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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline: 3 (1 | 2 )
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%:
    • 5-10 Hours with cutscene skipping
    • 10-15 Hours without cutscene skipping
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 – Boruto’s Tale Game Mode
  • Number of missable trophies: None, Chapter Select available
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto is the final DLC for Storm 4. If you purchase this version of the game, you’ll get all 3 DLC packs from the Season Pass (Gaara’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack, Shikamaru’s Tale Extra Scenario Pack, and the Sound Four Extra Playable Character’s Pack) and the main expansion itself – Road to Boruto DLC. Out of these DLCs, only the Road to Boruto has DLC trophies. It should be noted that if you already own the original Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and the Season Pass, you don’t have to repurchase the game again. You do, however, need to buy the Road to Boruto Pack expansion which can be found on the PSN Store as Add-On content.

The trophies in Road to Boruto are extremely easy to obtain when compared to the base game. You will need to complete all of the Boruto’s Tale battles with an S Rank as well as all the Side Quests. You don’t have to S Rank any Side Quests battles, but expect a lot of battles. There are no online trophies.





Step 1: Complete Boruto’s Tale whilst completing all event battles with an S rank

This is where you’ll spend the majority of your time. You can access the Boruto’s Tale game mode from the main menu. In this mode, you can relive the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie. While in Story Mode, the Storyboard will contain Episode Chapters (from event scenes) and Battle Chapters (from battles). These episodes are divided into their own chapters. After completing chapters, you’re free to replay chapters and battles that you’ve already completed. In order to replay something, select Episodes, then the Chapter that you want to replay. There are three types of Battle Events:

Boss Battles are where you fight a boss while using Interactive Actions (or IA), they are phases of movies where you input buttons in relation to what’s happening on screen. These need to be input correctly due to them having an effect on S Ranks. Free Battles is the easiest because they are just normal fights. Dramatic Battles is a special battle that combines Free Battle with Interactive Actions. While doing these Battle Events, you’ll get a letter grade. S Rank is the highest score you can achieve and it’s achieved in the following ways:

  • 90% or higher Health
  • 90% or higher IA Completion Ratio
  • 100% Secret Action Completion Ratio
  • Never used a Continue

There aren’t any Secret Actions to worry about in this expansion even though you can trigger the Secret Factor in a few fights. The S Ranks are extremely easy in Story Mode and there should only be one hard S Rank which is a Boss Battle:

  • Naruto & Sasuke vs Saruiwa (Monkey Rock)

The Trophy Guide section will explain how to achieve the S Rank for this fight. The other fights won’t be covered in detail because you have the ability to spam Ultimate Jutsu attacks and even use Ninja Tools that can recover your Health Bar. These items can be purchased from shops in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The Ninja Tools I used were these:

  • Value Ointment – Recover a little Health.
  • All-Purpose Ointment – Recover some Health.
  • Best Chakra Recovery Potion – Recovers a lot of Chakra.
  • Book of the Mind’s Eye – For a set amount of time, Substitution Gauge Recovery Speed is boosted. Short duration.

Completing the Story Mode and achieving S Ranks in all Battle Events will give you the following trophies:

Boruto’s Tale – All S Ranks
Boruto’s Tale Expert

Step 2: Complete all of the Boruto’s Tale side quests Sub Events

After completing the main Story Mode event of Boruto’s Tale, focus on completing the Sub Events. This step takes about 5-10 hours to complete. You can also check your Event Completion progress by pressing either the or buttons. For more information about completing the Sub Events, please refer to the Trophy Guide.

Completing all of the Boruto’s Tale Sub Events side quests will give you the following trophy:

Boruto’s Tale Master


Boruto’s Tale Expert
You completed all of the Boruto’s Tale main events.

Boruto’s Tale is similar to the Adventure Mode of “Trail of the Gale.” In the Boruto’s Tale game mode, you can explore the Naruto world as Boruto. While exploring, you can collect items, complete story Main Event missions, fight, or help others out with favors and tasks. Adventure Mode has two types of events/quests and both of these are related towards trophies.

  • Main Events: These are the Main Events that you need to complete in order to unlock Boruto’s Tale Expert. They are all marked with a Red Scroll Event Icon and you can see their locations on the Village Hidden in the Leaves Map. The map is very useful in this mode as you can use it to teleport to points which are close to the Main Event’s location. There is a total of 14 Main Events that need to be completed and these can be tracked by pressing the + or and select “Main Event Info”.
  • Side Quests: These are Side Quests, also known as Sub Events that aren’t story driven. They do need to be completed in order to unlock Boruto’s Tale Master. These are all marked with a Blue Scroll Bubble Icon that appears over characters’ heads during the Boruto’s Tale game mode. There is a total of 10 Side Quests that need to be completed, and these can be tracked by pressing the or and select “Sub-event Details”.

As you’re playing through Boruto’s Tale, focus on completing the Main Events while accepting Side Quest as you see them become available to you. Some tasks you can do together just by playing. The Main Events of the mode will follow the adventure of Boruto as you relive the events that happened in Boruto: The Naruto Movie. This is done by using the Villiage Hidden in the Leaves Map to go to different teleport point locations. While on the Map, you’ll be able to see the locations of the current Main Event or a Side Quest due to their locations being marked with either a Red or Blue Flag. Upon completing these events, you’ll gain Ryo, Ninja items that you can use to exchange for items in the Bandai Store etc. It should be noted that you’re required to S Rank all these fights during the Main Events battles (see Boruto’s Tale – All S Ranks).

The following is all the Main Events in Boruto’s Tale:

  1. Clash in Another Dimension:
    • Sasuke vs Kinshiki
  2. The Leaves of a New Generation:
    • Boruto vs Konohamaru
  3. The Gap Between Father and Son:
    • (Cutscenes)
  4. Boruto and Sasuke:
    • Boruto vs Sasuke
  5. Sarada’s Training:
    • Sarada vs Sasuke
  6. The Lurkers:
    • (Cutscenes)
  7. Boruto Falters:
    • Boruto vs Sasuke
  8. Chunin Exam – First Round: This event is different as you need to complete the Written Test. The Questions & Answers are listed below:
    1. What was the name of the religion that the Sage of the Six Paths taught to people long ago?
      • Ninshu
    2. Hidden Leaf Village was created by the First Hokage Hashirama Senju, and who else?
      • Madara Uchiha
    3. Using Hidden Leaf Village as an example, other countries also created their own ninja villages. The five great villages created were Leaf, Sand, Cloud, Mist, and what?
      • Stone
    4. During the Second Great Ninja War, what was the name that Hanzo of the Salamander gave to Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru?
      • Sannin of the Leaf
    5. The Third Great Ninja War was a violent battle that even young soldiers took part in. Which one of these ninja also fought in it?
      • Kakashi Hatake
    6. What was the name of the incident where the Sand and the Sound teamed up to overthrow the Leaf?
      • Destruction of the Leaf
    7. When the Akatsuki began to cast a shadow over the world, the Third Raikage held a meeting in the Land of Iron. What was this meeting called?
      • The Five Kage Summit
    8. When the Akatsuki declared war, the Fourth Great Ninja War began. What did the Akatsuki hope to claim through the war?
      • The Tailed Beasts
    9. The current Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and the Kazekage Gaara are very close friends. Gaara is the fifth Kazekage. What number Hokage is Naruto?
      • Seventh
    10. What is important to a ninja?
      • Teamwork and guts
  9. Chunin Exam – Second Round: This event is different as you need to complete the Flag Test. In order to complete the Flag Test, you need to collect 200 flags within the time limit. Run around the Hidden Leaf Village and try to collect them all. During the Flag Test, valuable golden flags that count for 30 normal flags will appear periodically. They’ll disappear after a certain amount of time, so use Tenten’s hints to gather them quickly. Sarada and Mitsuki are also gathering flags, which will be added to your team total. By touching the Communication Icon, you’ll be able to talk with them and gather up even more flags. Touch blue scrolls to temporarily speed up Boruto. This is a chance for you to grab a lot of flags at once, but if you run into one of the wooden boxes on the ground, you’ll stagger and come to a stop. Dodge the obstacles and collect the flags.
  10. Chunin Exam – Third Round:
    • Boruto vs Yurui
  11. The Otsutsuki Invasion:
    • Boruto vs Shikadai
    • Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki and Kinshiki
  12. Becoming a Ninja:
    • (Cutscenes)
  13. Dancing in Another Dimension:
    • Sasuke and Gaara vs Momoshiki
    • Naruto and Sasuke vs Saruiwa (Monkey Rock)
    • Boruto vs Momoshiki
  14. Father and Son:
    • (Cutscenes)

Boruto’s Tale – All S Ranks
You completed all of the Boruto’s Tale main event battles with an S rank.

In order to achieve an S Rank you must complete the battle with the following:

  • 90% or higher Health
  • 90% or higher IA Completion Ratio
  • Never used a Continue

All the S Ranks battles in Boruto’s Tale are easy. There are 14 fights in the Main Event that you need to S Rank. As mentioned in the Roadmap, you can spam Ultimate Jutsu and even use Ninja Tools to help recover some Health Bar. This makes keeping a 90% or higher in Health extremely easy. The only fight that might give a few players trouble is the Boss Battle of Naruto & Sasuke vs Saruiwa (Monkey Rock). It’s a simple fight if you take your time and long range the entire battle. This is the only S Rank that I’ll explain in detail on how to achieve the S Rank. If you still need to S Rank the other fights, you’re free to replay chapters and battles that you’ve already completed. In order to replay something, select Episodes, then the Chapter that you want to replay.

Below, you’ll find information and strategy on how to achieve the S Rank during the Naruto & Sasuke vs Saruiwa (Monkey Rock).

Dancing in Another Dimension:

The key to achieving the S Rank is to stay away from Saruiwa as much as possible. You want to use the Ninjutsu attack [Chakra Load + hold ] for the majority of your damage during this battle (you can also use to shoot at him but this is weak damage). When you land the Susano’o Sword don’t take the risk of combing the button. Sometimes you can inflict additional damage if you do melee Saruiwa right after the Susano’o Sword Ninjutsu, but sometimes Saruiwa isn’t staggered and will get up to damage you. Due to that reason, it’s best to use to dodge backward so you distance yourself from him and recharge your Chakra back up. Dodging is the key to achieving the S Rank as well since Saruiwa has a basic 3-hit combo. This 3-hit combo is very easy to dodge if you’re using the to distance yourself. Wait for him to become vulnerable and throw the Susano’o Sword at him again. It should be noted that Saruiwa will throw Lava Boulders at you, these can be dodged with as well or you can throw the Susano’o Sword and if it landed, you’ll be immune to any damage from these Boulders.

Repeat until you trigger a brief scene where Saruiwa will become more aggressive. Keep doing the Susano’o Sword spamming and eventually, you need to dodge a Fire Bird with and you’ll stun Saruiwa. While he’s stunned, rush him and combo with as prompted to inflict heavy damage. Now repeat the Susano’o Sword spamming, but be mindful that Saruiwa now has the ability to go underground. He’ll either appear underneath your feet in the form of Lava or much further away from you. If he’s underneath you, simply move out of the Lava with . Getting hit by this attack will take you below the 90% Health requirement (press and “Retry” if you’re hit). When he teleports further away from you, he’s trying to throw a Lava Ball at you. This can be stopped if you throw your Susano’o Sword at him.

As the fight draws near an end, you’ll be incapacitated:

  • Mash to break free from the bonds and counterattack
  • to throw the Susano’o Sword at him and break his arm

After breaking his arm, quickly throw your Susano’o Sword at him once again only this time combo him with the Blade of Violet Flames: Rasen Slash [ ]. This will be enough to finish him off and you’ll need to finish the Interactive Actions that follows:

Interactive Actions Sequence

  • to dodge and counterattack to finish off the Boss Battle

Boruto’s Tale Master
You completed all of the Boruto’s Tale side quests.

Some of these Side Quests you might have already completed just by playing through the Main Events. There will be a few that you need to go back and complete, as new Side Quests become available as you finished the Main Events.

The following is all the Side Quests in Boruto’s Tale:

  1. Boruto’s Ten Tasks [Client – Konohamaru, on the street in front of the Uzumaki Residence]: The task list makes a return, but it’s reduced down to 10 tasks. These are very easy to complete and you’ll need to help 10 people in the Hidden Leaf Village, Complete all VR Facility Rank Battles, Complete at least 5 Side Quests, Complete at least 10 Sudden Events and finally defeat Konohamaru in a spar. The spar fight against Konohamaru only happens once you’ve completed 9 out of 10 tasks. Everything else is very easy to do, but the Sudden Event battles are time-consuming. Thankfully, there is a way to trigger these much quicker. Use your map and keep teleporting to the Leaf Square (VR Facility Foyer) and a Sub Event might spawn. These will usually be trivia questions in the form of True or False. Sometimes you’ll get a Battle if Lee spawns. In the video below I demonstrate this method:
  2. The Leaf Village Girls’ Club: Truths Revealed [Client – Amaguriama Clerk, at the Amaguriama Shop]: This is a small story where Boruto will learn a little more about his dad and his reputation. You will undergo some battles of training against Team Asuma.
  3. A Ninja’s Legacy: Inheriting the Future [Client – Shikamaru, in front of the building at Leaf Square]: This is the Virtual Reality Facility that allows you to fight with strong ninja from the past in a virtual environment. The difficulty of each battle varies by Rank, and at first, you’ll only have access to the lowest Ranks. Completing each rank (D, C, B, A, and S) will unlock higher Ranks. It should be noted that some Ranks wouldn’t unlock until you get to certain points in the story. There is a total of 43 fights. You don’t have to S Rank them.
  4. Rebuilding the Exam Hall [Client – Lee, on the street in front of the Uzumaki Residence]: This is small battle where you’ll fight Guy, after defeating Guy in battle. Kakashi and Guy will join Lee in the exam hall to help with repairs. Once the repairs are completed, Lee will contact you again for another Side Quest event.
  5. Caught up in Another Exam [Client – Shino, in Leaf Square]: This is another Exam in which you need to answer all the questions correctly. The Questions & Answers are listed below:
    1. Long ago, Kaguya Otsutsuki appeared and used immense power to dominate the ninja world. What gave her such great power?
      • The Fruit of the Divine Tree
    2. There was once a time when the Hidden Stone and the Hidden Mist hated each other. What happened at the end of the battle between the Second Tsuchikage and the Second Mizukage?
      • They killed each other
    3. When the Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Cloud were fighting, who defeated the Second Hokage?
      • The Kinkaku Unit
    4. During the Third Great Ninja War, Team Minato from Hidden Leaf destroyed Kannabi Bridge. Why?
      • To cut off supplies
    5. After the Destruction of the Leaf, the Fourth Kazekage’s corpse was discovered. Who did the ringleader end up being?
      • Orochimaru
    6. The fifth Hokage Tsunade can summon a slug named Katsuyu. Where does Katsuyu live?
      • Shikkotsu Forest
    7. Hidden Rain Village suffered from civil war for a long time. Who put that war to an end?
      • Pain
    8. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, the Ten Tails was resurrected, and caused great destruction. What held the Ten Tails before it was resurrected?
      • The Gedo Statue
    9. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kaguya Otsutsuki came back to life. Who orchestrated this?
      • Black Zetsu
    10. Which Kage has been in power from the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War until now?
      • The Fifth Kazekage
  6. The Flag Test Again [Client – Tenten, at the Hidden Leaf Gate]: This is another Flag Test similar to the one you did in the Main Event story. The only difference is that you need to collect 300 Flags within the time limit.
  7. The Uchiha Couple [Client – Sakura, at the Hidden Lead Forest]: This is a small event scene between Sarada and her mom, Sakura. In the Main Event, there was a sparring battle between Sarada and Sasuke. This is the same only it’s a spar between Sarada and Sakura. Win the battle to complete this Side Quest.
  8. Fierce Battles During the Durability Inspection [Client – Lee, varies locations use the map]: Now that the Chunin Exam’s third round hall has finally been completed, you’ll be contacted by Lee to compete in a few battles. Simply win the fights and this Side Quest will be completed.
  9. The Kazekage’s Gentle Eyes [Client – Shikadai, the Leaf Square]: This is a small story where Boruto will learn a little more about his dad and the true meaning of ‘ally’. You will undergo some battles of training with Gaara in the form of flashback battles.
  10. Finding Himawari [Client – Hinata, at the Uzumaki Residence]: This is a small event in which Boruto’s sister, Himawari goes missing. You can follow the clues given to you to find her by heading to the Hokage Estate, talking to a merchant at the front gates, and finally heading to the graveyard.