– Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
– Offline: 44 [1000]
– Online: 0
– Approximate amount of time to 100025-30 hours
– Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
– Missable achievements: “Mata Hari Manners” is potentially missable. Unknown at this time.
– Does difficulty affect achievements: No
– Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
– Extra equipment needed: None




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The achievements are largely straight forward if a little grindy and nothing can be missed. You can also continue playing after completing the story to finish any achievements you have left. I would recommend that you hold off on grinding, for the most part until you have completed the story since you will be making progress or unlocking a lot of achievements just by playing the game. Though some achievements will require grinding even after the story due to their requirements.


There are 2 important points to consider before going too far into the game, pertaining to the 2 achievements that will take the longest time.

  1. Goon De-leet” :- Kill 1337 Goons. After having completed the game and a majority of side activities I hadn’t killed even half of the required enemies for this achievement. You can see it’s description for a decent way to grind them out, however this requires that you haven’t yet completed all of the locations where Goon Squad enemies spawn. So be sure to leave at least 1 location that you know to have Goons in it so that you can grind it out somewhat painlessly.
  2. Mata Hari Manners” :- Destroy 30 Spy Drones. The Spy Drone locations are random and they can also fly away. There only seems to be around 34 in the game so there is a small margin of error, however where they go to when they fly away is not known, whether they fly to another location that could take you hours to find or disappear entirely is anyone’s guess, so when attempting to find the 30 Drones, make a save before entering a location, then if you find one and it starts to fly away and you aren’t able to destroy it, reload your save and try again. Don’t let any fly away or your grind for these Spy Drones will be monumental.

You will only need 1 full playthrough of the game as none of the achievements except for “Mata Hari Manners” are missable, itself only theorised to be missable. You can also continue to play after the main story so don’t be worried about going too far.

You should try to discover locations as you play and be sure to seek out and find the various Arks dotted around the map as they will contain skills and weapons, some of which are required for some of the miscellaneous achievements. Loot everything you can, money and feltrite are necessary for purchasing supplies and upgrading your character, respectively.

After completing the game, it’s likely you will only have a few of the more long-winded achievements remaining, almost certainly “Mata Hari Manners” and “Goon De-leet“. See their descriptions for grinding methods to make them as painless as possible.

Other than those 2, the majority of the miscellaneous achievements can be done somewhat quickly and the best place to get most of them is in the Mutant Bash TV area that you have to go to during the main story. You can repeat this as many times as you wish providing you with dozens of easy to kill enemies in a short time.

Not the most inspired list of achievements and while generally on the easy side, they can get tedious with the grinding required as the achievements that take the longest will almost certainly not come with natural game progression, so the grind is unavoidable. Still, within 25-30 hours you should have everything done and the game is certainly enough fun to lessen the monotony of the grind.


 Efficiency 30
Use the Assault Rifle to kill 5 enemies in a row without reloading

This is very likely to be your first achievement and can be unlocked during the very first mission when you are given the Assault Rifle. If you’re playing on Easy difficulty, enemies will die quickly, so you may want to lower it to Easy for the sake of this achievement if you’re on a higher difficulty. Simply find a group of 5 or more enemies and take your time lining headshots up until you have killed 5 without reloading.

 Unloaded 15
Shoot 70 bullets within 16 seconds using the Assault Rifle

For this achievement you can simply shoot at nothing. With your Assault Rifle just shoot straight in front of you until the magazine empties, then reload and repeat. You may need the first upgrade for the weapon if you find you aren’t quite managing to do this, the upgrade to give you extended magazines will take your ammo count to 35, so you will only need the 1 reload in the middle of shooting 70 bullets.

 Skeet Shooting 15
Hit an airborne enemy with the Shotgun’s Slug Shot

You acquire the Shotgun during the story mission ‘Blackout’ when asked to ‘Investigate the Ark’.

This achievement can be finicky as the wording seems to be ambiguous. You need to send an enemy airborne yourself, not simply hit an enemy in the air. If an enemy flies under their own power, hitting them with a Slug Shot will not unlock this achievement.

There are a few ways to achieve this, but the best method’s are using either ‘Slam’ or ‘Vortex’. Using ‘Slam’ you need to make sure you do not have it fully levelled up as the damage it does will likely kill enemies outright, especially on easier difficulties, however on higher difficulties it may still be viable when fully upgraded. ‘Vortex’ can be fully upgraded and remain viable at any difficulty, even doing so may make this achievement easier, though it is not necessary. To use the shotgun’s Slug Shot you need to simply be aiming down the sights when firing.

What you will want to do is equip your shotgun and have it ready pointed in the correct direction, then either use ‘Slam’ ( + ) to send your chosen enemy flying back, or use ‘Vortex’ ( + ) to have them float in the air in front of you, then quickly aim down your shotgun’s sight and shoot them. ‘Slam’ is much harder as the enemies hit will fly backwards at a decent speed and you will need to readjust your aim to hit them, whereas with ‘Vortex’ they will simply float in front of you for a second or so giving you much more time to line up a shot.

 Hyper-Express 30
Kill 2 enemies with the same shot using the Hyper-Cannon

You can acquire the Hyper-Cannon from the Greenhaven Ark in The Wilds area to the North of the map;

When you have it, you can aim down the sights by holding  and the crosshair will fill up in a circle, when this has filled up, or ‘charged’ you can fire the weapon with  for a very powerful shot that will travel through enemies.

For this achievement you will need to find a large enough group of enemies, progress through the GreenHaven Ark to find a large group of mutants that you need to kill, then have your weapon charge up and try to get 2 or more enemies in your line of sight and then fire. Where you are attacked by the mutants in this location, 3 of them will stand above where they spawn and throw projectiles at you, these will not move, giving you a perfect opportunity to line up a shot on them.

 Postmodern Picasso 30
Rupture a total of 200 enemies using the Rocket Launcher

You acquire the Rocket Launcher from the Strongbox Ark in the Torn Plains area of the map;

Once you have the Rocket Launcher, simply use it to kill enemies. You can easily boost this achievement by playing the Mutant Bash TV game mode, as much as you wish. You will unlock Mutant Bash TV during the main story mission ‘Wasteland Celebrity’ and can return at any time, as many times as you wish. Before starting a round you can choose a specific challenge, 1 of which is Grenades and Rocket Launchers only and you will have an unlimited amount of ammo. You can get dozens of kills per run of Mutant Bash TV and can repeat it as much as you need to get 200 kills. You can also do this without ever finding the Rocket Launcher for personal use if you so choose.

 Overly driven 45
Reach an Overdrive multiplier of 10

To reach an Overdrive multiplier of any amount you need to kill enemies within quick succession of each other. This is very likely to occur many times as you play through the game, but if for whatever reason you haven’t managed this, you can unlock it during Mutant Bash TV. Play the normal challenge and then get yourself into the final round. The mutants here will spawn in big numbers and you can easily get 10 or more kills within quick enough succession to earn a multiplier of 10.

Use Dash Strike kick to kill 10 enemies

‘Dash’ is a Nanotrite skill that you will unlock during the early missions of the main story. You press  and a direction to quickly dash away from incoming enemy fire.

Once you have ‘Dash’ you will now need to upgrade it in the menu to at least level 2 so that you can then purchase a perk for it in the second tier, the perk being ‘Dash Strike’, so purchase this when you can.

Now you simply need to use it against enemies. As per usual with grinding, Mutant Bash TV is ideal for this, be sure to do the normal challenge as the specific challenges remove your skills. Now you can use ‘Dash Strike’ () to do a front kick that kills the mutants on easy in 1 hit. Repeat as necessary.

 Come on and Slam! 15
Crush 50 enemies using Slam

‘Slam’ is acquired from Earthscar Ark in the Torn Plains area of the map;

You use ‘Slam’ by pressing  + . This attack has you jump up in the air and then slam yourself back down to create a shock wave. On the easier difficulties this will kill the weaker enemies outright, especially if you upgrade the attack in the menu. This skill is very powerful and you will likely use it a lot and unlock this achievement without effort, however you can as usual use Mutant Bash TV to grind it out, should you need to.

 Pseudo Post-Mortem 30
Kill 3 enemies within 10 seconds after restoring all health with the Defibrillation

‘Defibrillation’ is acquired from the Canyon Cove Ark in the Broken Tract area of the map;

‘Defibrillation’ will give you a second chance if you happen to be killed in combat by having you press the  and/or  buttons when prompted. Initially when you use this, you can only be resurrected with a small amount of your health from the only 2 shocks available, so you need to unlock all 5 levels of the skill so that each successful shock will give you 25% of your health and then buy the perks ‘Reshock 1’ and ‘Reshock 2’ which will allow you to do 4 shocks to give you 25% for each, totalling 100% of your health.

Once you have this upgraded appropriately, head to somewhere with a large group of enemies, again Mutant Bash TV being ideal, and let them surround and kill you. Then successfully hit all 4 shocks to revive with full health and kill 3 enemies as quickly as you can. I did this in Mutant Bash TV with 3 mutants attacking me, then when i revived i quickly used ‘Slam’ to kill all 3 at once.

 Off With Their Heads 30
Headshot a total of 100 enemies using the Wingstick

You will acquire Wingsticks at the very start of the game and can begin using them immediately. They at first will just be thrown with  and will track and hit a target if they are in an open enough space. Typically the Wingstick seemed to go through the bodies of enemies and hitting headshots was purely luck based. You can upgrade the Wingsticks via the ‘Projects’ tab in the menu in the ‘Capture & Control’ section allowing upgrades such as ‘Wingstick Lock-On’ and ‘Fast Wingstick Lock-On’, these will allow you to hold  with the Wingstick equipped and you will get a red flight arc that shows you where the Wingstick is going to go, if you aim above and down onto enemies, the lock-on tends to lock onto their heads, though it’s not always the case, especially if they’re moving.

I personally found this easiest to grind in Mutant Bash TV as the enemies here are weak, but you also get an on-screen prompt saying ‘Headshot’ when you get a headshot, so you can use this to try and gauge when you are getting successful headshots.

 Explosive Ending 15
Kill an enemy with a Turret Drone explosion

For this achievement you need to fully upgrade your drone so that it explodes when it is detroyed. You buy the upgrades from the merchants in the Trade Coalition settlements, there will be 1 available upgrade in each settlement for a total of 5. Once you have done this, you can throw the drone out into a group of enemies and then quickly shoot it yourself to destroy it, causing an explosion and hopefully killing an enemy.

A visual aid, should you need it;

 Zipper 30
Kill 13 enemies while riding ziplines

You will find ziplines at a majority of the bandit camp locations throughout the game. The best way to unlock this achievement is to find a zipline in a bandit camp, then making a save and then use the zipline while killing enemies nearby, i found the Rocket Launcher and it’s splash damage the most effective method, but be sure not to kill everyone in sight. Then reload your save and you will be at the entrance to the location you were just in and can repeat your zipline kills, repeating as much as you need until the achievement unlocks.

 Goon De-leet 30
Kill 1337 Goons

This is likely to be the last achievement you unlock as even after completing everything else I personally only had around half of the required kills and had to grind for the remainder.

The best method I found was to find a location that contains Goon Squad enemies, Doomsayer Peak is probably one of the better locations due to it having a high amount of enemies, then making a save before entering the location. Once you enter it proceed to kill ALL BUT ONE of the enemies, then reload your save to be on the outskirts of the location with all enemies returned to their positions. It is important that you leave at least 1 person alive, since if you kill them all, the location objective completes and the enemies do not respawn.

Repeat as necessary, though leave this until the end since you will be killing Goon Squad enemies throughout the game so you don’t need to grind them all.

 Peek-a-boo 30
Kill a cloaked Shrouded enemy

The Shrouded enemies can be found in the Dune Sea and the very Western part of the Broken Tract areas of the map.

The Shrouded will, on occasion use a cloak to go invisible for a moment while in combat and will do this regularly when you fight them. Though it can be entirely down to luck if you happen to kill a Shrouded enemy when they are cloaked, you can somewhat force this to happen. Kill all but 1 of the Shrouded in an area and then follow them around, they will eventually use their cloak for a second. You have to be fast to kill them, so I used the Rocket Launcher and just aimed at the ground beneath them. As soon as they used their cloak I fired at their feet, killing them.

 The Enemy Of My Enemy 30
Kill an enemy that is trying to kill an enemy

You are likely to unlock this by chance, but if not you can usually find enemies at the side of the road in small groups attacking each other, as well as at various locations. When you see this, join in and kill everyone on both sides to be sure you kill someone that was trying to kill another enemy.

 Bytesize Takedown 30
Destroy 128 Vehicles while driving the Phoenix

The best way to unlock this achievement is to chase down the convoys that drive around the map. The convoy i chose to repeat was the one in the northern areas called ‘King Squasha’. This has the most escort vehicles following it, so what I did was, first I destroyed all of the escort vehicles, making sure to dodge attack the motorbikes so that they would count towards “Off Balance“, then destroy the remaining vehicles just using my weapons. Then on my very first convoy I also made sure to destroy the main vehicle, ‘King Squasha’ to unlock “Gonevoy“.

After this, I fast travelled away, then loaded the map back up again and chased down the convoy that has now respawned and destroyed the escorting vehicles in the same way, dodge attacking the motorbikes and shooting everything else, only on all of my attacks on this convoy from now on I didn’t bother taking down the main vehicle again since it took too long and only added 1 more to the total. Repeat as necessary.

 Crushed 30
Kill an Abadon Mutant Crusher with the Phoenix

First you will need to find an Abadon Mutant Crusher that is not in the sewers and these are few and far between. You can make your way to ‘D and D’s Hood’ in The Wilds area of the map and on the island before where they are, you can call in your Phoenix and then make your way, precariously, across the makeshift bridge into their lair. Once here, be aware that there are 2 of them and they will destroy your Phoenix with ease, so you will want to only attract the attention of 1 of them and try to bait them away from the other, then use your weapons on the Phoenix to bring it down. This can be tricky however given the small space to work in.

Alternatively you can fast travel to the Mutant Bash TV location in the Broken Tract area of the map and head out of the front gate and then turn to go North-East, an Abadon Mutant Crusher has a chance to spawn here, making it a much more viable place to unlock this achievement. If the Abadon Mutant Crusher does not spawn, you can fast travel somewhere else, then back to Mutant Bash TV and run here again to see if it spawns and repeat until it does.

 On The Limit 15
Maintain top speed for 10 seconds with the Raptor

You unlock the Raptor by getting Loosum Hagar’s level up to 10, at which point it is unlocked and added to your vehicle list and can be called in at any time.

With the Raptor now in your possession head to the highlighted road, in the Torn Plains area of the map;

This is possibly the best road to do this on, it’s long and straight enough to maintain top speed. Position yourself at either end of the road and then set off following the marker to make it somewhat easier to see your path. Use the boost, but try not to use it all at once, use it on/off to keep your speed up. It may take a few tries, but keep going from 1 end to the other, eventually you will get the hang of the bike and become familiar with the roads curves and bumps to get the perfect run.

 Over 9000 15
Drive over 9000 meters

There is a lot of driving to be done in this game and 9000 meters is a relatively short distance. This will likely be one of the very first achievements that you unlock.

 Hangtime 30
Jump over 100 meters with a ground vehicle

There will be a few areas in the world that will give you a large ramp to drive up and send yourself flying through the air. There are some in the race at Chazcar Derby during the main mission ‘Wasteland Celebrity’ that given the right speed will allow you to jump more than 100 meters so it’s likely you will unlock it during this.

If you need somewhere to unlock this though, you can head to ‘Cliff Side Outlook’ in the Twisting Canyons area to the very south of the map and there will be a large ramp here that has you jump across a canyon and into a Goon Squad location, DoomSayer Peak. You can set a waypoint to here and then before making the jump call in a fast enough vehicle, such as the Chazcar and then line yourself up and make the jump, using your boost to build your speed up. This will easily take you more than 100 meters.

Location on a map;

Video for reference

 Off Balance 15
Knock 19 bikers off their bikes with the Phoenix’s Dodge

You can unlock this while attempting “Bytesize Takedown” so see it’s description for how to effectively grind these out. To dodge with the Phoenix you need to press  and the direction you want to dodge in. With the specific convoy detailed in “Bytesize Takedown” there will always be either 3 or 4 motorbikes accompanying the convoy and they will always be at the back, so when you first reach the convoy make a point to stay close to the motorbikes, then when you’re lined up next to one of them, dodge into them to knock them off. It usually takes only 1 dodge, though sometimes they seemed to survive the initial dodge and took 2 to knock off.

 Goon Fire 15
Blow up a Goon with the Goon tank Booma

You can find the Goon tank Booma parked outside the Yeoman Growery location in the Broken Tract area of the map. This location also happens to be a Goon Squad location and as such, you can jump into the tank, turn the turret to the left and start killing Goons, unlocking this achievement.

Location on a map;

 Post-Post-Apocalyptic Poster Child 50
Collect all other achievements

Self explanatory, this will unlock along with the final achievement that you unlock.

 The Bigger They Are… 30
Kill 7 Abadon Mutant Crushers

The Abadon Mutant Crushers, for the most part are in set locaations, however only 6 such locations exist and as such you will need to kill a seventh Abadon Mutant Crusher that happens to spawn in the world. Luckily there are a few spawn areas that you can repeatedly refresh to try and force one of them to spawn. The 6 guaranteed locations for Abadon Mutant Crushers;

The Ruined Shaft, Twisting Canyons;

The Pain Drain, Torn Plains;

D and D’s Hood, The Wilds (2 Abadon Mutant Crushers here);

Filth Hollow, Sekreto Wetlands;

The Motor Tomb, Dune Sea;

A seventh Abadon Mutant Crusher can be found just outside the Mutant Bash TV location in the Broken Tract area of the map, if you head out of the gate and then turn to go North-East, an Abadon Mutant Crusher can sometimes spawn just ahead fighting some mutants. If you go here and there is none, fast travel somewhere else and then back here again to see if it has spawned. Repeat this until it does spawn and then kill it.

 Hot Potato 30
Reflect an enemy’s grenade

You can see when an enemy throws or hits a grenade towards you and will have a short time to melee with  to knock it back. The time you get to knock it backs is generous and even still you can unlock a perk that adds an extra second onto the time the enemy grenades take to explode if you happen to be struggling with this. Luckily you don’t need to hit or kill another enemy with this you simply just need to hit the grenade with a melee attack.

 Gonevoy 15
Take down 1 Convoy Leader

You can have Convoy locations show up on the map by purchasing the ‘Convoy Locator’ perk in the ‘Capture & Control’ projects menu.

You will find convoys driving around most of the areas of the map and they will provide ‘Car Parts’ upon their destruction that you can use to upgrade the Phoenix. The convoy detailed in “Bytesize Takedown” is what I would recommend is used to unlock this achievement as you will need to repeatedly destroy it for that achievement and “Off Balance” so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with it, though the other convoys to the south of the map work just as well for this achievement.

To destroy the ‘King Squasha’ convoy you first need to kill all of it’s escorting vehicles. Once you have done this, by dodge attacking the motorbikes and shooting everything else, the main vehicle of the convoy can be dealt with. The main vehicle is in 3 parts and each needs to be destroyed in turn. There will be a weak spot on each side of the first 2 parts of the vehicle, so move to each side to target them, then when both are destroyed another third weakspot will appear at the back. Destroy this and that part of the vehicle will be destroyed. Repeat this for the second part of the vehicle. Then finally on the last part of the vehicle you simply need to destroy the 2 weak spots on the sides and it will explode.

 Acid House 30
Complete the Torn Plains Race under 3:03

You will have your first attempt at this during the main story when you’re tasked with making a name for yourself during the main mission ‘Wasteland Celebrity’ and have to win the race to progress. After this however you can return and repeat the race as often as you wish should you struggle with beating the time on your first try.

 Dozing 30
Scoop up an enemy with the Wheeldozer

You can find the Wheeldozer at the Mutant Bash TV location in the Sekreto Wetlands area to the very West of the map. Head to the front door and then turn right and follow the path to find the Wheeldozer parked up.

Get into it and then go and find some enemies. Once you have found some, you need to lower the bucket with and then slowly drive into an enemy to have the bucket go under their feet. Then press and hold  again to raise the bucket with the enemy inside, unlocking the achievement.

Location of the Wheeldozer;

 A Noah Lot 15
Open 5 Arks

Arks are found throughout the world and provide skills or weapons depending on the Ark you find. You will need to find most of them to unlock either weapons or skills that are tied to achievements, so finding 5 won’t be going out of your way.

Refer to “Hyper-Express“, “Postmodern Picasso“, “Come on and Slam!” and “Pseudo Post-Mortem” for Ark locations pertinent to their requirements. A fifth Ark can be found here; Spikewind Ark, Broken Tract;

 Can’t Stop Pop 30
Pop 17 Balloons

You will find balloons floating around in the sky as you explore the world. Their appearance is random so it is best to shoot these whenever you see them to make progress on this achievement as otherwise, grinding this out at the end will be very monotonous. The balloons drop a crate with loot in them, however you don’t need to collect the loot or reach the crate, simply shooting and popping the balloon is suffice.

The balloons will appear on the main map as well as your compass on-screen. They look like this;

 Mata Hari Manners 45
Destroy 30 Spy Drones

The Spy Drones will be present in locations throughout the map and unfortunately, their appearance is completely randomised so a guide for where to find them is useless. First, you will want to unlock a perk, ‘Spy Drone Tracking’ found in the ‘Search & Recover’ section of the Projects menu, you will need to purchase either ‘Storage Container Tracking’ OR ‘Datapad Tracking’ first as well as unlock tier 3 of these projects. It is important that you don’t purchase all of the tracking perks, since you will need to use this tracking to find the Spy Drones and the tracking does not differentiate between what it tracks, so the less your trackers is finding, the better.

Now begins the arduous task of finding 30 Spy Drones. There is no easy or fast way to do this, you will simply need to visit each and every location on the map, see if there is a Spy Drone present, destroy it if there is, then move onto the next location and repeat this until you have found 30. There are thought to be only 34 in the game, which combined with their random chance to spawn in any given location means you will likely need to check almost every single location on the map to get 30.

It is strongly recommended that you make a save before entering a location in case the Spy Drone sees you and flies away, the Spy Drone will see you if you look at it directly for a second or so. It is unknown where they go to, if they come back or if they are gone forever when they fly away so to be safe, make a save before entering a location then head in to find them, then if one of them does fly away, just reload your save to spawn outside the same location and try again to destroy it. I found using the Rocket Launcher was the best approach as it destroys them instantly and you only need to hit somewhere near it to cause enough splash damage to destroy it.

A video with what you should be looking for.

 The Bowels of a Rust Giant 15
Venture inside the Dune Sea EcoPod

For this achievement you simply need to discover the Dune Sea EcoPod. See “Reaching out to the Past” for a video with all EcoPod locations.

 Forlorn Watcher 15
Travel to the summit of the Broken Tract EcoPod

For this achievement you simply need to discover the Broken Tract EcoPod. See “Reaching out to the Past” for a video with all EcoPod locations.

 Sunken Hope 15
Visit the Wetlands EcoPod

For this achievement you simply need to discover the Wetlands EcoPod. See “Reaching out to the Past” for a video with all EcoPod locations.

 Reaching out to the Past 15
Traverse the bridge to the EcoPod in the Wilds

For this achievement you simply need to discover the Wilds EcoPod.

 Wasteland Vagabond 15
Visit every Trade Coalition settlement

There is a Trade Coalition settlement in each area except the area you begin in, for a total of 5. You will need to travel to 3 of these during the main story, however 2 of them you will need to locate on your own. Their locations in each area on a map;

Gunbarrel, Broken Tract;

Wellspring, Torn Plains;

Lagooney, Sekreto Wetlands;

Oasis, Dune Sea;

Dreadwood, The Wilds;

 The Ranger 10
Complete mission: The Ranger

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Blackout 10
Complete mission: Blackout

Story related, cannot be missed.

 The Signal 15
Complete mission: The Signal

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Wasteland Celebrity 15
Complete mission: Wasteland Celebrity

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Beneath the Surface 15
Complete mission: Beneath the Surface

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Ground Control 15
Complete mission: Ground Control

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Double Cross 15
Complete mission: Double Cross

Story related, cannot be missed.

 Project Dagger 15
Complete mission: Project Dagger

Story related, cannot be missed.

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