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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline trophies: 12 (7, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20/24 Hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (+Chapter Select if necessary)
  • Number of missable trophies: None. All of them can be earned via Chapter Select
  • Glitched trophies: None, but take careful note of Siren Maniac
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: There are no cheats available for this game


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SIREN (or Forbidden Siren in EU and NA) is a unique stealth/survival horror game created by Project Siren and released by SCE. The game focuses on the events that happened in the fictional Hanuda village after a ritual went very wrong, leaving the village destroyed and the villagers turned into zombie-like creatures known as shibitos. You gain control of ten different characters with the quest of solving the mystery behind Hanuda’s strange history and finding a way out of the dimension the village is sucked in.





Step 1: Complete the game, collecting every archive in the process

In this step you should focus on fighting through this tough game, collecting every archive you stumble upon. You’ll be in trouble right by the moment you start playing the first mission so here are some tips below that will hopefully make this step much easier:

Sightjacking Is The Key To Survival

A unique feature in the SIREN franchise is the use of sightjacking, a power that enables the character to see the world through the eyes of shibitos and human beings alike. While this will look like an unnecessary and a highly unconventional way of playing at first, it will be a life saver throughout the entire game. You’ll be able to see the patterns of enemy movement and plan your strategy without ever being noticed. To use sightjacking, press and twist the left analog stick in order to find the shibitos or the human beings you want. It’s highly suggested to register them using either , , or so you can find anyone you want instantly by pressing the corresponding button.

Make A Run For It And You’re Good As Dead

While in other stealth games this is acceptable on many occasions, in SIREN it’s just unforgiving. The AI in this game cannot really be tricked. The shibitos respond realistically to sound, so if you try to rush through the mission, you’re a dead man. Instead, take your time, observe the environment and plan your moves accordingly. It will take a while to get used to this if you’re unfamiliar with the series, but you’ll like this more and more as the game progresses.

Think Outside The Box

If you want to progress easily through the game, it will require actions that are very hard to think of (ex. Putting a radio inside a well in order to attract a shibito, so you can throw it inside). While these actions are not that necessary, they will make the game much easier and you may find an archive or two in the process.

Conserve Your Ammunition

In several levels early on, you’ll be equipped with a weapon (revolver or rifle) but the ammo will be scarce. Use your melee weapons as much as you can so you’ll be able to get out of tricky situations with your gun. If you don’t have a melee weapon, just try to sneak past the shibitos and use firearms only when necessary (ex. Shooting a revolver or sniper shibito).

After completing this step, you should at least have these trophies:

Jump Start
Endless Challenge
Hard Day’s Work
Fork in the Road
Working Overtime
Divine Retribution

Step 2: Play the Brain Cell Revival game and Clean-Up

If you happened to miss an archive or you didn’t meet the requirements for a trophy, use “Chapter Select” and visit any stage you need to. Also don’t forget to play the Brain Cell Revival game from the Main Menu and you’ll have successfully earned the 100% for this awesome game.

After completing this step, you should have these trophies:

Sibling Rivalry
Avid Collector
Fun for the Family
Siren Maniac


Jump Start
Hit the Police Officer with the truck at the construction site.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed.

You will obtain this trophy after completing the very first mission -Kyoya Suda, Yesterday 23:00-.

Below is a video walkthrough on how to unlock the trophy:

Free the Kiruden from the lanterns.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed

WARNING: If you happen to die in any of these missions you’ll lose all the archives you collected in the mission and your progress towards the secondary missions, meaning that you need to start the mission from scratch again. I know this may sound harsh, but this glitch has been present since the game’s initial PS2 release and a patch will possibly never come, so just be patient and do your best.

This is a simple and easy trophy to get but it requires extensive preparation. It is obtained after lighting up all 4 lanterns in the -Reiko Takato, Day 1 23:00- secondary mission. In order to gain access to the lanterns, you have to push the stone markers you see in the missions below:

-Kyoya Suda, Day 1 08:00-

-Akira Shimura, Day 1 08:00-

-Shiro Miyata, Day 1 03:00-

-Risa Onda, Day 1 04:00-

It may seem like you’ve done enough, but there’s still one thing to do. In the -Reiko Takato, Day 1 02:00- mission, once you get down the stairs, enter the first classroom on your right and open the door at the end to enter the next classroom. There, instruct Harumi to “Hide” after pressing and head alone to the next classroom on your right, making sure that the revolver shibito doesn’t see you. After a cutscene, head to the desk in order to get the key to gymnasium and Harumi will approach you and give you some candles. After this you’ll get the same message you got in the previous 4 missions and you’ll be ready to get the trophy.

NOTE: If you happen to miss any of these stone markers and you don’t know which one you’re missing, simply start doing the missions required for this, up to the point of finding the stone marker. If you push the marker and you get this message —

“<Reiko Takato – Day 1, 23:00> Requirements for Mission Objective 2 already fulfilled>”

–it is not the mission you’re looking for. Do this for the other missions and once you get the correct message (“requirement fulfilled”), complete the mission and you should be good to go.

Now it’s time for the trophy. Once you get access to the -Reiko Takato, Day 1 (2)- mission you need to light all 4 lanterns in a specific order and complete the mission. You should be familiar with this mission now as you’ve already completed it once, so this will not pose any threat. You need to light up the lanterns in this order: (/D/A/B/C/).

Once you’ve lit every lantern, a cutscene will play and “Book Of Deliverance – Kiruden” will be added to your archive, giving you the trophy.

Below is a video walkthrough showing how to light the lanterns in order and get the trophy:

Endless Challenge
Play Time Attack.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed

If you’re following my roadmap, you’ll unlock this trophy shortly after completing the story. In order to unlock the Time Attack mode, you need to complete every primary and secondary mission in the game. Once the credits stop rolling, you’ll get a message that you unlocked the Time Attack mode. In order to unlock the trophy, head to Chapter Select and choose any mission you wish. Before starting the mission, a message will come up instructing you to press if you want to play the level on Time Attack mode. Once the mission begins and you gain control of your character, you’ll unlock the trophy. You do not have to actually complete the mission in Time Attack mode.

Reach the road to Hirasakai in under 55 seconds as Kei Makino.

While the trophy description may look intimidating, the time limit is not really your enemy. Luck is the only obstacle between you and success, so expect to replay this mission about 4-5 times until you find yourself in a position to get this trophy.

WARNING: It is highly recommended to make a separate save before attempting this mission and after completing the -Akira Shimura, Day 1 08:00- mission, so you can return to the mission again and complete it the long way, collecting all the archives and completing all the tasks needed for unlocking the secondary missions still to come.

Below is a video walkthrough on how to unlock the trophy:

Avid Collector
Collect 50 archive items.

See Siren Maniac for more information.

Hard Day’s Work
Complete all Day 1 mission objectives.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed.

Simple enough. You need to complete every Day 1 mission, including the secondary ones, in order to earn this trophy. This game follows a confusing chronological order so don’t worry if you jump to Day 2 at some point, as you’re going to return to the other missions later on. Here are the missions you need to complete in order to earn the trophy.

If you reach a point where you can’t access any new missions, simply replay the previous chapters and aim on fulfilling the tasks required for the secondary missions.

Fork in the Road
Unlock Stage Select.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed.

In order to get this trophy you need to complete the first 19 missions of the game. Note that some of them only unlock after you’ve completed hidden tasks in previous missions.

Sibling Rivalry
Use the umbrella to incapacitate Mina Onda with some help from a fire extinguisher.

This trophy occurs at the -Risa Onda, Day 1 22:00- mission. Your task here is to warn Miyata and Makino of approaching enemies.

The trophy is quite easy to get, as it’s the most recommended way to deal with this mission, but it will still take some patience. Below is a detailed strategy on how to defeat Mina Onda and get the trophy:

Working Overtime
Complete all Day 2 mission objectives.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed

You need to complete every Day 2 mission, including the secondary ones, in order to earn this trophy. This game follows a confused chronological order so don’t worry if you jump to Day 3 at some point, as you’re going to return to the other missions later on. Here are the missions you need to complete in order to earn the trophy.

Fun for the Family
Play the Brain Cell Revival game.

The Brain Cell Revival game is a game unlocked after completing the -Tamon Takeuchi, Day 3 03:00- mission. Once you gain control of Kyoya, you need to find something to use as a weapon. After jacking up and crawling under the car, you’ll climb onto a platform. From there get down, go around the red river and keep going forward until you reach a small cliff. Climb it and you’ll see two graves. You’ll get a hunting rifle from the left one and the Brain Cell Revival game from the right one. Complete the level without dying (as this will force you to restart the level and regain any lost archive and secondary mission progress) and exit to the title screen. There, you’ll see that a new option, “Puzzle Game,” has appeared. Access it and start playing the game. The trophy will pop shortly afterwards.

Siren Maniac
Collect all archive items.

There are 100 Archives in total to collect during the SIREN story mode. While you’ll get a small amount of them via story progression and completing secondary missions, the majority of them must be sought out. This means that several times you’ll need to break cover and go out of your way to get them, meaning that you put yourself in great risk. You’ll need to know exactly where each archive is so you’ll be able to come up with a plan before attempting the mission. To help you on achieving this feat, I’ve made a guide to help you find each archive easily, which you can check below.

SIREN – Siren Master Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you die during a mission, you’ll lose every archive you’ve collected while playing it so you may need to go back to the locations the archives are if possible or restart the mission altogether. Check the thread below for more info:

Watch Out For This Bug

Divine Retribution
Decapitate Datatsushi with the Homuranagi.

Story-Related. Cannot Be Missed.

NOTE: You need to complete the requirements needed for the Savior trophy in order to gain access in this mission.

This is the final mission of the game and you need to do everything you did in the first time around with one slight difference. You need to beat Datatsushi using the Homuranagi to deal the last blow. Below is a strategy and a video walkthrough that will significantly help you complete the mission and earn this trophy.

-Kyoya Suda, Day 3 23:00 (2)-

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