any surrendering enemies and use stealth wherever possible to knock enemies out or avoid them.
  • The enemies you kill at the very end of the level when you are confronting the Baron are perfectly fine to be killed and will not void the achievement.

You will know you have achieved this during the final confrontation with the Baron at the top of the oil rig when Giul leaves and Damir makes his escape with you.

This can be done via level select, however for it to count towards “Full Strength” it needs to be done during the same full campaign as “Duke” and “Alyosha“.

 Alyosha 40
Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

To unlock this achievement you need to ensure that Alyosha does not get wounded at the end of the Taiga level. The requirements for this are basically the same as for “Forest Child” where you will need to complete the entire level without hurting any human enemies, though you can get spotted by them and this achievement will still unlock, unlike “Forest Child“. The best way to approach this is via the same method detailed in “Forest Child“, using the quick save feature to your advantage and making small gains in progress before saving, then making more gains, etc., relaoding where you get spotted or make a mistake.

You will know you have achieved this during the final confrontation with Olga when you and Alyosha zipline back to the Aurora when the children of the forest don’t attack you during the cutscene.

This can be done via level select, however for it to count towards “Full Strength” it needs to be done during the same full campaign as “Duke” and “Damir“.

 Full Strength 60
Duke and Damir stay with the crew, Alyosha doesn’t get wounded.

To unlock this achievement you will need to fullfil the requirements of the 3 achievements, “Duke“, “Damir” and “Alyosha“.

See their descriptions for details on how to unlock them, as doing all 3 in a playthrough will also unlock this achievement at the end of the game.

 Eternal Voyage 40
Save Anna by paying the ultimate price.

This is the de facto ‘Bad’ ending and can be achieved by performing negative actions such as killing civilians and surrendering enemies. You should NOT attempt this on your first playthrough and instead go for the ‘Good’ ending detailed below.

This ending can be earned using the Ranger Hardcore glitch so see the description for “Hardcore” for details. Otherwise, being as bad of a person as you can and doing the opposite of the requirements for “Duke“, “Damir” and “Alyosha” will get you this ending.

 Your Destination 60
Assume command of the Order.

This is the de facto ‘Good’ ending and can be achieved by performing high morality actions such as not killing civilians or surrendering enemies and by releasing captured NPCs.

If you follow the requirements for “Duke“, “Damir” and “Alyosha“, and subsequently “Full Strength“, this achievement will unlock along with “Full Strength” at the end of the game as they are all unlocked for performing high morality actions throughout their relative levels.