– Estimated trophy difficulty: N/A
– Offline: 41
– Online: 10
– Approximate time: 40 – 60 hours
– Number of campaigns: 3
– Number of controllers: 1 – 4 (4 necessary for Pure Party )


Trophy Breakdown

Obtain all trophies
Like any other trophy, unlock the rest for this.

Early Doors
Score with your 1st shot on net in any mode
This is simply done with two controllers, pick a very good team such as Brazil or Spain, hopefully by this time you will be familiar with pure shots. (See Velocity Rapture). Or you can have the second controller pass the ball with to the keeper, tackle him with and score with . In campaign you will be asked to score with your first shot on goal, so that’s also a good place for this.

Share the Love
Score 1 goal with each of your outfield players in any mode
Again pick a team like Brazil or Spain, I prefer Spain since they have good players (Torres and Fabregas). Just make sure each one of them score, be it from corners, crosses or penalties (in the match itself).

Hat Trick Hero
Score 3 goals in one game with 1 player in any mode
I would attempt this at the same time as Full House since they consist mostly of the same criteria. See Full House for more details.

Last Gasp
Score in the last 5 seconds of a timed match in any mode
You can attempt this and possibly fail, I unlocked this without even trying. Possibly try the method of using the opponents keeper, but just work on it.

Toast the Post
Score off a shot that hits the post in any mode
There is no sure fire way of this unlocking, hitting the ball of the post in either PES or Fifa is easy but not here. Patience and luck here.

Full House
Score 3 goals and record 2 assists with 1 player in any mode
To make this easier I would get a corner, quickly see who takes it and make that person the player who will score the hat-trick. The easiest way to assist would be for the aforementioned corner, press , releasing the button when the needle is on the white and for the striker the exact same thing, this time with .

Velocity Rapture
Score 10 pure power shots in any mode
Pure power are fantastic ways of scoring and quite easy, press the button, releasing when the needle hits the white and there is a good chance the ball will go in. Do this ten times.

Score 15 volleyed goals in any mode
A little harder and can only be done well with the cross method (not corner) use the same method as the corner. Run done with line, cross and the player should either header or volley the ball.

On a Bender
Score 30 skill shot goals across all modes
Skill shots are like pure shots but you will be using which will create a curl. Score 30 of these.

Tao of Power
Score 4 consecutive pure power shot goals in 1 game in any mode
This does not need to be four consecutive shots, but four consecutive pure shots (you need to score), the ones mentioned in velocity rapture. I suggest playing the game on easy since the needle is larger for that.

Laundry Day
Record a clean sheet in any mode
Two controller method, very easy.

Win a match in each venue in any mode
Unlocked via playing the stadiums in exhibition and those from campaign.

Serial Thriller
Win 5 matches via penalty shootout in any mode
Just let the clock run out on a three minute match and win the penalty shoot-out, if you have two controllers, just make them miss.

Defeat England with Scotland on Pure difficulty
Again done with two controllers, make sure it’s on Pure difficulty. You can do so at the select venue menu, pressing and tweaking the option.

Club before Country
Win a game with a team with immediate chemistry
Can be performed, online, in play or campaign. Simply use four outfield players from the same club, such as Bendtner, Gallas, Fabregas and Nasri. Will unlock at the end of the game.

Head Case
Score 50 headed goals across all modes
Use the corner method, mentioned in Full house.

Come back from 3 or more goals down in 5 matches
Two controller method, concede three goals five times and just get your proper account to score.

Firing Blanks
Win a game without taking a shot on goal
Two controller method, own goals.

A New Millennium
Score 1,000 goals across all modes
This will come over time, you can check your progress at the main menu> extras > user stats.

The Wanderer
Travel 100 km on the pitch across all modes
No way of knowing when this will unlock. You could run around for ages to make this easier.

One Small Step
Unlock your 1st venue in a campaign
Win your first few matches and you will unlock a new venue.

Captain Fantastic
Have your captain obtain man of the match in a campaign match
I suggest scoring a few goals with your created player, should be easy to unlock.

Rude Guest
Win a campaign match while completing all 5 recruitment objectives
At the start of each match you will be given five objective to unlock players, if you unlock all of the players you will get this trophy. Press start in the match menu and scroll to unlocks for the prerequisite.

The Guardian
Complete a campaign with a defender with a 4+ star rating
See The Assassin

The Emissary
Complete a campaign with a midfielder with a 4+ star rating
See The Assassin

The Assassin
Complete a campaign with a forward with a 4+ star rating
In all games you will be given pp which can be used to upgrade your captain, the higher the difficulty equals higher multipliyer. in campaign you can play three special matches, fulfil objectives each week to unlock them.

29 Days Later
Win the final tournament
Progress to the final week for a 8 team tournament, beforehand you have 28 days to get your team into the top 8.

Lopsided Loyalty
Unlock all players from a national team
See A league of their own

All World
Upload your captain at the end of a campaign
Simply choose yes when being asked to upload your player.

A League of their own
Unlock all available national players
A good list, posted by paulsmith1980

You may have to play three matches against each. Simply play the third string unlock all 5, then use them in your team to see the second string and continue for the rest.

On the Board
Win a club match in Play Anyone
Connect online, the first option, win using your campaign team.

Raising your Game
Win 3 club matches in a row in Play Anyone
Luck and patience, no sure fire way.

Play a match against a friend
Connect online, 2nd option.

Attested Development
Advance to division 7 through online play
Play and try to win, and progress to division 7. Scoring pure shots which is hard will increase pp gathered.

Passion of the Crest
Unlock all 4 crests from an online challenge
Boost, see the easiest four eg passing accuracy, four levels to each crest.

Over Easy
Score 3 goals in the first minute of a club match in Play Anyone
This will be difficult, try boosting.

Top Flight
Advance to division 1 through online play

Shoulders of Giants
Beat a division 1 Player or someone who has in Play Anyone
Viral trophy.

Slump Buster
Following a club loss, win a club match via a clean sheet in Play Anyone
Try boosting, which can be hard to find your friend.

Online Odyssey
Unlock all online challenge crests
See Passion of the Crest

Pure Participation
Complete the tutorial
Follow the instructions.

Pure Premonition
Save 5 penalty kicks across all modes
Can be done in penalty shootout.

Pure Party
Complete a match with 4 people on one team in Play mode
You will need four controllers, just complete the match.

Pure Prowess
Earn 1,000 pure points in one match in any mode
See Pure Persistence

Pure Pummelling
Outscore a human opponent by 1,000+ pure points in Play mode
See Pure Persistence

Pure Punishment
Earn 10,000 pure points in one session
See Pure Persistence

Pure Posse
Score with your goalkeeper in any mode
Run with your GK, try getting a second controller and moving the players away.

Pure Pressure
Successfully perform 300 slide and step-in tackles
You can check your progress in main menu > extras > user stats. Can be or .

Pure Persistence
Earn 100,000 pure points outside of campaign
You can easily get this in two players on Pure difficulty. I got a 45 – 0 victory and earnt 27,000 pp, easy getting the other three pure related trophies.



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