• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10
  • Offline trophies: 10 (8, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100% Completion: 3-4 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 ( Rusty Rat &  Carbon Cats vs Iron Maus)
  • Glitched trophies: 1 ( Rusty Rat) (possible positive glitch)




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Welcome back to The Surge, which has its first full fleshed DLC, A Walk in the Park. In this DLC, you’re going to be doing exactly that, strolling through an abandoned Theme Park, which is host to some new NPC’s, enemies, bosses, weapons, and gear. The DLC isn’t anything substantial as it can be finished in an hour or two, but it has 10 new trophies, a couple bosses and some cool looking areas. It’s more Surge content, which is always welcome.


Step 1: Finish DLC Campaign & Get Missable Trophies (Beat Carbon Cat as Iron Maus & Save Rusty Rat) 

Play through the DLC at your own pace. Enjoy exploring the new DLC areas, fighting the new enemies, and beating the bosses. The DLC is straightforward and extremely short – it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.

The DLC technically finishes after beating the second and final boss, Carbon Cat. Make sure to use the Iron Maus gear while fighting this boss, so you can also earn  Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus. This is a missable trophy, as once the boss is beaten it can only be fought again in a new playthrough or NG+.

Note: Another missable trophy is to save Rusty Rat. This is another trophy where you only get one chance, and if you mess it up, another playthrough is needed to get a chance again. Make sure to refer to  Rusty Rat to stay informed.

During this step, you should unlock:

 Squad Chief Helvig
 Carbon Cat
 No More Matching
 Rusty Rat
 Is This Real Life?
 Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus

The other trophies that are accompanied by this step are on the way towards the story path, so you can knock them out along the way, or wait until Step 2.

Step 2: Clean Up

Nothing much to say here other than, finish working on the trophies that you didn’t get while going through the campaign of the DLC. Shouldn’t be too many left. You can go grind for parts and schematics for the new gear sets, and also collect all the audio logs.

If you missed a chance at finishing the missable trophies in Step 1, hopefully you made a back-up save which you can revert to get those trophies. If not, well you can go through NG+ to try to get these trophies out of the way. Either way, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to clean up.

During this Step, you should unlock:

 Dress Up
 New Gear
 Good Listener


 New Gear 
Crafted all gear sets found in CREO World

To get this trophy you will need to craft all components of the 3 new gear sets introduced in the DLC, and can only be found in the DLC area. You can tell that there are 3 new gear sets by looking closely at the trophy image.

The 3 new gear sets are:

  1. The OGRE Set of the Goliath Class – If you equip this entire set, all attacks you do that slam the ground will release shockwaves.
  2. The MANTIS Set of the Sentinel Class – equipping the entire set gives you the set bonus where it reduces all injectable energy costs by 25%
  3. The EAGLE Set of the Operator Class – this set’s bonus is that it grants each type of healing injectable an additional charge.

Enemies wearing these 3 new gear sets are only fought in the new DLC area, CREO World. There’s no need to go out of your way to look for these new enemies, as you will come across them by just going through the main campaign of the DLC.

Enemy Analysis:

  1. MANTIS enemies. They are fast and their slam attacks launch a ground projectile. If the projectile connects with Warren his energy meter drops back to zero, while also getting stunned for a few seconds and his stamina takes a hit. It also hurts, so watch out. Not much health, and pretty easy to take down.
  2. OGRE enemies. Probably the hardest type of enemy to farm from as if you damage it’s core too much, it will explode. The green cylindrical looking thing. If you damage the core enough, the OGRE enemies will shoot twin lasers from their chest. So wait till they cool down, before attacking or they could blow up. Be very precise when attacking its body parts. They have a lot of health, defense, and can hit hard. So be patient when fighting these enemies.
  3. EAGLE enemies. These enemies are easy to distinguish. They carry Medpacks on their back. You will come into contact with these enemies after riding the roller coaster to reach the second area of the DLC, after coming into CREO World during your second visit via the R&D area. They are really good at counter attacks, meaning don’t try to hit them with combos. Hit them one or two hits at a time. Not much health or defense for these enemies, so they shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

You’ll need to farm these 3 types of enemies for their Head, Body, Arm, and Leg schematics. Once you have all 4 schematics for all 3 sets, you can craft them. Remember, to completely create a set, you will need to craft 1 head piece, 1 body piece, 2 arm pieces, and 2 leg pieces.

Mk.1 components are needed to create these pieces, and you will need a ton of them. Enemies that drop Mk.1 components are abundant in the Abandoned Warehouse area. The first area of the game. So a little bit of farming is required.

Once you’ve gathered the required components, craft all the pieces for each set, and the trophy should unlock.

Video Timeline:

1) The 3 New Gear Set Showcase

  • OGRE Gear Set – 0:21
  • MANTIS Gear Set – 0:48
  • EAGLE Gear Set – 1:09

2) The Appearance of Enemies using these Gear Sets

  • MANTIS Enemies – 1:41
  • OGRE Enemies – 2:02
  • EAGLE Enemies – 2:25

3) Farming Spot for Mk.1 Components at the Abandoned Warehouse – 3:04
4) Unlocking the Trophy – 7:40

 Good Listener 
Collected all audionotes found in CREO World

To earn this trophy, you need to collect all 21 audio logs scattered across the DLC areas.

None of the audio logs are missable. After coming to CREO World during your second visit (by using the shortcut from the R&D area), all 21 audio logs are open to be collected. During your first visit, only the first 12 are available. The audio logs can be collected in any order.

The trophy should unlock when collecting the final audio log.

Video Timeline:

  1. Welcome to CREO World! (CREO World Audioguide) | Location: Iron Maus Plaza – 0:25
  2. Lumberjack Show (CREO World Audioguide | Location: Lumberjack Show – 1:16
  3. CREOnet Terminal – Recording 24E3782/1 | Location: Iron Maus Plaza – 2:40
  4. Recovered Voicemail (Family Vacation) | Location: CREO Skybound Adventure – 3:33
  5. CREO Skybound Adventure (CREO World Audioguide) | Location: CREO Skybound Adventure – 4:22
  6. Personal Log, employee #75-0935 (Getting Technical) | Location: Project Resolve Center – 5:09
  7. Project Resolve Center (CREO World Audioguide) | Location: Project Resolve Center – 6:08
  8. Malfunction Report – Ticket #SURB-7208 (Carbon Cat Logs) | Location: Project Resolve Center – 7:42
  9. Emergency Call (S&R Unit Records) | Location: Rusty Spring Tower – 8:36
  10. Personal Log, employee #73-4464 (Getting Technical) | Location: Park Maintenance – 9:37
  11. Classified Briefing (S&R Unit Records) | Location: Western Plateau – 10:38
  12. Recovered Personal Voicemail (S&R Unit Records) | Location: Iron Maus Plaza – 11:25
  13. Recovered Voicemail (Family Vacation) | Location: Firestarter – 12:08
  14. Upcoming Inspection (Getting Technical) | Location: Park Maintenance – 13:08
  15. Message to S&R Control Station (S&R Unit Records) | Location: Park Maintenance – 13:54
  16. CREO Questionnaire Terminal – Recording #48B2782 (Archive Data – Warren’s Past) | Location: Park Maintenance – 14:46
  17. Recovered Private Voicemail (Archive Data – Warren’s Past) | Location: CREO World Station – 15:42
  18. Automated Status Report 1/2 (Carbon Cat Logs) | Location: CREO World Station – 16:25
  19. Personal Log, employee #73-4464 (Getting Technical) | Location: No Data Available – 17:54
  20. Automated Status Report 2/2 (Carbon Cat Logs) | Location: CREO Skybound Adventure – 18:57
  21. Recovered Private Voicemail (Archive Data – Warren’s Past) | Location: No Data Available – 20:24

 Squad Chief Helvig 
Defeated S&R Squad Chief Helvig

S&R Squad Chief Helvig is the first boss of the DLC, can be fought during your first visit to CREO World (new DLC area), and is an aggressive Staff user. This boss is located at the Western Plateau which you can directly access after finishing the reboot sequence at the Project Resolve Center for  Is This Real Life? Just like any other staff user, make sure to stay away from the staff combos, as it can lead to death. Dashing and Sliding attacks combined with drone usage can melt this boss’s health.

Nothing else to say really, as the boss is very standard and doesn’t really have any special attacks that are noteworthy.

 Carbon Cat 
Defeated Carbon Cat

Carbon Cat is the second and final DLC Boss, and can be fought during your second visit to CREO World (after getting to the R&D area in main story campaign), there are two distinct phases to this boss fight. The boss is located at the base of the No Data Available area, right after you go through CREO Station.

Make sure you fight it in the Iron Maus gear to unlock the missable trophy  Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus.

Phase 1

Not much to worry about. The mechanized monster is in its base form. It will lunge forward, jump to your location and toss debris at you. Side strafing works well and stick to dashing and sliding attacks right after it finishes its attacks. Should go down pretty quick.

Phase 2

After draining its first health bar, the monster will absorb the debris around it and grow to a bigger mechanized monster. It’s attacks are pretty much the same just bigger in scale. It will use a lot of sweeping moves that have ridiculous hit boxes. Be wary about that. At times it will create a debris storm around its body. Wait till it disperses, so that the armor will come off for a few seconds. This is a good time for a combo of say 2-3 attacks to deal a lot of damage. Also use your drone to constantly hurt it. Nothing much has changed in this phase except the boss can reach you much easier. Just keep dodging and strafing till an opening is available, and at that point dashing and sliding attacks work well to bring it down.

 Carbon Cat vs Iron Maus 
Defeated Carbon Cat as Iron Maus


This is a simple trophy, but also a missable one. When fighting Carbon Cat, the final DLC Boss, you will need to be wearing the Iron Maus gear set. Defeating the boss while equipped with this set will earn you this trophy, as well as give the upgraded version of the weapon you receive from the boss.

Refer to  Carbon Cat for strategies for the boss fight.

Obtaining the Iron Maus Gear Set:

To get the Iron Maus gear set, you will need to beat the 5 Smelter Robots that appear throughout the main campaign of the game. Beating each one gets you a Shining Coin. Once you are in possession of all 5 Shining Coins, you can go to the Vending Machine in Central Production B, right beside the shortcut to R&D. There are several enemies wearing the SCARAB gear set that are in front of the vending machine. Kill them all and interact with the vending machine to open the secret room where the Iron Maus gear set is.

Video Timeline:

  1. Smelter #1 Fight | Location: Abandoned Warehouse – 0:00
  2. Smelter # 2 & 3 | Location: Central Production B (Waste Disposal) – 3:26
  3. Tasking one of the smelters to move away – 4:19
  4. Fighting Smelter #2 – 5:51
  5. Fighting Smelter #3 – 6:48
  6. Smelter #4 Fight | Location: Resolve Biolabs – 7:28
  7. Smelter #5 Fight | Location: Central Production B (Circulation Tower) – 10:35

 Dress Up 
Collected and crafted all 4 mascot heads

To get this trophy you will need to craft all 4 mascot head pieces that you can find in the CREO World, the new DLC location.

The 4 different Mascot head pieces are:

  1. Head of Bradley the Bean
  2. Head of Donnie Donuts
  3. Head of Ironbar Ivan
  4. Head of Samuel J. Soda

These are new type of enemies introduced in the DLC. They wear mascot head pieces and the rest of their bodies are unarmored. To get their head piece schematics, keep targeting their heads when attacking. Dismembering their heads should get the schematics.

All four of these enemies are directly beside the Medbay in CREO World, so you can fight them until you get all 4 schematics. You will come into contact with all 4 of these enemies by just going through the DLC area, so you can’t miss them.

Once you collect all 4 schematics, you will need a lot of Mk.1 Cortical Processors to craft them. Enemies that can drop Mk.1 Cortical Processor are abundant in the first area of the game, the Abandoned Warehouse. Once you have enough components and tech scrap, you can craft all 4 heads, and the trophy should unlock.

Video Timeline:

1) Mascot Head Showcase:

  • Head of Bradley the Bean – 0:16
  • Head of Donnie Donuts – 0:26
  • Head of Ironbar Ivan – 0:35
  • Head of Samuel J. Soda – 0:46

2) Locations of all 4 Mascot Enemies beside the Medbay at CREO World – 0:56
3) Farming for Cortical Processors Mk.1 – 3:17
4) Unlocking the Trophy – 7:55

 No More Marching 
Killed all the mascots of the Popcorn Parade

To get this trophy you will need to beat the 4 special enemies that are dressed up as mascots of the Popcorn Parade.

The 4 enemies are located at the base of the Project Resolve Center of CREO World. To get to their location, head left from the giant statue of Iron Maus and Carbon Cat at the Iron Maus Plaza. This giant statue is the first thing you will come to when starting the DLC. Follow the path till you can go right onto some rubble. From there take the stairs left towards the Project Resolve Center.

These special 4 enemies have glowing swirls following each one. They are a bit more aggressive compared to the normal ones. Aggro one at a time and kill them with dashing or sliding attacks. Once you kill all 4 of these mascots, the trophy will unlock.

Note: These enemies will be marching around the whole plaza area, so this isn’t their fixed location. But if you come from the medbay, you can instantly find them in this specific location, which seems to be their starting point.

 Rusty Rat 
Saved Rusty Rat


To earn this trophy you will need to save Rusty Rat from Carbon Cat’s trap. This is a highly missable trophy.

This can be earned once you reach the No Data Available area after you come back to CREO World a second time. This is after you get to the R&D area in the main game and are asked to get back to CREO World. You will then need to ride the Firestarter roller coaster. Through natural story progression you will come to top floor of the CREO Station, where you will see Rusty Rat being chased by the Carbon Cat.

Follow the story path to reach the CREO Skybound Adventure location, where there will be a blue roller coaster and an enemy that will morph. Go past the enemy and make sure to overcharge the power line to the right.

Save Note: Right after charging the power line is the best point to make a back-up save. If you die, or you don’t make it to Rusty Rat in time to save him, Carbon Cat’s trap will kill Rusty Rat. This will lock you out of the trophy until the next playthrough.

After that follow the path till the metal shaft on an oval window opens. Here you will see Carbon Cat tie Rusty Rat to the Rocket with explosives tied to him. From this point you cannot die. If you do, well, you got to come back in NG+. So be extremely careful. Follow the path, run around the rocket base to the other side, past the drone enemy. Use the EXO-lift to get to the top floor where Rusty Rat is tied up. Interact with him to cut him loose and the trophy will unlock.

Again this is a highly missable trophy. This cannot be stressed enough. So either kill everything around the area, or be extremely good at running past all enemies.

Glitch Note: It has been mentioned by several people that they were able to save Rusty Rat even after dying, which seems to be suggestive that it could be a time sensitive thing. Until more testing is done, to be safe, be quick and try not to die as well.

Unlocked the Rusty Spring Tower

To get this trophy you will need to unlock Rusty Spring Tower, by unlocking the shortcut via the elevator to lead back to the Medbay Area.

This can only be done the second time you come to CREO World, after beating the first boss of the DLC, going through the main campaign till you get to the R&D area, and coming back to CREO World after the Operator asks you to come back. You will be tasked to use the Firestarter Rollercoaster to get to the new area, The Rusty Spring Tower. After the coaster ride, follow the story path till you come to a cross road in the Park Maintenance area. There will be two paths. The left one is a small corridor leading to the Rusty Spring Tower with the elevator, and the right path leads up several stairs that goes towards the CREO Station area.

Go left and simply use the elevator to activate the shortcut, while also unlocking the trophy.

 Is This Real Life? 
Survived rebooting the network in the Project Resolve Center

Once you reach the DLC area, the CREO World, the Operator in the Medbay will task you to do a couple things. One of them is to reboot the network at the top floor of the Project Resolve Center. This is a story related incident. You will have to fight 3 waves of enemies while the network is undergoing the reboot sequence. Once all enemies all destroyed, the sequence will complete and the trophy will unlock.