Estimated trophy difficulty: 8/10
Trophy breakdown:  1,  2,  10,  38
Offline trophies: 50
Online trophies: 1
Approximate time to 100%: 80+ Hours.
Glitched Trophies: None
Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed: 5
Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes
Do cheat codes disable trophies: Yes, Hero Chars
Online pass needed: No
Missable trophies: None

Road Map:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn based strategy game. I would say it is an updated version of the original X-COM: Enemy Unknown for current gen systems. It may not be as revolutionary as the original, but it’s still a blast to play. You will be in control of a squad of 4-6 members doing battle against 5-30+ aliens per map. Along the way to the final battle you will develop new tech, build it, kill many aliens with it and ultimately save humanity.


The game requires you to beat it from each of the 5 starting base regions. I have listed the recommended order in which you should play through XCOM and the trophies you should obtain in each step. Before starting with Step 1, make sure you turn off tutorial mode, because it is impossible to beat the starting mission without losing soldiers due to a scripted event. Leaving it on will result in you missing out on the Ain’t No Cavalry Comin’  trophy and having to do it at a much later time.

STEP 1 – Easy Difficulty Playthrough starting with the South America base:

This is where you will earn the bulk of your trophies. It important that you try and get all of these trophies during this playthrough, because trying for some of them on a higher difficulty later on will be much more difficult. If you do end up missing a trophy here, you will have another chance to get it during your fourth playthrough clean-up run (providing you are following this Road Map.)

Trophies earned in this Step:

 Humanity’s Savior
 Bada Boom
 Welcoming Committee
 Ain’t No Cavalry Comin’
 As A Scalpel
 Angel of Death
 All Employees Must Wash Hands…
 Beyond the Veil
 Prisoner of War
 The Gatekeeper
 X Marks the Spot
 See All, Know All
 On the Shoulders of Giants
 Ride the Lightning
 Eye in the Sky
 All Together Now
 Man No More
 Poison Control
 We Happy Few
 The Hardest Road
 Worth Every Penny
 You Have 5 Seconds to Comply
 …and Practice
 What Wonders Await
 Up and Running
 Combat Ready
 Drums in the Deep
 Happy to Oblige
 And Hell’s Coming With Me
 Off My Planet
 Tables Turned
 The Volunteer
 Flight of the Valkyries
 Meet New People. Then Kill Them.

*Note that Meet New People trophy can be earned at any time and has nothing to do with single player.

STEP 2 – Classic Difficulty Playthrough starting with the Asia base:

The difficulty ramps up on this playthrough. You should be more familiar with the game mechanics now and use the “leap frog movement” technique combined with the “reload/heal on enemy non movement turn” technique. You will most likely earn the Pale Horse  trophy for killing a total of 500 aliens on this playthrough because on average, I killed 350 aliens per run. This will also be the first playthrough in which you can earn the classic-specific trophies.

Trophies earned in this Step:

 Earth First
 Lone Wolf
 Pale Horse
 One Gun at a Time
 Wet Work

STEP 3 – Impossible Difficulty Playthrough starting with the Europe base:

While not as difficult as Ironman, this will be your second most challenging run. You can speed through the game to make this easier since you should have a firm grasp of things by now. Once you have upgraded your weapons and armor to a suitable level, go ahead and trigger the final events. Whilst it is possible to earn the Shooting Stars  trophy on your first run by using the reload/shoot down UFO trick, you will most likely get it naturally during this playthrough. Remember that only the beginning of each of these playthroughs are challenging – once you start to get better weapons, the game becomes much easier.

Trophies earned in this Step:

 Our Finest Hour
 Shooting Stars

STEP 4 – Easy Difficulty Playthrough starting with the North America base:

This Step purely serves as your “oops” playthrough and to earn the And So It Begins…  trophy for completing the Turorial. If you missed any of the trophies on STEP 1, this is your chance to get them. You do not want to trophy hunt during your Ironman run.

Trophies earned in this Step:

 And So It Begins…

STEP 5 – Classic Difficulty Playthrough in Ironman mode starting with the Africa base:

This will be your last playthrough if you have followed my guide thus far. Ironman mode at the start can be difficult and you may need to restart the game a few times. While I do not think that the technique of pressing the PS button to escape to the XMB if you have a bad turn is good for your PS3, it may save you time in the long run. If you are not aware, the game on Ironman mode auto saves after each enemy turn, so if one of your soldiers dies you can quickly press the PS button and quit the game so that you can move your soldiers into better positions next time. Everyone decides how they want to play, so if you want to use that technique more power to you. The final trophies will all unlock after you beat the game, in which case, congratulations on joining the few people to platinum XCOM!

Trophies earned in this Step:

 No Looking Back
 A Continental Fellow
 You Win

 You Win 
Gain all trophies.

Like any other Platinums, get all the other trophies for this to pop.

 No Looking Back 
Beat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

The hardest trophy in the game. I would suggest to get this on Classic and not Impossible because on Impossible, the aliens do more damage, your panic level increases faster, your starting soldiers have less HP and harder enemy units show in greater numbers.

Some tips for your Classic and Impossible runs:

  • Most important part for a quick Platinum is saving. If you make a bad move, reload. If one of your high ranked soldiers dies, reload. As long as you can reload a save file, most problems can be avoided.
  • To make the gamer slightly easier early on, use two Heavy’s and equip grenades on your non-medikit using soldiers. Even if the scientist says not to use explosives, it’s better than having your squad die.
  • Once you’re a little better equipped, you should go 2x Sniper (In the Zone/Squad site,) 2x Support(Field Medic/Revive/Savior with improved medikit) and 2x Assault (Run & Gun with +50% critical damage after using Run & Gun/Lightning reflexes.)
  • Use leap frog tactics in combat and remember that unlike the original XCOM, the aliens tend to stay where they are until you move within their range. Try and use this to your advantage so that you can reload your weapons and refresh your abilities.
  • Satellites Satellites Satellites. Make them with uplinks ASAP and use them right before a council report to gain funding.
  • The S.H.I.V is a waste of time and resources. I would avoid spending credits on it or even using it on missions. If you think that it’s a good scout, then that’s fine, but I would rather have a top ranked soldier then any S.H.I.V personally.
  • You only have to complete one battleship mission throughout all of your playthroughs, which is for the research trophy. I found them to be too long and time consuming, so don’t worry too much about completing them.
  • An Easy way to beat the final mission on any difficulty is to have your main PSI soldier use his special ability on groups of aliens over and over. Once you use this ability, hit  five times so it refreshes. Rinse and repeat for the win.
  • In the final battle, you can move your soldiers in close enough for all of them to take shots at the main boss. If your x2 Snipers and four other soldiers don’t take him out in one turn, you may still be able to get him on the second one. Remember, this fight is all about killing just the boss to beat the game.
  • New recruits get 6HP even on Impossible.

 Meet New People. Then Kill Them. 
Win a multiplayer match.

Go online and join a ranked match. Beat the other player and this trophy will pop.

Mind Control an Ethereal. Single player only.

Ethereal aliens start to appear near the end of the game. You need to rank up a PSI soldier to the third rank so that the mind control ability becomes available. The game difficulty and your will both determine the chances of success for a mind control. Get your highest will soldier, give them PSI armor on Easy difficulty and this should be enough to mind control an Ethereal. If you are still having problems raising your success chance, you can use the mind shield accessory combined with will enhancing gas from your support class.

 Humanity’s Savior 
Beat the game on any difficulty.

Play the game, enjoy it on Easy and win for this trophy to pop.

 Earth First 
Beat the game on Classic difficulty.

Once you are familiar with the game and what you have to do, you will have to up the difficulty to Classic and beat the game for this trophy. See No Looking Back for general tips and advice.

In a single game, complete every Research Project.

Throughout the course of the game, you will have to research alien technology. If you continue to research tech, you will get to a point where you run out of things to research. In this situation, you will need to shoot down an alien battleship, complete the corresponding mission, and you’ll have two new research projects to undertake – “Fusion Lance” and “Guided Fusion Launcher.” If you are having problems finding battleships, ignore a scout later in the game and a battleship will arrive to take down your satellite.

Arc Thrower
Outsider Shard
New Fighter Aircraft
Hyperwave Communication
Ethereal Device
Weapon Fragments
Alien Materials
Experimental Warfare
Psi Armour
Carapace Armour
Skeleton Suit
Titan Armour
Ghost Armour
Archangel Armour
Beam Weapons
Precision Lasers
Heavy Weapons
Plasma Pistol
Light Plasma Rifle
Plasma Rifle
Heavy Plasma
Plasma Sniper
Alloy Cannon
Plasma Cannon
Fusion Lance
Guided Fusion Launcher
Alien Nav Computer
UFO Power Source
EMP Cannon
Interrogate Sectiod
Interrogate Floater
Interrogate Muton
Interrogate Sectiod Commander
Interrogate Berserker
Interrogate Thin Man
Interrogate Heavy Floater
Interrogate Muton Elite
Interrogate Ethereal
Sectiod Autopsy
Sectiod Commander Autopsy
Floater Autopsy
Thin Man Autopsy
Muton Autopsy
Chryssalid Autopsy
Cyberdisc Autopsy
Berserker Autopsy
Heavy Floater Autopsy
Muton Elite Autopsy
Drone Autopsy
Sectopod Autopsy
Ethereal Autopsy

 Angel of Death 
Kill an alien while flying. Single player only.

While in my opinion the Archangel armor is useless and will get you killed, it is needed for this one trophy. You will need to research both Titan Armor and New Fighter Craft Tech to reach the Archangel Armor tech. Equip one of your soldiers with this armor, then use it to float in the air while killing an alien and the trophy will pop.

 All Employees Must Wash Hands… 
In a single game, complete every Autopsy.

Below is a list of all the aliens you must kill and autopsy at your base.

  • Sectoid
  • Thin Man
  • Floater
  • Chryssalid
  • Cyberdisc
  • Drone
  • Muton
  • Sectopod
  • Heavy Floater
  • Berzerker
  • Muton Elite
  • Ethereal
  • Sectoid Commander

 Beyond the Veil 
Find a soldier with the Gift.

Story Related.

You will have to build a PSI Lab after you beat the Overseer ship mission. You don’t need to capture the Sectoid Commander to build this. After the PSI Lab is built, you can test three soldiers for the Gift at a time. If you want a certain soldier to have the Gift, you can save before starting the test and then advance 10 days. If the soldier you wanted the Gift does not receive it, reload your save and try again. What I did was put two high will soldiers who I wanted to have the Gift and one soldier that I didn’t care about in the first round of testing. I then saved and reloaded until the two soldiers that I wanted the Gift for got it. While being tested the soldiers keep all of their weapons and armor so strip them of their gear if you need to.

 Prisoner of War 
Capture a live alien.

Story related.

After you research Xeno-Biology Tech, you will receive an objective to capture a live alien. Research Arc-Thrower Tech, then build an Arc-Thrower and go alien hunting. If you capture an Outsider alien, you will fulfill a game objective and the trophies for capturing a live alien and stunning an Outsider will both pop. Use pistols to get them down to 1 HP for a higher success rate to stun them.

 The Gatekeeper 
Stun an Outsider.

Story related. Read above trophy.

 The X Marks the Spot 
Uncover the alien base’s location.

Story related.

Once you have captured and interrogated a live Outsider alien, the location of the alien base will be revealed.

 Our Finest Hour 
Beat the game on Impossible difficulty.

Follow the tips provided in No Looking Back, and save often. Impossible greatly increases the difficulty in just about every way. Your soldiers start with less HP, enemies have greater HP, enemies hit harder, countries get upset faster and you start with less money. If you leave this trophy for your third playthrough as per the Road Map, the difficulty jump from Classic to Impossible will be less noticeable and easier to handle.

 Lone Wolf 
Clear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

There are two ways to go about this:

The first way is as soon as you get your armor upgraded and a light plasma rifle, wait to shoot down a small scout which will contain five aliens. Bring along an experienced Heavy with at least two rockets and the ability to carry two grenades and proceed to blow the aliens to smithereens. Make sure that you trigger one set of aliens at a time so they don’t all swarm you.

The second method is how I did this. I waited until near the end of the game when I had PSI abilities, and used mind control on the aliens. I would mind control an alien, have it kill its friends while it got attacked/killed itself. After the mind controlled alien came after me, I killed it with either a Heavy or Sniper. I pressed  until my PSI soldier’s mind control ability was ready to be used again and repeated the process. Make sure that you have high will as well as will-enhancing gear equipped, because if you do this near the end of the game, you will have to kill an Ethereal which will attempt to mind control you.

 Bada Boom 
Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons.

Bring along Grenades or Heavy’s and blow 50 aliens up. This trophy should unlock during the course of your first playthrough naturally.

 Welcoming Committee 
Kill 150 aliens.

Just like the trophy says, kill 150 aliens in any way you wish. From my experience, I killed around 350 aliens per playthrough, so this trophy should unlock for you around halfway through you first playthrough.

 Pale Horse 
Kill 500 aliens.

Just like the above trophy, kill 500 aliens in any way you wish. From my experience, this trophy will unlock naturally around midway through your second playthrough.

 See All, Know All 
Build the Hyperwave Relay.

Story related.

After you assault the alien base, you will be able to research Hyperwave Communication Tech then build a Hyperwave Relay.

 On the Shoulders of Giants 
Build the Gollop Chamber.

Story related.

 Ride the Lightning 
Build a Firestorm.

Story related.

 Eye in the Sky 
Launch a Satellite.

Story related.

 All Together Now 
Get satellite coverage over every country on one continent.

South America only has two countries which means you’ll only need to launch two satellites over Brazil and Argentina for this trophy to pop. If you do this on your first playthrough and follow the Road Map, you should have started off with 1 satellite already and have enough money to purchase the second satellite to put over South America. There are no research requirements for building satellites and they are launched via the country panic view screen.

In a single game, shoot down one of each alien craft.

List of alien craft, all taken down with Plasma.

  • Small Scout (Start of game)
  • Large Scout (Start of game)
  • Supply Barge (Mid game)
  • Abductor (Mid game)
  • Overseer (Mid game)
  • Battleship (End game)

 Shooting Stars 
Shoot down 40 UFOs.

You can let this trophy unlock naturally on your third playthrough or you can continuously shoot down UFO’s later on in the game with an upgraded Firestorm.

Alternatively if you want the trophy sooner rather than later, you can shoot down a UFO, save and reload the game, and repeat the process again until the trophy unlocks.Tip by Lucksi

 Ain’t No Cavalry Comin’ 
Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game.

One of the most annoying trophies in this game. I recommend going for this on either your first or fourth playthrough. Your soldier must take part in every mission, right from mission one to the final assault. Make sure that the tutorial is switched off so you can have all four soldiers survive the first mission because if you have it switched on, your soldiers will be locked into a scripted map where at least one of them will die. Try and make a sniper your “survivor” soldier because they can hang back and not get hit. In your foundry, get “Rapid Recovery” as soon as possible. If your “survivor” is injured and you have to go on a mission, bite the bullet and ignore the mission until he is able to fight again. This will result in an increased panic level, however your soldier will remain alive and you won’t miss out on the trophy.

 As A Scalpel 
Earn the “Excellent” rating in every performance category on a terror mission.

You will be given a rating after each terror mission, which are as follows:

  • Aliens killed
  • All soldiers survive
  • Civiilians saved

I recommend to try for this trophy as soon as you upgrade to laser weaponry or if you can get plasma weapons right after you capture live aliens. You will want to play the terror mission very aggressively. You can reload save files until you get a map with no buildings, so you may wish to consider this if you’re having difficulties. I personally used the map that looks like a highway because it has lots of cars which can be used as cover and no buildings. Save the civilians if the move to them gets you moving forward because if you can kill all of the aliens quickly, all remaining civilians will be automatically saved.

You may want to leave the Heavy’s at home here, because using explosives can accidentally kill civilians. Do not sit back and allow the aliens to move into the fog of war, because they tend to kill civilians rather then attack you. In other words, kill all of the aliens ASAP so that the civilians get saved without having to run up to them and waste turns.

 Man No More 
Build a suit of powered armor.

You will have to research Carapace Armor tech and Elerium tech to access Titan Armor tech. Build your Titan armor and the trophy should pop.

 Poison Control 
Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only.

This one seems harder then it sounds, but rest assured that it isn’t. The best map I found to do this on was the escort mission with Thin Men. Have six soldiers in your party, two of them with medikits. At the start, bunch up your four non-medikit soldiers and allow a Thin Men poison them. Have your Support cure them five times and you will get the trophy. If you need to be poisoned again, you can kill a Thin Men, run your soldier in the mist that gets left behind.

 We Happy Few 
Complete a mission without losing a soldier.

This can be done on the first mission with the tutorial turned off. The tutorial kills off your soldiers, making this impossible to get after your first mission. You will play an average of 35 missions and should get this without trying. I went a full playthrough without having a single soldier die. Keep your soldiers in full cover at all times and move as a group. Make use of the save function and reload if one of your soldiers dies.

 The Hardest Road 
Advance one of your soldiers to Colonel rank.

Colonel is the highest rank in the game and is achieved by earning XP for killing aliens. Take note to not let your higher ranked soldiers die because they need to progress a fair way to reach Colonel. If you want to reach this level faster, ensure that your highest rank soldiers deal the finishing blow to aliens so that they earn the XP. A lower rank can weaken them if necessary.

You can also build an Officer Training School once you reach the rank of Sergeant which grants a bonus of +25% XP from kills. This upgrade only costs §125 and is one of the best upgrades to buy early in the game, so it is highly recommended that you purchase it. Below is a list of the ranks in order.

  • Squaddie
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel

 Worth Every Penny 
Acquire 1000 credits in one month.

Near the end of the game, if you built enough satellites and placed them on countries that did not leave the XCOM project, you should receive more then 1000 credits. Each month can take several hours depending on whether you decide to accept missions or not. You could skip ahead a few months just to get this trophy faster if you have enough income from countries before the panic level reaches its maximum.

List of income per country:

Egypt: §70
South Africa: §80
Nigeria: §100
China: §100
Japan: §100
India: §60
Australia: §60
United Kingdom: §100
Russia: §150
France: §80
Germany: §100
United States: §180
Canada: §100
Mexico: §50
Argentina: §70
Brazil: §80

Staff the Research Labs with 80 scientists.

During your first playthrough, you will want to pick missions that reward you with scientist staff and grant them additional bonuses. Make sure that you also place satellites over countries so they’ll provide you with scientists at the end of each month.

 One Gun at a Time 
Staff the Engineering Department with 80 engineers.

During your second playthrough you will want to pick missions that reward you with engineer staff and grant them additional bonuses. Make sure that you also place satellites over countries so they’ll provide you with engineers at the end of each month. You can also build workshops which give you an extra five engineers.

In a single game, complete every Foundry project.

During your first playthrough, you should focus on completing all of the foundry projects listed below:

  • Heavy Weapons Platform Requirements: None
  • Alien Grenades Requirements: Salvaged Alien Grenade
  • Improved Medikit Requirements: Thin Men Autopsy
  • Improved Arc Thrower Requirements: Researched Arc Thrower and Elerium
  • Advanced Repair Requirements: Heavy Floater Autopsy
  • S.H.I.V. Laser Requirements: SHIV Project, Researched Heavy Lasers
  • S.H.I.V. Plasma Requirements: SHIV Project, Researched Heavy Plasma
  • S.H.I.V. Repair Requirements: SHIV Project, Researched Arc Thrower and EMP Cannon
  • Drone Capture Requirements: Researched Arc Thrower, Drone Autopsy
  • Ammo Conservation Requirements: Muton Autopsy
  • Advanced Flight Requirements: Researched Archangel Armor
  • Advanced Construction Requirements: Sectopod Autopsy
  • Improved Pistol I Requirements: None
  • Improved Pistol II Requirements: Researched Beam Weapons
  • Improved Pistol III Requirements: Researched Plasma Pistol
  • SHIV Suppression Requirements: SHIV Project
  • Stealth Satellites Requirements: Researched Alien Nav Computer
  • S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade Requirements: Researched Weapon Fragments

Note that what I did for this trophy was to wait until before the Gollop chamber section, at which point money and time was no longer an issue. I then completed every project that I had not yet undertaken. Alternatively, if you want the trophy early you can save up money and purchase all the projects then reload a save file to get all your credits back.

 You Have 5 Seconds to Comply 
Build a S.H.I.V

After you build the Foundry, you will be able to complete the Heavy Weapons Platform Project and then build a S.H.I.V craft. You only have to build it for the trophy to unlock and do not need to take it into combat. Cost: §70

Build a Laboratory.

While not as important as Workshops, Laboratories are still very useful. Build one early in the game to reap the rewards, and the trophy will unlock right after construction is complete.

 …and Practice 
Build a Workshop.

An extremely useful building which should be constructed as soon as possible to reduce the cost of further item purchases. You build a Workshop by moving to your facilities build tab.

 Wet Work 
Complete a Very Difficult abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

This trophy can be tricky and may take a few attempts. I would suggest attempting this on a map with no buildings. You can save and reload until you get the map you want. Be aggressive and take note of what turn you are on to ensure you do not go over five. I found that Snipers with the “In The Zone” and “Squad Site” bonuses were very useful for this. The earlier in the game you try for this trophy the better. If you are having trouble, consider bringing in more Heavy soldiers or grenades. You can leave your Support troops at the base for this one. Don’t worry about being in full cover and spread out to cover more ground more quickly.

 A Continental Fellow 
Win the game from each of the 5 starting locations.

If you are following the Road Map, this should be one of the last trophies that you’ll obtain. When starting each playthrough, it’s handy to write down where your starting base was so that you know not to start from there again on your next run. This is the most time consuming trophy in the game, sp be prepared to spend a lot of time on it.

The following are the five starting locations and the additional bonuses that they provide:

  • Africa: All In Monthly XCOM funding increased by 30%.
  • Asia: Future Combat All projects in The Foundry and the Officer Training School cost 50% less.
  • Europe: Expert Knowledge Labs and Workshops cost 50% less to build and maintain.
  • North America: Air & Space All aircraft and aircraft weapons cost 50% less to purchase, build and maintain.
  • South America: We Have Ways Autopsies and Interrogations are completed instantly.

 What Wonders Await 
Complete a Research Project.

At that end of your first mission, you will be given three research options, which are:

  • Xeno-Biology Tech
  • Weapon Fragment Tech
  • Alien Material Tech

Pick any of these and the trophy will unlock. I personally went with Weapon Fragment Tech to get the ball rolling for laser weaponry. You can also pick Alien Material if you want to go on the defensive side, but the choice is yours.

 Up and Running 
Build a base facility.

You first base facility should be a satellite uplink. The faster you get satellite coverage over the countries, the faster your monthly budget will grow. After construction is complete, the trophy will unlock.

 Combat Ready 
Build an item.

The first items you should build in all of your playthroughs are two Medikits. After you build them, the trophy will unlock.

 Drums in the Deep 
Gain access to the lowest level in your base.

At your base, you will have to build access lifts to gain extra space to build more facilities. You will have to build a total of three of these to gain access to the lowest level. It costs time and credits to build lifts, so I would suggest spreading the construction out over time. Once you build the last one, the trophy is yours.

 Happy to Oblige 
Fulfill a Council request.

During your first playthrough, the Council will request that you complete a mission for them. Simply complete the mission and the trophy will unlock.

 And Hell’s Coming With Me 
Successfully assault an Overseer UFO.

Story related.

 Off My Planet 
Recover the Hyperwave Beacon.

Story related.

 Tables Turned 
Shoot down a UFO.

Early in the game, you must shoot down a UFO in order to progress. Simply use your Avenger with regular Avalanche missiles to shoot down your first UFO.

 And So It Begins… 
Complete the tutorial mission.

You can go about this in two ways. You can either leave this for your fourth playthrough (clean-up run,) or you can start a new game with the tutorial switched on, complete it and then quit the game and continue with your normal playthrough. This is because one of soldiers will always die in the tutorial, so it can interfere with your progress towards other trophies.

The tutorial mission is a scripted mission that guides you through the first map of the game. It will give you some back story regarding XCOM unlike any other mission.

 The Volunteer 
Make contact with the Ethereal hive mind.

Story related.

 Flight of the Valkyries 
Win a mission with an all-female squad. Single player only.

Simple trophy if you do a little planning. When selecting soldiers to go on missions with, try and pick female ones so they gain XP and increase their rank. Once you feel comfortable that you have 4-6 female soldiers that can successfully complete a mission, send them off and win for this trophy. If you are having problems with this trophy, try using six female soldiers in different mission types.


ou don’t really need 2 playthroughs on classic. If you play through ironman classic, it will unlock the other classic trophy too.

In fact, if you are nuts enough, you can play ironman impossible and that will unlock all difficulty trophys.

As for your recommendations on what soldiers to use; that is highly dependend on playstyle. After my first playthrough, I always used 3 snipers and one of the other classes. The snipers clean out everything.

For Lone Wolf :
I found this easiest to do on the very first UFO you shoot down. It only has 5 enemies. Take a heavy. The first two enemies can eat a grenade, the next two get a rocket and the outsider gets shot.

For Shooting Stars :

You can have playthroughs where you only shoot down 5 UFOs in the entire game (happened to me 3 times). However, this trophy is farmable. If you don’t have it after your 5th playthrough, you can farm it on the same UFO. Have a save before you shoot an UFO down, shoot it, save on different slot, then reload save from before you shoot it down, repeat.

As A Scalpel :
At least 14 civilians have to be saved for the excellent rating. You don’t even have to bother saving any by going next to them, it is enough to wipe out all enemies quickly.

CREDITs – Xtree


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