• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline trophies: 47 (34, 9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 36-50 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (with reloads at certain story points)
  • Number of missable trophies: All except West Of Eden & Back Where It All Began
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Oops cannot be gotten on Rookie. It might also be harder to get Skin ‘O Yer Teeth if played on the lower difficulties.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the US, EU & Japanese versions have separate lists.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No




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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to Wasteland, a PC game released in 1998. A recent Kickstarter project headed by Brian Fargo resulted in the PC launch of Wasteland 2 in 2014, followed by the Director’s Cut on PC & console version in Sept 2015. Wasteland is the grandfather of the massively successful Fallout franchise.


Step 1: Getting your party together and single playthrough platinum set-up
At the start, get Angela Deth to join you then dig up all the loot you can find then sell what you really don’t need (clothes: these are just cosmetic; secondary weapon ammo if you picked 2 weapon skills during character creation). Your aim is to get 200 scrap. If you don’t have enough, exit the camp and roam around and get random encounters then bring back the stuff to sell. Once you have 200 scrap buy a rad suit. A single Rad suit purchase applies to the entire party and disappears from your inventory once someone wears it.

With the rad suit, exit the camp and follow the valley north-west. You will find a location related to Better Left Buried. The valley will turn towards the east and pass radiation level 1 areas. Keep heading east and you’ll find Rail Nomads Camp. Note that this area is not meant for a level 1 team but you are only here early to pick up the NPCs, nothing else.

Once you’ve arrived, make a save, then do the following walkthrough to obtain your first 2 NPCS.

At this point you will have the following trophies:

  • Better Left Buried 
  • Sweet, Sweet Squeezins 

Once you’ve gotten your first 2 NPCs, it’s time to get your 3rd and final NPC into your party. The following walkthrough details how to do so quickly:

At this point you will have the following trophy:

  • Pop Idol 

Step 2: Dealing with Pod Infection & Angela Deth’s quest
Now that you’ve built your 7 member team, the next step is to get out of the way a time-consuming trophy, which requires 6 real-time hours to resolve, as well as deal with Angela’s questline. make a save.

At this point you will have the following trophies:

  • Wasteland Justice 
  • They Walk Among Us 

Step 3: Finish Arizona
Reload the save you made in step 2. From here onwards, play the game normally and take this suggested route:

At some point your home base will contact you about coming back to discuss something important. There’s a point of no return that the game makes clear to you so make sure you get everything in Arizona done before you leave. This includes:

  • Getting all 35 lore books as part of Wasteland Historian
  • Finding all caches in Arizona as part of Scavenger
  • Finding all shrines in Arizona as part of Relics Of A Bygone Age
  • Making sure you didn’t lose the monkey suit

Once you have done everything, just before leaving Arizona you will have the following trophies:

  • A Night To Remember 
  • Call Of The Wild 
  • Elbow Grease 
  • Embrace The Glow 
  • Fateful Reunion 
  • Fight Fire With Fire 
  • Goat Herder 
  • Know your Roots 
  • Locked And Loaded 
  • Moo, I Say 
  • Oops 
  • Peace On The Rails 
  • Persona Non Grata 
  • Red Wire, Blue Wire 
  • Sinister Legacy 
  • Son Of A Motherless Goat 
  • Tasty! 
  • What Does This Button Do? 
  • A Gentle Heart 
  • Cat Burglar 
  • Skin ‘O Yer Teeth 

Step 4: Finishing Los Angeles
Continue to play the game normally. Resolve the situations in the various towns, as well as some of the optional areas if you like, plus finding the remaining caches and shrines. Once you progressed far enough to cross the higher radiation zones, make sure you do everything possible before going to the final areas:

Seal Beach and New Citadel, this includes:

  • Getting 10 of 12 lore books as part of Wasteland Historian
  • Finding all caches in LA as part of Scavenger
  • Finding all shrines in LA as part of Relics Of A Bygone Age
  • Making sure you didn’t lose the monkey suit

At this point you would have the following trophies:

  • Blast From The Past 
  • Civilized 
  • Divine Retribution 
  • Ezekiel 18:20 
  • How Rude 
  • I Am Legend 
  • Pushed The Button 
  • Religious Persecution 
  • Scavenger 
  • Self Actualized 
  • Too Much Time On Yer Hands 
  • West Of Eden
  • Hell Bent For Leather 
  • Relics Of A Bygone Age 
  • Under Old Management 
  • Sinners And Saints 

While in the final areas you should find the remaining 2 lore books, finish LA and get the following trophies:

  • Back Where It All Began 
  • Wasteland Historian 

Step 5: Platinum!

See the story through to the end and learn what happened to everyone you’ve impacted along the way, completing this last step will get you the remaining trophies and the Platinum:

  • A General and a Gentleman 
  • Not Monkeying Around 
  • King of the Wasteland 


Arizona Quest/Location-Based Trophies

 Pop Idol 
Find The Fin’s poster

You need to find a special poster hung on a wall. In Ag Centre Central, at the end of the western corridor, hangs a pink coloured poster on the wall so examine it to pop the trophy. The area is still accessible if you saved Highpool.

 They Walk Among Us 
Have a party member turn into a pod person

A pod person is someone infected with Pod Infection then Acute Pod Infection. Once Acute Pod Infection runs its course, that someone will turn into a pod person. The virus is found in Ag Centre. A pod plant passes the virus to you when they explode near you. You’ll have to clock the first 4 hours of Pod Infection then another 2 hours of Acute Pod Infection, in real-time. Once the 6 hours have passed, the unlucky party member will transform in to a pod person and attack you then the trophy will pop.

 A Night To Remember 
Get an STD

Pay a prostitute for his or her services a few times and you’ll get an STD. The first time you find a prostitute is in the Rail Nomads Camp. She’s living in one of the rail cars. You might need to do it more than once for an STD to catch on. Otherwise you can find prostitutes elsewhere, especially in Los Angeles.

 Wasteland Justice 
Witness Angela kill Samuel Haas

Angela Deth is the very first NPC you can recruit and is an NPC found right at the start of the game. Follow the story quests to find Ace’s murderer leading you to Rail Nomads Camp. Visit the Bar there, find the guy calling for drinks and talk to him. You need Hard Ass 4 to get him to confess. Once conversation is exhausted, Angela will gun him down and the trophy will pop.

 Sweet, Sweet Squeezins 
Scotchmo steals 5 bottles of Snake Squeezins from you

Scotchmo is a recruitable NPC and is found in the Rail Nomads Camp. With Scotchmo in your party, have someone else hold a squeezin which is an in-game alcoholic drink. Scotchmo will steal it. Take it away from him and he steals it again, do this 5 times and the trophy pops.

 Cat Burglar 
Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah’s fortress without being detected

See Peace On The Rails.

 Peace On The Rails 
Make peace between the Atchisons and Topekans

Peace On The Rails conflicts with Cat Burglar so you need to make a save before attempting either. In the Rail Nomads Camp there are 2 factions at war, the Atchisons & Topekans. To resolve the conflict between the 2 you can either help the Atchisons steal the Golden Spike or make peace between the 2.

To make peace & get Peace On The Rails you must have Kiss Ass 5 or Smart Ass 6. After going back and forth to talk to the 2 factions, at one point one of the faction’s daughter goes missing, turns out she got nabbed. Speak to the Chief and ask to release her. After more back and forth the critical moment is when you’re speaking to Casey an option to ask Casey to use the Golden Spike as the final rail spike appears, requiring the dialogue skill check. Only via this dialogue option can peace be found, anything else and it ends badly for Casey. Now take this proposal to the Chief, follow the proceedings and soon the 2 clans will meet and the trophy is yours. It’s possible that you may end up getting Casey’s daughter killed if you venture to an area where a bike is rigged with a bomb. This bomb is placed by Casey himself. You must defuse the bomb (or make it blow up) if not, then the girl gets killed by the bomb and the trophy is lost. If your Explosives skill isn’t high enough, avoid going to the North-East part of the camp, the girl still gets nabbed as the bike bomb scene doesn’t happen.

If you choose to steal the Golden Spike & get Cat Burglar, you must not speak to the Chief at all, not even once when you arrive at Rail Nomads Camp. You also need Disarm Alarm, & Lockpick at around 5 or 6. Disarm the alarm on the giant power generator behind the meeting hall, then turn it off. A guard will come check so kill him then enter via the main entrance of the meeting hall, sneak in around the sides and locate the Golden Spike somewhere in the back middle of the hall, grab it with Lockpick, then sneak out. Once outside, a broadcast will sound but if it says to hunt the Rangers down then you either did it wrong or got spotted.

 Sinister Legacy 
Use the code from Finster’s head to get into Darwin’s underground complex

In Darwin Village, you need to punch in a code to open the door to the underground complex. You cannot have Rose actively in your party before you touch the door or she will type in the code for you. If you have Rose, dismiss her before touching the panel. You can get her back immediately after. The code is PROTEUS. The password is actually found printed on Finster’s head, which is a museum piece in Ranger Citadel. You don’t need to interact with this head prior.

 Know your Roots 
Find a Wasteland 1 disk

The disk is found in the Darwin Village’s underground complex, there is a computer with a disk stuck in it. Using Mech Repair (level 5 or 6) will eject this disk.

Give the Night Terror 20 pieces of candy

Feed the Night Terror any organic junk (human parts, faeces etc.) and it’ll say CANDY! Feed it 20 items for the trophy. The Night Terror is found in Darwin Village’s underground complex. Once inside, you will need good levels of Computer Science to get around this area. Somewhere inside the underground lab is a containment cell where a goblin-like creature resides and is guarded by 3 turrets. To free it, either hack the console panel or type in ICEBERG.

 Goat Herder 
Get 3 goats following the party at once

The Animal Whisperer skill is needed for this. Using the skill, charm a goat and it’ll follow you. Now get 3 goats to follow you at the same time for the trophy. While there are goats here and there, it’s difficult to keep them alive long enough to have 3 goats together. Instead, wait until you get to Prison Valley because there are 5 goats trapped in a minefield there.

 Fateful Reunion 
Meet Ralphy’s dad with Ralphy in tow

Ralphy is a recruitable NPC that you find in the Rail Nomads Camp. You have to make sure to save him from drowning quickly, either by using a shovel or Brute Force on the left totem. With Ralphy in your party, you’ll find his dad in Titan Canyon. Talk to his dad and the trophy is yours. As his dad is a Mad Monk, don’t mistakenly shoot him.

 Son Of A Motherless Goat 
Outfit 3 rangers in the amigos hat, jacket, and pants

The amigos hat, jacket and pants are 3 separate clothing items found in the game. You need to find 3 sets and equip all 3 sets on your party for this trophy. In Titan Temple is a trader by the name of Taggart who sells 3 sets.

 A Gentle Heart 
Save Binh from Tinker

Tinker is a robot trying to do something nasty to a girl named Binh, they are found in Damonta in a huge hangar to the North-East. To free Binh, first get Tinker to half health then he will stop the fight. Now go to the bank of big and small computer terminals near the plane, 3 are usable. Use Computer Science (5 or 6) on the biggest one, then on the one that says “Disable Wireless Communications”. Tinker and its minions will attack again, go after Tinker. When near death, Tinker will stop the fight again so hack the last terminal and finish it then talk to Binh. You must hack the WiFi terminal before killing Tinker or Binh will die.

 Moo, I Say 
Tip 5 cows

To tip a cow, apply Brute Force (level 4 or 5) on a cow and it tips over. The earliest time to do this is in Damonta, at the northern part of the map just before Tinker is a group of 5 cows. Tipping these 5 cows breaks a side quest to return said cows to a lady named Jill, whom you spoke to in Titan Canyon and is now in Damonta. Otherwise you can try this later at Cerritos, when you try to help a lady rescue her cows.

 Embrace The Glow 
Send the nuke to the Mad Monks

See Red Wire, Blue Wire

 Fight Fire With Fire 
Send the nuke to the DBM

See Red Wire, Blue Wire

 Red Wire, Blue Wire 
Disarm the nuke

Embrace The GlowFight Fire With Fire & Red Wire, Blue Wire conflict with each other, so save before attempting any. To get any of these 3 trophies, you have to make a choice about a nuke, either to give it to the Mad Monks, the DBM or to disarm it. Travelling up north from Damonta, you’ll find Silo 7 and the nuke. To get Embrace The Glow simply decide to send the nuke to the Mad Monks. Note that sending the nuke to the monks doesn’t require you to speak to anyone in Titan Temple.

To get Fight Fire With Fire, you choose to send the nuke to the Diamondback Militia instead. In Titan Canyon you’ll have met some Diamondback Militia folks and you will be able to find their hideout and speak to their leader Sadler. If you have Preparation G, which is found in the Prison, then you can speak to Sadler. Help him with his personal problem then he’ll give you a unique Sniper Rifle.

To get Red Wire, Blue Wire, you must disarm the nuke using either Demolitions or Mech Repair (level 6 at 76%). Note, whatever choice you make, you’ll lose access to Titan Canyon. So before you do anything to the nuke, finish off whatever you want to do in Titan Canyon first, including speaking to Ralphy’s dad and getting the 3 lore books from Titan Temple.

Arizona Miscellaneous Trophies

 Better Left Buried 
Find the hidden cache of extraterrestrial cartridges

You need to uncover a special cache using Outdoorsman skill and loot the cache location for this trophy. The cache is in the North-West corner of Arizona and the cache contains thousands of copies of the “E.T: The Extra Terrestrial” game which can be sold for scrap.

 Persona Non Grata 
Get Ranger Team Delta sent after you

Ranger Team Delta is the Rangers’ “internal audit team”, tasked to go after rogue Rangers. For this trophy you need to go on an NPC killing spree in 2 separate locations. Once you have committed the 2nd atrocity, a radio message will be sent to you informing you of Delta coming after you. This situation isn’t desirable for the Platinum and the story so reload afterwards. Save first. The first time you do this, someone radios Ranger Citadel about you but Vargas gives you a pass but the 2nd time you do this, Vargas doesn’t give you a pass and once this happens the trophy will pop. Keep killing until the radio call happens.

 What Does This Button Do? 
Set off the nuke in Ranger Citadel before going to LA

In the Ranger Citadel there’s a museum area. In it stands what looks like a really fat missile which is actually a Cold War era tactical nuke, detonate it for the trophy. Note: This literally ends the game if you do not save first. If you fix it with Mech Repair (6 or 7) then you can push the button.

 Call Of The Wild 
Use Animal Whisperer to charm 20 animals

You need the Animal Whisperer skill and different animals require different skill levels to reasonably succeed. Do this on 20 different animals and hostile animals like lizards and honey badgers count, as do most random animals. Side note, Animal Whispering to hostile animals and using Computer Science on hostile robots are both valid & viable combat tactics.

 Locked And Loaded 
Apply 20 weapon mods

Weaponsmithing is a skill that allows you to find weapon mods from field stripping weapons you don’t want or need. Mods are then used to improve weapons you do want to use and keep, just keep field stripping weapons and this trophy will come after 20 applications.

Accidentally kill a party member with friendly fire

Friendly fire is possible in this game, especially when using Shotguns and Heavy Weapons or firing SMGs/Assault Rifles in burst mode, when the enemy you’re shooting at is next to your team-mate. When your team-mates go down either via enemy attacks or friendly fire, they collapse and go into an unconscious mode. During this mode, your team-mate will start to either bleed to death or slowly regain consciousness, but otherwise remain out of combat, with a special red (instead of green) health bar. Attacking (accidentally or not) your downed team-mate until that red health bar goes to zero will kill him/her and pop the trophy. This trophy can and should be combined with Skin ‘O Yer Teeth. If you’re having difficulty with this, try increasing your game difficulty as that increases friendly fire damage.

 Skin ‘O Yer Teeth 
Survive a combat encounter with only 1 party member standing

Cannot be done at Rookie difficulty as it removes friendly fire. Take off all armour and group everyone minus 1 non-NPC party member together then fire a rocket or 3 at your crew in combat, thus killing everyone except the shooter. As long as combat ends and you are left with your shooter and no one else including bad guys, both this trophy and Oops will pop. It’s possible this won’t pop during a Wasteland encounter so if it’s not popping, then try it on NPCs or a regular non-random encounter.

 Elbow Grease 
Repair 10 locks or safes using Mechanical Repair

Requires Mechanical Repair skill. First you must critically fail a Lockpick or Safecrack attempt, causing the lock to break. Use Mech Repair to fix it and try again. Note that you can only only fix it once and it’s likely you might never need to fix anything if your Lockpick/Safecrack skill is too good. This means you must actively find 10 different safes/locks, critically fail to open then successfully repair them. If you’re having trouble, invest some skillpoints on a 2nd Lockpicker (level 1) whom you use to intentionally break the lock, then repair and unlock with your main Lockpicker.

 West Of Eden 
Go to Los Angeles

Story-related and can’t be missed.

Los Angeles Quest/Location-Based Trophies

 Under Old Management 
Restore Rodia’s mayor to office

See Hell Bent For Leather.

 Hell Bent For Leather 
Help Chris Van Graas Jr. become mayor of Rodia

To get both trophies you must restore the current Mayor of Rodia back to office, then install Chris Van Graas Jr. as the new Mayor. Rodia is a place where the Mayor is caged up by the group of mercenaries he hired for protection, the Leather Jerks led by Lt. Dengler. To start the quest, avoid combat in Rodia and go speak to the Mayor (hug the outer wall of the compound guarded by Jerks) then speak to his son Chris in the distillery. Now simply kill off all the Jerks or better yet, complete all the side quests in Rodia to poison the Jerk leaders first which will help in the fight to defeat the Jerks. Once defeated and after speaking to the Mayor back in his office, Under Old Management will pop.

By speaking to Chris before things went down, you activate his quest to become Mayor. After completing Under Old Management, his quest to become the new Mayor is still active. Simply gun the old Mayor down and you’ll get Hell Bent For Leather. Note that if you do not speak to Chris after speaking to the Mayor and then go kill the Jerks, the quest to make Chris the mayor becomes inaccessible and therefore you won’t be able to get the trophy.

Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people

The Mannerites are cannibals and for this trophy you need to convince their leader to stop eating human meat. Just outside Angel Oracle’s main compound, under a tree near the garden patch is a hobo so speak to him then inform the guard near the entrance. He’ll send someone to get him, then go see the guard hassle the hobo. Get to the hospital to find the hobo inside. Speak to the doctor but you need Hard Ass 8 to trigger the dialogue about Courtesy Meat and that it’s human. The doctor will tell you it’s eating human meat that’s causing the hobo’s illness. Then when the execution of Fletcher takes place (see How Rude), interrupt Mr Manners. You can either:

  • Tell him to change his ways (Smart Ass 10)
  • Reveal Tori’s plot
  • Don’t interrupt and just let the execution happen.

Later in Mr Manners’s office you can tell him about the doctor’s evidence which pops this trophy.

 Self Actualized 
Put the Robbinsons in power in Angel Oracle

See How Rude.

 How Rude 
Help Mr. Manners eliminate Tori Robbinson’s plot

This conflicts with Self Actualized so save first before making a decision. In Angel Oracle are the Mannerites and the Robbinsons and the Robbinsons are plotting to seize power from the Mannerites or more specifically, their leader Mr Manners. To obtain either trophy, you must see through the storyline to execute Fletchers. Once you’ve spoken to Tori the leader of the Robbinsons (agree to help her), Fletcher and his wife who reveals the plot by Tori, leave the town & be stopped by the Sheriff who tells you Fletcher has escaped. Volunteer to stay behind while you go find Fletcher. Speak again to the wife and Yee the nearby poppy farmer who reveals a plot to free Fletcher. The story will lead to you learning of Fletcher’s hiding place. Once you’ve brought him back (kill the robots fast), witness Mr Manners speaking about the execution at the jail.

For Self Actualized let him proceed, Fletcher dies and Tori steps up then the trophy will pop.

For How Rude, interrupt Mr Manners and tell him of Tori’s plot as revealed by Fletcher’s wife.

 Ezekiel 18:20 
Intervene in a God’s Militia execution

The God’s Militia are a group of religious fanatics who go around executing anyone they deem to be heretics. Once you’ve encountered such a situation and intervened by killing the God’s Militia, the trophy will pop. A distress call will reveal a Santa Monica location. The God’s Militia are executing someone on top of a flatbed. Go talk to the executioner, then kill them all.

 Pushed The Button 
You foolishly pushed the button in the Hollywood Sewers

Hollywood is a town and the Sewers are an explorable area in the town, and there’s a computer there with a button that if pushed gets you this trophy. In the south-western part of the sewers is a breakable wall with 2 salt thugs standing in front of it. Don’t get too near and let their dialogue play out for a bit. If a fight starts, reload. Nearby are 2 chests, quickly loot them. If done correctly, you’ll eavesdrop on them talking about Bob, and they’ll walk towards these 2 looted chests and freak out. From this a map location Redondo Beach is unlocked, a location required for Too Much Time On Yer Hands. Behind the breakable wall they were standing in front of earlier is a big ominous computer, use it then the trophy will pop.

 Blast From The Past 
Learn Combat Shooting

Combat Shooting is a skill that grants 10% critical chance per level and can only be learnt from a book. The book once read grants instant +100% critical chance to the reader (10 levels) and the trophy. The book is found in a shelf inside Bastion, near where Fealty Mayweather stands. Need Perception 10.

 Divine Retribution 
Help Retribution Jones take over Hollywood

See Religious Persecution.

 Sinners And Saints 
Make peace between Hollywood and the Bastion

See Religious Persecution.

 Religious Persecution 
Kill all of the God’s Militia leadership

This trophy can done immediately after Divine Retribution or Sinners And Saintsbut Divine Retribution conflicts with Sinners And Saints so save first before attempting either. Hollywood and Bastion are 2 factions with conflicting ideologies and has resulted in constant fighting between both of them. Hollywood is led by Heidi Hollander and Bastion by 3 leaders sharing power: Retribution Jones, Malediction Mayweather and Ascension McDade. For Divine Retribution you must follow the quest given by Jones, & for Sinners And Saints go with McDade. For Religious Persecution simply kill all 3. For the best result, accept the quests from McDade and Jones, then speak to Fealty Mayweather and find a way to get the eyeball from the Paladins just outside to confront her with it. With the evidence, make a save.

For Divine Retribution, bring the evidence to Jones.

For Sinners And Saints, you need to resolve also everything tasked by McDade & Ms Veronica who is Heidi’s 2nd in command so that both Hollywood and Bastion can make peace. Then finally bring the evidence to McDade.

In either case, Mayweather is killed for you at the end. For Religious Persecution just kill the remaining 2 leaders.

 I Am Legend 
Complete Matthias’ quest to kill in LA

This trophy conflicts with anything related to Rodia, Angel Oracle, Hollywood and Bastion and also sets up a “bad ending”, so save first. Find a computer in Hollywood to start this murder spree. Once you’ve completed all that’s tasked, the trophy is yours. However the game also ends. The computer is Matthias and he sends you on a mad quest to murder many civilians and guards in Rodia, Angel Oracle, Hollywood & Bastion, provided you speak to him in the most differential manner. Once he believes you he’ll give you the quest. The quest itself is updated only when you’ve killed enough in Rodia or Angel Oracle, and for Hollywood & Bastion it only updates when you’ve killed enough in both separately so kill as many as you can in Hollywood then progress to Bastion. Once you’ve killed enough in all 4 areas, Matthias will finally ask you to kill Woodson in Santa Fe. Finally you report back & Matthias gives you a +6 rad suit, which you wear to go to Seal Beach where Matthias reveals his plot & you get your trophy.

 Too Much Time On Yer Hands 
Dig up all the holes at Redondo Beach

First see Pushed The Button. Simply go to Redondo Beach and use the shovel to dig up every mound. There’s a lot of them but with roughly 4 mounds left, the trophy will pop.

Los Angeles Miscellaneous Trophies

Find all of the world map caches

Scattered around Arizona and Los Angeles are hidden caches which you can loot. Outdoorsman skill widens the search area of your party as you travel the Wastelands, and caches appear if you get close enough. Make sure you loot all the caches in Arizona before leaving since you can’t come back once you leave. The game warns you of the point of no return. There is a perk to auto-reveal all the caches but requires Outdoorsman 7 and 3 perk points. Having this perk will pop this trophy once you travel the LA Wastelands for the first time. There are 11 caches in Arizona and 5 in Los Angeles.

 Relics Of A Bygone Age 
Find all hidden shrines in the game

Like caches, shrines are locations on the map but give you either XP or skill points instead and there are 6 each in Arizona and Los Angeles. There is a Perk to auto-reveal all the shrines but that requires Outdoorsman 7 and 3 perk points. Having this perk will pop trophy once you travel to the LA Wastelands for the first time.

 Wasteland Historian 
Read every lore entry in the game

The description for this trophy is slightly misleading as there are a total of 47 lore entries (books) in Arizona and Los Angeles. This trophy is slightly glitchy, not that it’s broken but some have reported getting the trophy with only 45 or 46 books, but their books collected differ from one to the next, so while this suggests that 1 or 2 books might not count towards the trophy, it’s thus far impossible to pin down which. Hence for sanity’s sake just get them all. There are many books in the game, but those that do count (be it 45, 46 or 47) will open up an extra dialogue box to show the book’s contents when you read them.

35 Arizona books
Note that saving either Ag Centre or Highpool gets you 2 extra books. You lose these 2 books if you save neither. Saving Highpool still allows you to get the 4 Ag Centre books. Hence saving either one still gives you 6 books total, however saving Highpool prevents access to the monkey suit required for Not Monkeying Around. For a single playthrough Platinum, save Ag Centre.

  • (Ranger Citadel) Intelligence report Part 1: Shelf near Cartographer Thrasher.
  • (Ranger Citadel) Intelligence report Part 2: Shelf in Museum.
  • (Ranger Citadel) Memories of My Time in the Rangers Part 1/2: Shelf in Vargas’s Office.
  • (Ranger Citadel) Memories of My Time in the Rangers Part 3: Shelf in Museum.
  • (Ranger Citadel) The History of the Desert Rangers Part 1/2/5: Shelf in Museum.
  • (Ranger Citadel) The History of the Desert Rangers Part 3/6: Shelf near Cartographer Thrasher.
  • (Ranger Citadel) The History of the Desert Rangers Part 4: Erik Tidemann, after you give him 10 pain-killers.
  • (Ag Center – Central Complex) Lab Journal: Rose’s Desk (only if you saved Ag Centre).
  • (Ag Center – Mushroom Caves) History of the Ag Center Part 2: Shelf where Skinner is hiding.
  • (Ag Center – East Field) History of the Ag Center Part 3: Shelf in House with trapped researcher.
  • (Ag Center – East Field) History of the Ag Center Part 4: Shelf in south Storehouse behind brambles.
  • (Ag Center – West Field) Garden journal: Mound in Garden (only if you saved Ag Centre); Perception 4 required.
  • (Ag Center – Central Complex) History of the Ag Center Part 1: Shelf in Matt Forrestal’s office.
  • (Highpool) Ballad of Bobby & Rex: Shelf in Jesse-Bell’s house (only if you saved Highpool).
  • (Highpool) Legend of the Red Ryder: Shelf in Townhall (only if you saved Highpool).
  • (Ag Centre – Central Complex) History of the Ag Center Part 1-4: On Larsen (only if you saved Highpool).
  • (Rail Nomads) The Story of John Henry Part 1: In Meeting Hall, left wall bookshelf.
  • (Rail Nomads) The Story of John Henry Part 2: In a boxcar between the haunted boxcar and Quarex the arcade guy. Boxcar has a red toy train on its roof and the Engineer’s Note is inside.
  • (Rail Nomads) The Story of John Henry Part 3: Bookshelf inside Casey’s house.
  • (Prison Valley) Farmer’s diary Part 1: Dead body near entrance, against cliff with graffiti that says “CHROM”.
  • (Prison Valley) Farmer’s diary Part 2: Locked chest near Brown’s pig farm.
  • (Prison Valley) Farmer’s diary Part 3: Dresser next to Anna who wants to die.
  • (Prison) Anger Management for Angry Managers: RSM heavy gunner at checkpoint near Cactus-henge.
  • (Prison) Farmer’s diary Part 4: Chest in Auwaerter Farm near red kennel
  • (Titan Canyon) Your Friend The Great Glow: Box in Overrun Camp with Tom’s dead wife & honey badgers.
  • (Temple of Titan) The Servants of Titan Part 1/2/3: 3 shelves near Brother Nero.
  • (Damonta) Blood-Stained Journal: Corpse north of the turret that’s next to the western cornfield; follow the pipe North-West.
  • (Damonta) The History of the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: Corpse next to a stack of barrels between Red Baychowski & the Motel.
  • (Damonta) KPOW playlist for Monday July 21st: Werewolf Wally’s.
  • (Silo 7) Double Six tragedy report: Sierra Madre plane in Silo 7; requires NPC Baychowski found in Damonta to be with your party or Perception 7.
  • (Temple of Titan – post-Silo 7) The Flame Deluge Canticle: Toaster near Titan Temple western exit, after you resolved the nuke issue. Need Toaster Repair 6 or 7.
  • (Prison – After leaving the area once) Farmer’s diary Part 5: Back wall of Prison area. You can’t access this area until you find the missing tank tread in Damonta and use it to fix the robot or return later to deal with Danforth’s poisoned dogs.

12 Los Angeles books

  • (Rodia) A Brief History of the Watts Tower: Bookshelf in Mayor’s office
  • (Santa Fe/Bastion) The Story of Samson Parts 1-4: Recruitable Brother Thomas later on (after finishing Angel Oracle – thanks archnero), or in Bastion’s bookshelves.
  • (Hollywood) Welcome to Hollywood!: On the road just as you enter the city.
  • (Hollywood) The Ten Commandments of James King: Cemetery, near the tent.
  • (Los Feliz) The Griffith Observatory: A History: Bookshelf in Laban’s Rest.
  • (Wasteland) Stoll’s Journal: Loot from random encounter, stating that it’s Mannerites on the rooftops. With 8 Outdoorsman it’s 25% escape chance, 10 Outdoorsman 50%. Walk between Hollywood and Angel Oracle to trigger this encounter.
  • (Mysterious Shrine (SW-most)) Blood-Stained Journal: On a corpse. Need +5 rad suits or is instant death.
  • (Seal Beach) Your Golden Future: Near the Water Source, inside a crate behind some mines.
  • (Seal Beach – New Citadel) The Gospel According to Matthias: Southwest section, in a locker by the wall.

 Back Where It All Began 
Return to Arizona

Story-related and can’t be missed.

End Game Trophies

 A General and a Gentleman 
Allow Vargas to detonate the nuke

Vargas is the leader of the Rangers. Let him have the honours when the decision to detonate is presented. Once you defeat all the bad guys, you are tasked to blow up the nuke inside Ranger Citadel to finish off AI Cochise. Convince Vargas to stay behind to blow up the nuke (no dialogue challenges required). Naturally, he’s going to need to survive the final battle first so kill fast, protect him, heal him, whatever it takes to keep him alive.

 Not Monkeying Around 
Complete the game with a Ranger dressed in a gorilla costume

The suit is found in Ag Centre and can only be gotten if you choose to rescue Ag Centre instead of Highpool. The set is found in a safe in the Eastern Fields and you need Safecracking 4 to open it. Note that it’s possible to lose the suit in Titan Valley, if you are too close to the suiciding monks because their nukes can destroy the suit. Providing you are wearing the monkey suit once the final cutscene plays, this trophy will pop.

 King of the Wasteland 
Collect all trophies

If you’ve followed the Roadmap then once you finish the game and the final cutscene plays out, the absolute last trophies to pop should be Not Monkeying Around followed by the Platinum!