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Alien Hunters is the first DLC for XCOM 2. It introduces a new story mission, four new weapons, three new suits of armor and three alien rulers. If you enable the DLC on a game that is already in progress, you can still gain access to the weapons but not the armor or story mission. To complete the story mission (and unlock most of the following trophies), you must enable the Alien Hunters DLC at the start of a new game. You will have to play through the beginning of the main campaign before gaining access to the DLC story mission.


 A Forbidden Experiment 
Investigate the Abandoned Research Facility

You will gain access to the Alien Hunters DLC mission early in the main campaign. You will know this happens when a new icon appears on the Geoscape. You can scan the icon at any time (it never disappears) but you should not begin the mission until you are fully prepared. The mission itself isn’t difficult, as most of the enemies are weak (Vipers and lesser forms of Vipers) but completing this mission allows the alien rulers to show up in your game at any time. There are only three of them but they are extremely powerful and have a much bigger health pool than anything you have seen in the main game. They will attempt to flee from battle after a few turns or after taking enough damage. From there, they can show up in later missions randomly but any damage you do is carried over to the next encounter. The first alien ruler appears at the end of this mission (see Viper Vanquisher).

 Viper Vanquisher 
Kill the Viper Ruler

The Viper King is the first of the three alien rulers. He is weaker than the other alien rulers but far more powerful than an ordinary Viper. He has a ton of health (44 on Rookie and 69 on Legend) and some very strong abilities. Like other Vipers, he can use Tongue Pull to bind a soldier but his version has a 50% chance to knock that soldier unconscious with every tick. What’s a “tick”? Well, you know how enemy soldiers always wait until you are finished taking your turn before taking theirs? Yeah, the alien rulers don’t play by those rules. They have a special ability called “Ruler Reaction” that allows them to react after every action you take. If you take a shot, move a soldier, even reload your gun, the alien ruler will get to take an action as well. That means a soldier that is bound has a 50% to be knocked unconscious after every action you take. The Viper King also has an area-of-effect attack that can freeze any units caught in the blast for two turns.

To kill the Viper King, you want to focus on doing as much damage as possible with every shot. Limit the amount of Ruler Reactions he can take. If he suffers enough damage, then he will open a portal and escape from battle. It’s not over there, though. There is a chance on any future mission that the Viper King will be present. Any damage you have done to him will carry over but you will have to kill him to keep him from reappearing again and to get this trophy!

 Berserker Breaker 
Kill the Berserker Ruler

The Berserker Queen is the second alien ruler and can appear any time after you complete A Forbidden Experiment. She has 72 health on Rookie and 100 on Legend. Like the Viper King (Viper Vanquisher), she has Ruler Reaction so she gets to take an action after your action you take. She has a powerful area-of-effect attack where she damages everything within a four tile radius of her, with the chance to stun, disorient or knock a unit unconscious and she absolutely demolishes any cover in her way. You should handle her the same way as the Viper King i.e by using attacks that deal a large amount of damage. Keep your units spread out and use Psi Op units if you have them.

The Berserker Queen, like the Viper King, will flee after taking enough damage but will show up in later missions to torment you. You must kill her for this trophy.

 Archon Annihilator 
Kill the Archon Ruler

The Archon King is the third alien ruler, with a whopping 90 health on Rookie and 120 on Legend. Like the Viper King and Berserker Queen, he has Ruler Reaction which allows him to take an action after every action you take but will run away after taking enough damage. He also has the cheapest attack in the entire game: Devastate, which is an upgraded version of Blazing Pinions. Like Blazing Pinions, it is an area-of-effect attack that bombards any nearby units with missiles. Unlike Blazing Pinions, which takes a full turn to trigger (giving you a chance to move your units away), Devastate triggers upon your next action. As such, if you have four soldiers who are targeted by the attack, you will only just be able to move out of them out of harm’s way. It’s an extremely cheap attack but it only does 2-6 damage. Unfortunately, it can also stun, disorient or knock a unit unconscious. You may want to save scum if you encounter the Archon King, because he can easily wipe out a full party if you aren’t careful.

The strategy to kill him is the same as the other alien rulers i.e deal a lot of damage with each shot, keep your units spread out and use Psi Op units if you have them. The trophy will pop once he is dead.

Kill all three alien rulers in a single game

Kill the Viper King (Viper Vanquisher), Berserker Queen (Berserker Breaker) and Archon King (Archon Annihilator) to obtain this trophy. You do not have to kill them the first time you encounter them. If they escape from battle, they will continue to show up in later missions until they are killed. Any damage done to them carries over to the next mission.

 Deadly Arsenal 
Purchase all of the final tier hunter weapons

The four DLC weapons are Bolt Caster (assault rifle), Shadowkeeper (pistol), and Hunter’s Axe (blade), and Frost Bomb (grenade). You can purchase upgrades in Engineering. You will need to buy the Tier 3 upgrades for all of these weapons (except the Frost Bomb, which cannot be upgraded) to obtain this trophy. The names and cost of these upgrades on Rookie difficulty are listed below (thanks to gh0stface for this info):

  1. Plasma Bolt Caster – 125 supplies, 15 alien alloys, 5 Elerium crystals
  2. Powered Shadowkeeper – 100 supplies, 5 alien alloys, 10 Elerium crystals
  3. Fusion Axe – 130 supplies, 10 alien alloys, 5 Elerium crystals

 Now I Am The Master 
Use all ruler armor abilities in a single mission


To get this trophy, you must kill all three alien rulers, have Dr. Tygan autopsy their bodies, then create the following suits of armor from the Proving Ground: Serpent Suit (from the Viper King), R.A.G.E. Suit (from the Berserker Queen), and Icarus Suit (from the Archon King). Each of these suits has a unique ability. You will need to equip three soldiers, one with each suit of armor, and use all three unique abilities in the same mission. The abilities must connect with their target to count for this trophy.

The unique ability for the Serpent Suit is Frostbite, which freezes an enemy in place. The default accuracy for this attack is not very high, but it only has a two-turn cooldown. The R.A.G.E. Suit has Rage Strike, which is a melee attack with only one charge per mission. The Icarus Armor has the Icarus Jump ability, which simply allows the unit to reach the top of ledges and structures without having to climb. Use all three of these abilities successfully in the same mission for this trophy to pop.

This trophy is technically missable because you could lose a soldier wearing the unique ruler armor.

 Enemy Adopted 
Use a ruler armor ability against an alien ruler


You will need to kill either the Viper King (see Viper Vanquisher) or the Berserker Queen (see Berserker Breaker) for this trophy but leave one of the three alien rulers alive. Follow the directions in Now I Am The Master to obtain either the Serpent Suit or the R.A.G.E. Suit, equip it on a soldier and continue using that soldier in every mission until you encounter one of the remaining alien rulers. From there, all you need to do is use Frostbite (if you have the Serpent Suit) or Rage Strike (if you have the R.A.G.E. Suit) on the alien ruler. The trophy will pop if you successfully hit the alien ruler with the ruler armor ability.

Kill an alien ruler the first time you encounter it


This is an easily missable trophy, as you only get three chances at it (one per alien ruler). The alien rulers will attempt to escape from battle after taking enough damage and you will have to stop one of them from doing so, because all of them have Ruler Reaction i.e they can open a portal and escape through it very quickly (giving you the chance to take only one action). The best solution is to equip as many soldiers as you can with Superior Repeaters, as each shot has a 15% chance to instantly kill a target. This does work on the alien rulers. In fact, this is the ideal way to kill all three of them. You will likely want to backup your save before attempting this trophy, as it is very luck based.

 Not Throwing Away My Shot 
Kill an alien ruler while it attempts to escape


Like Regicide, this is an easily missable trophy that requires some setup. The trophy description is also misleading. It should read “Kill an alien ruler with Overwatch while it attempts to escape.” If the alien ruler opens a portal and you attack/kill it, the trophy will not pop. To get this trophy, you must have Overwatch activate while the alien ruler runs to the portal. This can be a bit tricky, as you will need to do enough Overwatch damage to kill the alien ruler. You may want to whittle down the alien ruler’s health across multiple missions to make this easier.

Putting a unit into Overwatch counts as an action, so if you wait until the alien ruler opens a portal, you will only have time to put one unit into Overwatch. On the other hand, if you have e.g. 3 units already in Overwatch and then the alien ruler opens the portal, you can put another unit into Overwatch and have 4 units attacking the alien ruler as he flees. This would give you a higher chance for a successful hit and thus more damage. As with Regicide, backup your save beforehand in case anything goes wrong.